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  1. Is not overpaid, obviously someone "approved" the sale. Problem is now they are greedy!! However, if still within the number of NG bids stated den I think is no issue. Bang table hand pain la!!! Haha :)
  2. Either way is $175 - 70k = $105k. If give the Peugeot free he pay $105k can buy the car Liao. Peugeot can trade in 200k also, den jaguar sell $305k lor.....LOL bang table maybe yes, to not buy anymore! Haha
  3. Bro, sorry to say your way of buying car is not to your advantage. "Bang table" is typical SG mentality and it puts u at a disadvantage. You very desperate and hard up for their car?? Like I said, the sale unlikely to be void for your purchase "especially this brand", unless COE flys up $45-50k. If u are not happy with their practice of conducting sale, u should bring your $$ else where. Spend $$ must be happy. Since NG, just wait, be patient is key. Sorry to say, if I spend $$ and not happy I rather spend it else where. Buy car must be cool and happy occasion, "Put your self at the upper hand" since u are the pay master!! They lose a sale by not delivering car to you which is not very possible. If I were u, if I were not happy, I take my money else where...u are at advantage if they dun want to do your business!!
  4. LOLOLOLOL....now we know. Buy high sell high, end up all same
  5. They be stupid to let a Jaguar go!!! This W@@@@@ always funny la....Hahahahaha LOL
  6. Logic is simple. The top up bcos can faster get car, sales person faster claim commission. seriously doubt deal can be cancelled, they be stupid to void the sale. then again, this W@@@@@ agent always funny way of doing business la....LOL Let us know if this sale is cancelled and void......wait for your updates!!
  7. I really dunno, it's seems a very wierd company to me, and most of their brands Tier 3 brands.BOLVO, cat brand, Left Right brand, Infinity, re knock Somehow I just cannot understand. LOL
  8. Tier 3 brand bro, like division 3 soccer below premier league English football. I think even Lexus status is higher, I see a Lot of Lexus but not BOLVO. Even VW also I think sells more
  9. With the re-introduction of skoda and aggressive mentality to build back this brand, skoda has cannibalize into the VW segment, thus affecting VW sales.i would put it as a "equivalent" 4 door proper sedan and a SUV which is priced lower den VW so eats into VW sale and that is why VW sales has dropped a lot. Of cos Skoda has also taken some off Volvo and maybe even Audi and caught those who not willing to pay exhorbitant prices for regular japanese makes. Pls also dun forget SEAT, also nibble a little off the regular brands. Hyundai and Skoda la, doing a good Job for 2019!!!! Mercy, BMW, Audi has been consistent performers. Badly affected are Volvo, VW, Jaguar, Landrover in the continental range....somehow 3 brands come from same dealership WE@@@nes LOLOLOLOLOL
  10. Lol!!! Agree. Many sinkies define Mercedes and BMW also as LUXURY!!! E class n 5 series is considered Luxury ??? Many drive A class 2 series think is luxury hahahahhahaha
  11. Not abt $$$. Is about the impression and "attitude". So far I think most friendly and interested to do business is hyundai Komoco which is why they are doing very well now. The rest TEK, MZ, tokota, cat and mouse brand, Left Right all one kind of way doing sales and business. I dunno but perception and impression. Some company new management which is already "well known" news. Well....I guess they are paid high salary so hope they do wat is best!! Today boss Long he announced Nasional day raLLLLLLYYYY.......wow....talk sing talk song c@@@@ck.
  12. Some how I feel the company We**@@@@ has funny management the way they do business. Or maybe they have meet their targets. The Vo/v@ and their Cat and Left Right (LR) now really left right brands like Bo power to Roar!!! Or maybe fell sick? Or dunno wat is wrong. VolkswaKeNT also hit.. Anyone has insider info ?? Or maybe really due to market ???
  13. Let me put it this way in an interesting analogy. New cars and COE is seasonal, akin to 4 seasons countries like Japan, Korea, China, Europe, USA. Spring summer winter autumn, different seasons has it's benefits, enjoy the cold of winter can do snow boarding in Korea and Switzerland. U can see nice Sakura flower scenery in autumn spring in Japan. Summer brings you out of coldness but blazing heat is detrimental sometimes. All in all, it's all about the economy. It's a Chain cycle and to induce and encourage "Spending". Agents and distributors also need to meet Factory principal sales targets, they need to feed overheads staff salary, rental, electricity aircon PUB bills etc. It's a chain cycle and pretty automatic, so cars will sell or rather need to sell and there will be people buying still!! The rule of the games is the demand always more than the supply!!! Currently, the big pool of buyers are from, 1) cars during 2012-2016 with higher coe ( from $10k more den current is worth to change ) den currently. 2) those with cars coe due for scrap! The only ones not buying are those who bought from 2017 unlikely to buy!