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    Pioneer AVH-8450BT

    Humm I bought the 4450 export with two week warranty at 560 nett anyone want to buy maybe can try this number 97890069 freelance
  2. Boopoo

    Need Tyres/Tyres Shop Recommendation

    Falken912 better not use left 50 percent very slipper can throw
  3. Hi i have a cdt 61 brand new in my store selling $250 nett brand new interested contact me at 97890069
  4. ho can get the pionneer new model at$680 now contact 97890069
  5. How about jvc 7100 7 inches folderable i have one brand new never install... cause i install the jvc 836 new model interested sms me 97890069 selling $720nett brand new
  6. Boopoo

    Need Tyres/Tyres Shop Recommendation

    p-- ---g p-- ---g
  7. Dont think Fog light is glaring than the headlight i dont find why cant on... HID is super bright but some car come with it like the wish X limited.. comne with it...Why LTA approve??? cause they pay more???? I personnel find that fog light is no glaring by the way my car dont come with fog light????
  8. Ask the shop best
  9. Boopoo

    Found a kitten on the road side.......

    I love cat
  10. Boopoo

    Help on dates! (:

    Resturant jumbo
  11. Boopoo

    Brake Pads..

    Where to get???
  12. Boopoo

    New Gen-3 2009 Prius photo?

    buy buy buy
  13. Change on your air filter wheather any choke correct me if i am wrong