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  1. Used Audi depreciation normally lower than BMW and Merc, this is what I observed when searching for used car, in term of depreciation Merc is highest follow by bmw and Audi.
  2. 2010 F10 BMW523i also not bad @ $78,000, pay abit more compare to e60 but much nicer and you can easily see many on the road in next 5-10 years time. Non turbo engine but higher road tax.
  3. Think most of us got COE this round, AD and Pi making good profit from those who booked 1-2 months back and top up for G coe
  4. Got my Cat A COE this with 1k rebate booked when COE was 33k and current ride expiring next month. LL lol
  5. Wahhh..really happening ah
  6. Let's see stock market crash and trade war will make an impact on COE
  7. ktkt

    Car scrap & body value

    Must ask for additional 1k when enquire
  8. ktkt

    New Honda Shuttle 2015

    Must call or Whatapp to check, Coe increase 3.5k and price should be higher, most pi selling at 84800 when Coe was 33k.
  9. Cat A very likely pass 33k, not sure if i can secure my coe today
  10. Today looks soft huh?
  11. The mileage too good to be true...
  12. ktkt

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    I feel you bro, spending the damn whole day on Sgcarmart and MCF on reviews/reliability issue and others , guess you can't compare Cerato and A3 1.0, the drive is definitely different, somemore the gap about 20k. If you having dilemma means you can still afford an A3 just that its not that financially comfortable as compared to owing a Cerato. YOLO!
  13. Civic 1.8 is good choice, you can still feel the power when vtec kicks in and personally think it’s the most good looking car among your choice.