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  1. Coupecabriolet

    Taxi goes to Cat E.....impact on Cat A?

    The question has always been about affordability when it comes to cars. It's people like you who cannot accept the fact that keep twisting the question to another form to self pat and delude yourself. Don't need to beat around the bush and argue until the cars come home. Cannot afford then settle for public transport. Stop deluding yourself because your ego is too big to accept the fact that you do/may not own a car anymore in the foreseeable future. Govt is here to give you the basic needs. Anything above and beyond, earn them yourself.
  2. Coupecabriolet

    Taxi goes to Cat E.....impact on Cat A?

    Can afford, go ahead. Cannot afford, so be it. Rule of thumb is, the ones who are complaining, usually belong to the second group above and cannot accept the cold hard fact (to downgrade or give up car ownership). Last time also have sales job, pregnant ladies and old people, people still managed.. Even when public transport system was non-existent then. Another food for thought: Beggars cannot afford to be choosers. Car is a luxury. It is a want. Never a need.
  3. Coupecabriolet

    Which car should i buy?

    Good choices, although the New New Beetle is going to cost abit more than the Mini. And if i'm not wrong, the entry level is the 1.2TSI or 1.4TSI, not the faster twincharged version. Citroen DS3 is rare on our roads, but still a looker. Ford Fiesta (3 door version) and Opel Astra GTC are also good options. Not forgetting the more common ones like Scirocco and Golf.
  4. Coupecabriolet

    Which car should i buy?

    To me, male mini drivers not necessarily are ah guas or sissys. they are just different, more artsy fartsy.. hipster type. usually scrawny or lanky type with thick frame glasses most of the time, either im right or it is a female driver
  5. Coupecabriolet

    Which car should i buy?

    110k vs 145k, the difference quite big. between that price range, don't have other cars that you fancy? koup - perceived as ah beng poser mini - some say not man, very hipster or artsy fartsy
  6. Coupecabriolet

    ECP Jam this evening

    Wow from the picture you can deduce so much? That she is the merc driver and that she caused the accident?
  7. Among the ones you took out, Astra GTC have absurd torque steer. I tried it myself and is damn shocked. Not too sure about the new one. Only the Megane RS is truly a great handling car. Scirocco feels good only if the driver has lesser driving experience with different cars or is stepping up from B&B cars. After all, it's still FWD and the only strong points it has is its looks, turbocharger and DSG. GTI/Golf R is better because of AWD but you should really try the latest model Megane RS.
  8. You are such a joke Go drive your mazda 3 lah. Sturdiness when taking corners.. which corner in sg? what speed? still talk about interior, exterior and boot space..
  9. New or old Jetta boot space bigger?
  10. Coupecabriolet

    SJM1635A - Tracking down owner...

    haha everything is in order liao but SPF still take so long.. please try and ask me not to laugh at their work attitude again lol
  11. Coupecabriolet

    This one fair! 2 old foggies fighting

    I think that blow is almost like knockout blow sia. Gave him the bruise and cut on the eye lid. You see the uncle quickly retreat dont dare advance liao
  12. Coupecabriolet

    This one fair! 2 old foggies fighting

    eh you shaddap lah
  13. Coupecabriolet

    Hyundai Veloster coming?

    Hey bro, cars must compare to cars.. Same segment or same price point. If must remotely narrow down the possible cars you can compare.. then can only compare with lesser car models that will make yourself feel good AKA known as self pat on the shoulder. That said, the above is really good value. Congrats on getting the car
  14. Coupecabriolet

    Reckless and Dangerous Audi A6 Driver : SJU20XXJ

    Post this on VAGSG forums. Maybe he is one of the forum user there? But make sure you never road hog first hor..
  15. Coupecabriolet

    CNA: Bus Driver Who Ran Over Tan Mingwei Found Not Guilty

    Wow this is a first.. Really shocked and speechless to know of this. Imagine how the family feels.. How can there be proper closure for them at all?