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  1. Just realised that it's really worth getting or converting to OPC. 1) Reduced initial investment 2) Lowered Taxes 3) Cheaper Insurance 4) Deferred Day Licensing - upto 23.59 next day to purchase license via various media 5) Even if you forget its ok you have 5 working days to do "self-declaration" Of which all could be redundant since there isn't any concrete control in place to truly catch you using without paying the license...u dun say...people dun tell on you....practically won't ever get caught... "Everyone does it...." Seen so many OPC in use everyday outside the licensing hours...dun think these people pay license everyday else would cost more than regular cars what's the point. So...until a concrete control mechanism in place...we should take the opportunity...!
  2. Eavr4

    Honda overpriced...Mazda overpriced

    This is due to rising Yen and lower Euro. It basically boils down to preference. I've owned quite a fair share of Japs and Contis and I'm the type who goes for Value for $$$. With the rising yen, Jap cars carries high OMV -> High price. Its still the same car but the $ paid to "absolute" zero value added. Hence its where you "choose" to put ur $. Koreans ain't tat bad as well. I have a colleague which just collected his KIA Forte, must say quite impressed with the quality. EA
  3. Eavr4

    320i vs C200. Which is a better buy?

    Personally.......NEITHER! If pocket can permit, go for the C230 Avantgarde. Dun waste time wif the Beemer (interior machiam from the 80s!). For the Merc, can get from a reputable PI, some PIs offer C&C warranties if you ask for it. Else, go for a VW. The Passat is very good too (CC abit at the premium price now cos new launch). EA
  4. Eavr4

    Singapore custom officer

    Write in your complaint, or goto SPF website to leave a comment. I did tat sometime back, police van (non QX plate instead was PA plate - but side painted POLICE). From wat I know, PA plates are considered commercial vehicles and still subjected to speed limit no more than 70km/h. The van was clearly speeding over 70km/h else would be considered ROAD HOGGING as it was on Lane ONE from I joined CTE until I exited at AMK Ave 3. Anyway, I dropped a msg in SPF comments and received a response and a phone call by an IO that they would look into the matter. Still waiting for response (told him I would like to be updated on the results of the investigation. I dun think the police van was on any emergency or urgent responses as throughout the journey I do not see or hear any siren gone off. EA
  5. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    Wat a keyboard hero, really sound like a laojiao. Won't be surprised ur another carless 20yo dreamer. Anyway, I'm tech mod for 5 car groups and 19 modded car history (owned). Its been entertaining & thks for ur hilarious msg. Guess ur the Joker. EA signed off
  6. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    True, but it would be an overkill unless one is really gonna push the car tat much. Lots of other stuff gonna do before roll-cage. EA
  7. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    Must look for my workshop liao.....why no sticker? Probably stolen by some yao-kui. Come to think of it....everything oso no sticker one...Protorque oso neber give me any sticker....Zerosports oso bo....Fujit and all oso bo KNS! 6 pt rollcage...dun need lah....Driver not so KAYU....so Kayu...think you better invest in fire safety....duncrash & burn... EA
  8. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    Sorry.....only you use Tomei sticker... Actually where can find arh?? My Tomei Competition block came in a crate box without any sticker lei?!?!? Lousy Wooden crate somemore.... EA
  9. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    Hahaha Watever lah.... I'm considering larger injectors....as for 18psi? I'm already running 22psi ... thx. Lucky me .... Tomei still surviving.... Cheers! EA
  10. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    Hahaha BIG Mouth/....acting smart.....its ok cos' thats wats makes you a KEYBOARD HERO! I salute you .... At least my parents taught me to be humble and moderately/adequately successful in life both economically and morally...well it must be very fortunate for me that all of my cars runs well and adequately fast then.... Cheers! EA
  11. Eavr4

    Turbo size..

    Think you're too critical on figures and speech....your parents have not taught you well enough as you're too damn rude. Another keyboard hero..... EA * PS I mixed up the HKS turbos, you're right HKS GT-SS is rated 320bhp. * For a reliable setup, lots of arts and components need to co-ordinate and compliment each other. * The purpose of a forum is to pull information and knowledge, not for flamming....
  12. Eavr4

    Paying ERP thru Credit Cards

    MCSP?? Not refering to season parking... EA
  13. Eavr4

    Paying ERP thru Credit Cards

    Think most of the charges incurred not via ERP but carpark! Will consider if the scheme includes car parking....i.e. Auto Topup of cashcard value. E-TAG still the best! And its "transfereable" EA
  14. Eavr4

    Top IQ hooker

    No. I wanted to show a colleague on how a high IQ person can land one in a special job. It doesn't mean high IQ is a sure win ticket to frame and money. Regards, Very true....only joing P-A-P => Sure win ticket to fame and $$$, on contrary join opp => humiliation + bankruptcy (Jail + Rotan optional extra). EA
  15. Any points for redemption of gifts? Cos' its the really the instalment we're interested but benefits for the same $ spent. EA