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  1. Fireball0088

    IP Home Surveillance Camera

    Is that a new model? Usually, you need to wait for the update to sort out all the issues.
  2. Fireball0088

    IT show 2018 @ Suntec City

    Here are some feature stuff: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/feature-it-show-2018-preview-new-year-new-products-new-deals
  3. Fireball0088

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    https://mothership.sg/2018/03/spf-rapid-deployment-troops-traffic-accident/ The black car never anticipated and let them go...
  4. Thanks for the information. I am interested in the Ctek charger. Where did you get that from and how much is it? Which model and how do you use it? Thanks.
  5. Fireball0088

    Nokia - iconic 8110 'banana phone'

    That's like a small market.
  6. Fireball0088

    Nokia - iconic 8110 'banana phone'

    Seriously, I will not buy. Do you want it?
  7. Fireball0088

    Nokia - iconic 8110 'banana phone'

    Nokia doesnt seem to get it... bringing back old stuff just dont cut it. Need new innovation to move forward.
  8. Fireball0088

    MyRepublic Vs Whizzcomms

    Good old days of dial up modems.....
  9. Fireball0088

    MyRepublic Vs Whizzcomms

    28.8k days!!???? That's not too long ago. I thought 14.4k
  10. Fireball0088

    MyRepublic Vs Whizzcomms

    Never heard of whizzcomms? Simi? Can eat or not? Why you neber mentioned Singtel? How about Viewqwest? MR is so-so for me. I have using it for the longest time. It used to be very fast but now I feel some lag during the peak hours. Maybe cuz more people using it. My one cent worth...
  11. Fireball0088

    Appealing for Common Sense

    You can consider writing to them to allocate some of those season parking lots to hourly parking. That might help.
  12. Fireball0088

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    Should post the bmw plate number for all to see One kick to the groin and still can stand up... power
  13. Hope you find him and find peace. Good luck.
  14. The police never manage to find him? Is he still in Singapore?