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  1. Corinth57

    DIY Waxing

    Hi all, just wondering, if car is washed with water only (no soap), is it okay to wax it? Or is it a necessity to wash with soap first?
  2. Corinth57

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    Thanks for sharing. Haha cos was thinking of using service credits to buy. Then I guess I will just stick to my rims or maybe look at aftermarket ones
  3. Corinth57

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    Anybody knows what is the price cycle and carriage charges to change the stock rims from 15 inch to 16/17 inch stock rims?
  4. Corinth57

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    My car rims are currently 15 inch stock from AD as I bought base model. Was wondering if it is possible to buy the 17 inch stock (from same model, but higher spec) from AD?
  5. Corinth57

    How do you maintain your white car?

    Thanks for the advice. Went to check with the SE, confirmed that part is plastic. Hopefully it just stays as it is.
  6. Corinth57

    Any NBA fans?

    A lot of news that golden state dynasty is over. Personally think as long as Klay comes back fit, they still got a good chance with Steph, Klay and Draymond. Most of the attention now on Kawhi/PG and LeBron/AD
  7. Corinth57

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of August 2019

    If guaranteed coe available, good time to buy it
  8. Corinth57

    Unusual or rare cars

    This car is sooo rare.... probably more than 10 years since I last saw one
  9. Corinth57

    Different version of 3M Clay Bar

    Bought a clay bar from autobacs for 22 dollars. Able to rub away dirt which is not removable by soap. However, I’m not able to remove the rust stain...
  10. Corinth57

    How do you maintain your white car?

    Hi all, my newly bought white car’s front bumper (along the side) has some rust. Not sure if it is coming from inside or caused by a rusty object rubbing against it. I’m unsure if the bumper is made of plastic or metal. Tried using clay bar but wouldn’t come off. Any advice on how to remove the rust without damaging the paint? Newbie here with first new car.