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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning everyone! Singapore may be small, but we are never short of exciting incidents. Let's take this battle between a Toyota Prius and a Toyota Dyna for example. Resembles a Beyblade* battle to be honest (minus the spinning). *Beyblade is a Japanese anime about spinning top toy battles If you watch the video, you'll notice that the Prius was not on the first lane initially because there were two large trucks obstructing traffic. The Prius obviously did not want to give way to the lorry and charged forward. A normal person would hit the brakes upon impact, but not this Prius. The lorry and the Prius continue scratching each other's paintwork for at least a good three to four seconds! What was the lorry doing though? Crazy driving by the Prius aside, the lorry, being a goods and commercial vehicle with a speed limit of 70km/hr should not be on the fast lane. So, what happens when it comes to insurance claims? Here's what some had to say: Here's the video
  2. In the past few days I've seen motorists almost come to grief at parallel broken white lines, even when there are specific 'Give Way' signs at the junction at that exact point. This is usually due to the vehicle going into a faster, major street without slowing down or assuming right of way. This causes vehicles on the major road going at speed to jam break, swerve, or otherwise take unnecessary evasive action. Or exacerbates the issue at an already congested junction. Yeah, we get it. You waited a while too, to get to that junction behind other cars that seemingly did not take their chances to stomp on their accelerator and stop blocking you. You have events to go to. A life to pick up. Precious time to save. But by failing to Give Way, you add to the problem. The other direction is a major road for a reason - traffic is already moving fast, or is trying to clear a red light. One single selfish action by you creates a domino effect that adds congestion to traffic flow, and if the major road doesn't clear, the minor road gets even more congested. Traffic rules work because of a social contract, an obligation to do the right thing. Something that more and more people seem to forget. When the social contract breaks down, you get non-stop congestion on all roads, and all junctions are 'every man for himself'. You all know the countries I'm pointing to, with perennial traffic problems. How about we be nice on the roads for a change? Some examples: a) Just after front of Coronation Plaza, where traffic from the minor road is supposed to enter the Bukit Timah Road b) Holland Rd turning into Holland Ave (Holland Village), where vehicles travelling East turning in at the traffic junction are blocked by vehicles travelling West trying to turn left c) Junction of North Buona Vista Rd and Dover Rd. Every direction 4) Multiple points at PIE entrance/exit at Paya Lebar Here are the relevant captures from the Highway Code, if appeal to common sense doesn't work for you. Maybe some of you have forgotten, or are foreign born and have never studied our Highway Code:
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