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  1. Pitstop_Tyres

    Accelera PHI

    I would like to know some REAL feedback on this PHI tyre. And not just because it is Indonesian made! No worries if no one can answer. Thanks anyways!
  2. Pitstop_Tyres

    Accelera PHI

    No they did not mentioned TYRES SIZE! Because ACCELERA PHI model only comes in 18" and up, and 1 particular size fpr 17". What size & profile does make a difference! What kind of car also makes a big difference! Speed at 5km is abit ridiculous. We walk faster than 5 km/h! You understand my question??? Thank you.
  3. Pitstop_Tyres

    Accelera PHI

    Didnt get a reply from anyone??? What sizes are all of you using??? A lot of talk!! But no size quoted? Actually what car and at what speed??? Really need some feedback from those who are actually using this PHI tyres on what sizes?? Thank you.
  4. Pitstop_Tyres

    Accelera PHI

    Mentioned NO GOOD , LOUSY blah blah etc... wont use again! FREE also dont want......But very curious to know what PHI sizes are all of you talking about????
  5. Pitstop_Tyres

    Mercedes Vs. Bmw- Quality and Reliability

    For your info Most of EUROPE and the whole Germany uses MERCs, E-S class, BMW 5-7 series. VW, CITREONS, RENUALTs and AUDIs all classes for TAXIS! If you have travelled out of ASIA. Has been for the past 30 years! Check the internet for confirmation.
  6. Pitstop_Tyres

    Encounters with tyre shop

    Bro, I don't usually bother and am not active in the forums at all. But I think your comments are very bias and that you are quite shallow in condemning the tyre shop owners/operators so easily. I feel quite offended even if your comments are not directed to us directly. These old Apek tyre shops are handed down generations and are trying to make a living the only way they know how! If you feel conned then why dont you try the real tyre shops and pay market prices for excellent knowledge and services! Then you may actually find out how little you know about your tyres and your ride. As the saying goes, WANT TO PAY PEANUTs, YOU WILL DEFINITELY GET MONKEYS! Sounds quite typical, go kopitiam you are right to mention that and pay kopitiam price but want St Regis hotel level of service/knowledge! Hmmmm...... Plus/minus 300-400 tyre shops in Singapore. You always have a choice! The way your comments are written. You make us all tyre shops sound stupid idiots and like hustlers, liars and con-men. Out to cheat car owners. THAT' NOT TRUE! in many tyre shops I know. Even my buddy ARROW TYRES is worried!!! If all the so called small shops are like that. You all would end up changing tyres overseas! Just my 2 cents, Dont mean to offend anyone!
  7. Pitstop_Tyres


    Hi Bro, Just check Sgcarmart Motor directory. Address and map is there. Thank you.
  8. Pitstop_Tyres


    DEAR FRIENDS and CUSTOMERS, Our Pitstop Tyres Car Decal is ready! If you have purchased tyres from us last year or recently. Please drop by to collect the decal. Please produce your receipt when requested. The decal will be used for our FREE LIFETIME NITROGEN TOPUPS UNLIMITED! , FREE LIFETIME ROTATION and BALANCING, and FREE LIFETIME PUNCTURE REPAIR, FREE LIFETIME TYRE SAFETY INSPECTIONS Services! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
  9. Pitstop_Tyres

    Toyo Proxes T1R

    Sorry guys, I dont sell in the forums. Not my style! You know How to contact us! I just happened to browse through and saw your thread. Just my 2 cents. Thanks.
  10. Pitstop_Tyres

    Toyo Proxes T1R

    tyre DEATH!!!! it was a typo. Not code. Ha Ha!
  11. Pitstop_Tyres

    Toyo Proxes T1R

    Send your car to us! We will sort the tyres out! By the way T1Rs are not meant for the TRACK neither are PS2s and everything else you guys think can be used out there! TRACKING will kill those tyres with a premature failure (TYRE DEATH!1111) Unless you have bundles of money to blow then no worries! Ever thought of the trip back when your tyre fails at 150km/h North South Highway!!! Something to ponder!!! DRIVE SAFE!!!
  12. Pitstop_Tyres

    Delfin Tyres

    To clear up all your questions. Any and all INDONESIAN or ASIAN made tyres are localised for SINGAPORE use! Their local market tyre consumtion is a thousand times ours and local sales first then export! I guess INDONESIA weather is same as ours you think???? FYI 90% of world rubber be it GERMAN or EUROPEAN or JAPANESE tyres come from MALAYSIA that's a FACT! I am just an amused FAN of the Singapore Forums! DRIVE SAFE!