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  1. I am having a Latio now and planning to have the 2nd baby. The car seat I'm using is quite big (360 degree turning from Combi). We plan to use the same for the 2nd baby. Currently my first baby is about 15months old. If I need to use 2 of this combi 360 degree turning car seat, I am afraid that my wife may not have enough space to sit in between with 2 car seats installed at the back. I have 2 questions: 1. What's the youngest age for toddler to use a basic toddler seat / booster seat? 2. What is the 5 seater car that has good space to house 2 such car seats yet having enough space at the centre? (besides Edix?) Any other suggestions are welcome! I try not to go beyond 5 seaters categories.....
  2. I have been driving my Latio for 6months+, since 3 months ago, on and off there was smelly air coming out from the aircon. Reported to the service center and after 2 trials, it's still the same. Engineer told me it's normal coz sometimes PlasmaCluster doing cleaning and causes it. However, over the past few weeks, this smell comes back almost every day, and it lasted for 1-2 mins. Any idea what went wrong? I know about Sharp plasmacluster technologies and I dun believe the engineer. Any Latio owner also encounter the same problem? Just want to hear some feedback before I bang table at the customer service.....
  3. lol, we actually plan to have at least 3....
  4. What about Citroen C4? I saw it has 3 full adult passenger seat behind. Are the parts expensive?
  5. I was thinking of Estima too, we dun need maid so not so bad ;) How far is the distance between back door and the last row? Can they be folded?
  6. Tingshen

    2010 Toyota Premio

    For cabin seats, which is bigger? Premio or Allion?
  7. Tingshen

    Is SPC fuel quality#%&@?

    SPC owns SRC....
  8. Tingshen

    Camry 2012

    Very Subaru like.....
  9. Thanks for all the reply! Think I can take can buy an infant seat to resolve it.....Latio is actually very spacious. Push the front passenger seat to the max, any adult can still go in and out easily.... But if I were to move on to SUV, what're the options? Can't afford XC90 until our combined income is near $30K/month .... Gotta skip MPV, just too dangerous to be driven at the back.... Estima is probably the safest among all? Actually I am considering switching to an used Prius due to new work commitment. I would incur additional 800KM~1200KM per month. Currently I am only at around 1350KM per month.... Saw one Aug 2008 Prius going at $68K.....My Nov 2009 Latio can probably fetch near $60K? With the surge price in Petrol, is it worth to go for Prius? I supposed it's more spacious than Latio.... Can probably cut my fuel usage by 2.5x?
  10. the problem about MPV is..... the last row is so near to the road....if accident happen...sure kena jialat jialat one......that's what I'm worrying... Normal sedan at least has the boot as buffer....
  11. Tingshen

    Motorpay.com.sg - Pay ERP by credit card

    the free mastercard subscription is going to end soon, are you guys going to terminate it?
  12. When the engine is still running?
  13. Tingshen

    Nissan Teana Experience

    Premium = selling price - cost but they uses latest COE and OMV to calculate in the website, so there should be a little variant of 5%? I dunno why Nissan's OMV are always so high compare to other brands. Seems a little over-declared..... But better than Mazda and Subaru lar. those are super overpriced brands....sigh, can you imagine forester 2.0 having similar OMV as Latio Premium?
  14. Tingshen

    Nissan Teana Experience

    is TanChong play games again on Teana now? -3% premium for the 2.0 model?! Few months ago played Latio, now Teana.... but the high value COE really makes people think twice.....maybe thrice.....
  15. Tingshen

    PLS dun slow down see "show"

    there is nothing you can do. In fact the more you ask people to go, the more people will stop and try to find out what happened. This is human nature....
  16. Tingshen

    Speedy Latio

    1st, use 98 if you want POWER.... 2nd, press that damn sport button lar aiyo.....CVT is more powerful you know?
  17. on my 2500km mark, 10.5km/l plus minus not an issue with Caltex 95 (halfway cheong 98 for 2 tanks based on advise given from TC engineer). Mine mostly city....if cheong highway only, easily can hit 4.5-6.5l/100km lar....but gotta play around with the accelerator....keep on press release press release lor...lol
  18. Tingshen

    2010 Toyota VIOS Facelift

    oh well....another overpriced item from BM....
  19. If Ican ask the people inside lock it, I dun need to post already....
  20. yup, leave the engine, but with people inside, but not the iKey.....then come back later. Currently I have to wind down the master window, press the master lock, press the automatic window up....when coming back, use the key to open the door.... The iKey doesn't work when engine is ON..... :(
  21. Tingshen

    Baby Car Seat Advice

    1 stemcell? You meant that big pack is it? Can only be used once. And if the private bank didn't manage it properly, there goes your baby's stemcell......no matter how much you pay, or how much you compensate...it's gone. Going public means contributing to the public. I dunno if you guys believe it or not, if your baby has some inherited disease.....that stemcell can't be used as well...... If more people contributed to the public bank, the higher chance anybody could find a match, I believe in using other people's stemcell.....have you guys spend sometime to find out what the public bank about? Or just simply brainwashed by those private banking company? maybe we shall open a new thread for such discussion....
  22. Tingshen

    Baby Car Seat Advice

    why not go public? Your baby bonus can be better utilized.... Such private bank is cheaper only when you are using the stem cell on others...
  23. Tingshen

    Baby Car Seat Advice

    I saw this combi Zeus turn selling at $799, probably the only locally available car seat that can turn 360 degree, from new born to 4yo.... New model is called Zeus 360..... A quick glance at eBay ..... Zeus Turn costs only USD200 nia...... Anybody using combi Zeus? TaiSeng really chop carrot head menz....
  24. Tingshen

    New Kia Sorento

    Price out...$81k with $2k off. Meaning $79K? Saw from today's weekend while walking along Orchard road... Anybody knows what is the OMV? This will determine if $79K is carrot head price or reasonable price.....