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  1. hi,anyone car without banana leaf(fender well)for daily driven car..any cons without it like engine bay dirty or anything else.. thanks in advance,
  2. Marcng

    ECU for WRX

    HV racing Ah Hua in JB can tune ur microtech.. But now where got ppl use mircotech,old school already...
  3. Marcng

    Is used auto wrx worth buying?

    i used group n mounts 2engine mounts,1transmission mounts and 1dogbone.but mine is manual. NVH is not noticeable,when opening up the engine bay the engine is not shaking much at idle compare to stock,power slightly more instant.
  4. Marcng

    Contact cleaner for o2 sensor

    can pm me
  5. ebay got alot or buyfrom atp turbo
  6. Marcng

    Roll fenders, where?

    lye design at amk autopoint
  7. Marcng

    Kia Koup Drivers a Little Fierce on the Road???

    ur car boosting more than 2bar lei... How a koup match ur car
  8. Marcng

    900K foreigners coming in?

    looking forward to the 900k more FT..... i want to see how crowded SG is...
  9. Marcng

    FC of turbocharged cars

    my 2L 1.4ton auto TC car running 1.4bar boost on a GT2871R turbo.. normal driving i can get 7-7.5km/L. spirited driving i can ard 5-5.5km/L.
  10. Marcng

    Appeal for parking summon

    Hi all, i Forgotten to buy my season parking this mth and got a summon..(Every mth got buy ) any idea where to appeal for it? Anyone appeal b4 like my case?easy to get through?
  11. Marcng

    No money, no honey for older, single men

    I coming to 30s in age and only got N level too.. Not hardworking,Not Sharp too. But lucky manage to get my own humble korean car and a tiny 4rm flat whem im24..
  12. Marcng

    Aluminum welding

    Which shop got do aluminum welding FK,Racetech,jeepchee or other good recommend.. Which shop charge cheaper?
  13. Marcng

    Modding N.A cars

    Dun waste time just TC it.. Confirm will feel huge diff..
  14. Marcng

    Irritating car passengers

    Hi Bro, Can advise what car is that?(Maybe the car can rev to 9-10k rpm,Even stock gearing for FD2R rev to 10k rpm also cannot reach 80km/h) 1st gear can drag till 80km/h,or ur mum's car got customize a set of Gears for Dragging?