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    SJV1185J Yootoob star

    Totally agree with u...Net result :double noise pollution....leading to show of ungracefulness... :blink:
  2. Rseries

    Gordon Ramsay to Char Kway Teow!!

    dear Saint, your post really brought back good old memories.....Uncle cooks old traditional dry char Kay teow at corner of canteen. I always had mine without egg to save a few cents from my meagre allowance to buy 10cts colored syrup water to complete my recess meal...
  3. you may see if fuel filter needs to change, if not check fuel line for leakages.
  4. Rseries

    JC Girl killed by minibus

    Agree with your statement, " An accident happened and a young life is lost", it may be someone else's fault whoever local or foreign, a life has been lost. This time wise, it happened much closer to me. I used to read about such articles and never reacted till this. In between the few words that were written in the papers, the truth is that the parents are the ones who bear the most pain, the pain includes seeing her daughter suffer through 3 operations, wait and wait painfully for any signs or even hopes of recovery, do whatever it takes to save the daughter. And now with their daughter gone, they have to mend that void in their hearts. Sometimes too heart-wrenching for recollection.....This is the impact of a life lost. So treasure your love ones and spend more time with them and remember always to drive responsibly and carefully....
  5. Rseries

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    Now that you mentioned. I have an 07 Camry also. The boot is still smaller than the ES 300 boot, however back seat leg room is better. I suppose it runs on longer wheel base. Most golfers tell me the biggest boot size was from the 2002 till 2004 camry. For the GS boot, the boot entry is small plus got to load golf bag diagonally across boot unless i remove the driver. However the GS is a much better drive dynamically ie better cornering, better outright power. ES 300 uses camry parts so much cheaper to upkeep. More comfort rather than out and out drivers car.
  6. Rseries

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    Have been a faithful fan of Lexus since starting with my IS200 few years ago. Silky smooth 6 cylinder engines, bullet -proof reiability, superb sound proofing, premium audio system, nice electronic features that work even though car is pass 5 years, easy to get toyota spare parts. This led to the GS 300 and now I am driving ES 300 bcos needed the larger boot for golf bags.
  7. Rseries

    Slowest 1.5/1.6 car

    Kudos to you....U really single out all the 14 sec to accelerate 0-100km/h for some really old 70s,80s and yr2000 cars..
  8. Rseries

    Good Galant deal

    Really enjoy the V6 smoothness, now not many v6 2 litres around...
  9. Rseries

    Good Galant deal

    Good luck with your search..... Depre looks rather low compared to even 1.6litre cars....if it is priced as it is and condition is good may prove to be a sensible buy sicne dont seem to see any posts of troublesome repairs...
  10. Rseries

    Good Galant deal

    HI I think got one more for sale...http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=126757&DL=1145