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  1. Clif_yip

    Mitsu Lancer question

    Was driving a 03 colt previously and I oso cant pull out the key when in "D" mode. Hope dis helps...
  2. Clif_yip

    Lifting windscreen wipers when parking?

    Dont tink wiper will smashed the windscreen but the wiper arm may break as it happen to me b4. It happen when I was putting the wiper down and it slip off my hand and slammed on the windscreen, den the arm broke.
  3. Clif_yip

    Using hose in mscp

    what abt those petrol kiosk car wash? they uses hose. it shld be legal, but not advisable as it waste precious water. Apologies I tot is the fireman's water hose. I think as long as you are paying for the water is should be legal, but i'm not sure lah maybe someone can check wif the authorities on this.
  4. Clif_yip

    I just realise ....petrol station

    yup totally agree wif u, got a sense of satisfaction after a good wash
  5. Clif_yip

    Why so many Police Decal everywhere?

    Shld not b illegal lah! Is up to individual liking to put the decal but like wat sm other bros say here it may lead to ppl vandalising ur ride.
  6. well my stand is wori don go in, go in prepare the moolah for kopi $. my 2 cents tots...
  7. Clif_yip

    Using hose in mscp

    using water hose to wash car is definitely illegal, hence it is adviseable not to buy the hose.
  8. Yes I oso use that road you mentioned. Usually the vehicle in the left lane will slow down till the right lane is passable, unless your vehicle is ahead of the one at the right lane den you can filter out in time.
  9. Clif_yip

    Which horn is the loudest?

    Thanks for the reply! Cheers...
  10. Clif_yip

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    1) Hitman 2) Norm_Aspirated 3) Maz75 4) Owen_fan 5) pokie 6) chermin 7) M323 (Mazda 8=3+2+3) 1.6M Sports 8) Protege 9) Epoch (Protege 1.6A Sports) 10) Ecaf (Protege 1.6A Classic) 11) Failuredrill (1.6 Auto Classic) 12) Flaser (Ford Laser 1.6) 13) Ahliew(astina 323 1.6 hb) 14) midreef (Protege 1.6A) 15) w2k_83 (Protege 1.6A Classic) 16) M_protege (Protege 1.6M Sports) 17) Bossman (Mazda 6) 18) Jcers (Mazda Protege 1.6A Black Sports) 19) Laser (Ford Laser 1.6(A)) 20) Akbk (Mazda 6, coming soon) 21) Greatodin (Protege 1.6M Classic) 22) zoomm (Protege 1.6A Sports Black) 23) Mhb9 (323HB) 24) Avatar_mp3 (Protege 1.6M) 25) Moneyplant 26) jonjees (Mazda 3 Sports, July) [Readding] 27) Lennonisdead 28) Law_ong (Ex-Protege 1.6M Classic, Mz3SP Carbon Grey) 29) Linus (Protege 1.6A Classic) 30) Mazda_Mad (Mazda 323 1.6A Auto) 31) Zoomprotege (323 Classic - Champagne* Just got rear-end 32) kosten1982 (Mazda3 1.6A Sports Titanium Grey, COMING SOON!wheeee... 33) Chutzup (Famili 1.6A) 34) Tenminste (323 Protege 1.6A) 35) Homey (Mazda6) 36) Altum (Protege 1.6A - Also just got rear-ended 1 week ago, now brand new bumper and boot cover) 37) Robin (Protege 1.6A) 38) Elina 39) Hockmeng 40) Husky (Black Mazda2 - only Mazda2 so far?????) 41) Jamestan (Mazda 323 1.6A) 42) Supermario (MZ3 Basic Grey) 43) Sheltie2306 (Me too, Silver Mazda 323 1.6A, with 4 tail lamps and rear fog light) 44) Zealot (Silver Mazda 323 1.6A 45) Tan280 (Mazda 6) 46) Superman (Mazda 323 1.6A) 47) CyberET (Silver Protege 03 1.6A) 48) Panda (Ex-owner 323 1.6M) 49) Kevinalexandria (Silver protege 1.6A) 50) Mzrmazda3 (Mazda 3 RS) 51) Reliable 52) Satan (Mazda 3 Very Stocked Basic Black Mica) 53) muak muak (M3) 54) kaiserdome (Mazda3 Basic Tigrey) 55) Akira - Mz3 56) Shiwao ( Shining Silver Mz2) 57) Jlim ( Mazda323 1.6A ) 58) lonewolf (M2-SP) 59) Ahmu (Mazda3) 60) Crazyfly (Mazda3 Winning Blue) 61) eng98 (Mazda3) 62) NobleEagle (Mazda3 Snow Flake Pearl) 63) VEEDUB ( M2-SP ) Sunlight Silver 64) Mazdaowner (M6) 65) INXS ( rx8 ) 66) Peck (M3-SP True Red) 67) SiaLang M3 68) billyteng (Mazda3 SP20 True Red 69) Zirco (Mz2) 70) FlameEvil (Mazda 626 2.0A) 71) Nasty204 (Mazda 6 SP23) 72) lingerbell (MZ3SP/True Red) 73)Musicrave (MZ3SP) 74) Cheekg98 (MZ3SP/Little Red Riding Zoom) 75) Hoshi8 (Mazda 6) 76) Prodrive (CX-7 MZR 2.3 DISI TURBO) coming very very soon Laugh 77) alvinchua1975 (Premacy) 78) SinDevils (Mazda 3) 79) RedDevils (M3) 80) lau_mathew (Mazda 3sp) 81) Colonel Sanders (Silver Protege) 82) MooScenic (Black Mazda 2) 83) Silver_Z (Black 8) Next week.... 84) Leen_Ajib (Mazda 3SP Lux,Phantom... IN TWO WEEKS!! 85) Seabass_sg (Red M3 SP) - Mid or end Feb 07 86) Vincetancp (3SP 1.6Lux/Carbon) 87) AxeLa525 (Velocity Red)Dec'04 ) 88) Huge (BLACK MICA MZ3SP LUX) JAN 07 89) Silveratenza (Mz6 SP - Mar07) 90) A-klasse5 (Silver Ford Laser 1.6 - Aug 2003) 91) xefera (Red '91 miata) 92) Pitbull (Current - Red '92 Astina - Akan Datang - Silver Mz3 1.6) 93) Silvermazy (Silver M3 SP) 94) pct328 (m3sp..carbon grey?? forget the color code liao) 95) clif_yip (True Red-MZ3 SP 1.6)
  11. Clif_yip

    Which horn is the loudest?

    Hi all anyone using Stebel magnum 2? izzit LTA approve?
  12. Ideally the vehicle on the right lane as the right of way, but it also depend on which is the vehicle ahead before the lane merge.
  13. Clif_yip

    Golf GTI or WRX STI-S

    Well if I'll to make a choice definitely go for GTI. Juz my personal liking.
  14. Clif_yip

    Shinco GPS for just $500

    Currently using iPAQ HW6965. Will say dat is not too bad for the GPS but the fix is abit slow.
  15. Clif_yip

    Can remove dents with dry ice?

    Wow dis is smtin new