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    Look thanks guys!
  2. Kucaracha


    Okok. How much does the dry clutch cost? A few hundred or thousands?
  3. Kucaracha


    Seems like this is a rare rare car! Not much comment here even! Haha
  4. Kucaracha


    Hi guys! How come no one talk about mito here? Interested to get this cute car but any heads up of the issue i will face with this car if i get one? Auto build in 2010. 110k mileage.
  5. Kucaracha

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of April 2018

    Haha no more expressway... Just connector . http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/start-of-works-for-north-south-corridor-delayed-to-2018
  6. Kucaracha

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of April 2018

    Seems like demand is not too strong.. even the feedback here is getting much lesser...
  7. Kucaracha

    Toyota Axio Owner Please Help

    i'm thinking of cutting cost further. try to order from malaysia supplier and fix it inside. thats y need part number.
  8. Kucaracha

    Toyota Axio Owner Please Help

    does the vibration comes on when the car is stationary? then its the same issue as mine. Engine mounting need to change. Anyone got any idea where can i do a cheap mounting replacement?
  9. Kucaracha

    Toyota Axio Owner Please Help

    any one know the part number for Axio engine mounting??
  10. Kucaracha

    Anyone got good price tyre to recommend?

    Sorry but i can't create a topic yet but looking for a good set of wheels too. 205/50/R16 any good ones? now i'm on dunlop sportmAXX
  11. Kucaracha

    Road Trip to Desaru & Kota Tinggi 3mar-5Mar

    Kota tinggi from johor bahru is now 2 way up 2 way down. if you are not stuck behind traffic you should reach under 40 Min. But the rest of the way to desaru is still 1 way up and down..
  12. Kucaracha

    Speed Trap along Sentosa Gateway

    i saw them in action today!! 1 guy in ranger uniform on the bridge. not sure if they got anyone.... Have anyone one been fine before??
  13. Kucaracha

    Question about insurance price.

    what about 25 and just more than 1 year of driving experience? driving small 1L car
  14. Kucaracha

    SoundProofing Shops

    hi so how big is the difference.. i would like to do that same too if the result is not bad...