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A leisurely afternoon at... the Workshop!?

By Blogger on 18 Mar 2011

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The internet can be a wealth of misinformation when it comes to car modifications. Plenty of hearsay and too little personal experiences being bandied about as truths. When you add to the mix a handful of "black sheep" profit driven workshops, the road to modifying one's car can be a painful or heartbreaking process for some car enthusiasts. So, for a car enthusiast like myself, finding a relatively trustworthy workshop operated by fellow enthusiasts who willingly share their experiences, is akin to striking 4D. When you find a good workshop, you stick with it.

And one benefit of having such a workshop is that it becomes less of a place to get stuff done to your precious ride but more of a spot where you and your buddies may hang about to discuss all automotive related topics under the sun. It can... gasp.... even be kind of a fun place to hang about in. The definitive mark of such a workshop to me? Well, the air-con waiting area is always empty. Because everyone is out there near the action.

So on lazy Saturday afternoons, to escape from the pressures at the workplace, I find myself finding excuses to drive down to the workshop rather than heading out to our spanking new Integrated Resorts. My preferred spot is the workshop. Who cares if it is hot and greasy? It is a lot more fun than riding the roller coaster at Universal Studios or indulging in the high life at Ku De Ta.

Only my wallet protests. [bigcry]

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Pocus Mar 19 2011 03:21 PM
It depends......the first hour in the workshop is a refreshing experience when you get to see how the mechanic get dirty on their jobs....but it gets stale after awhile....esp if your car is still parked at the corner as the workshop has not finish with other cars.....
Showtime Mar 19 2011 07:48 PM
nice to see one's car get done, rather than send it to the ADs. the car disappears somewhere, and appears again after lunch, maybe even later. and they say "ok done". so what did they do? It's nice to see golden engine oil poured in after black stuff comes out. it assures me that the car was indeed being pampered.
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