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  1. GEBuyingAgent

    When deal with a seller agent, how to check trustworthiness?

    All things you mentioned is great to check the trustworhiness. However, it would be good if you get the agent contact from your friend who used the agent before.
  2. GEBuyingAgent

    Buying a condo with tenancy, is there any catch?

    It might be good if you would like to gain a monthly income. However, please do not forget to consider the property appreciation side.
  3. GEBuyingAgent

    Property agents' records go online

    Thank you for your info.
  4. GEBuyingAgent

    Buying Melbourne apartment for rental income. Worth?

    The apartment price in Melbourne have increased for many years. However, the rental rate cannot rise in the same proportion as the apartment price. Thus, IMO, it's not a good idea to buy to rent at the moment.
  5. GEBuyingAgent

    Noob questions on property

    Property appreciate depends on my factors both micro- and macro- economics, including demand, supply and inflation as you mentioned. I would give you some examples which are key factors for the appreciation as below: 1. Unemployment rate 2. GDP 3. Construction or Material costs 4. Future public infrastructure Hope this helps.
  6. GEBuyingAgent

    Is it a good time to buy a landed property to stay now?

    In my opinion, if you buy to stay, it would be better to buy the house, not the land. In addition, the re-sale house will be cheaper in this current market. Hope this help.
  7. GEBuyingAgent

    FH condo that is near mrt?

    In my opinion, the condos could be depreciated. you may get a good price even in the bad economic time.
  8. GEBuyingAgent

    Thailand Property purchase and yield

    I think it would be good if you contact the real estate agent. You may gain a lot of things from them for free.
  9. GEBuyingAgent

    Is it a good time to buy a landed property to stay now?

    Yes, I think it would be a good time to purchase the price, due to the market downturn.