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An Audi TT into an R8. Why not the other way round?

By Rigval on 05 Jun 2011

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-Project Kahn Audi TR8-

Recently Project Kahn previewed its reworking of the Audi TT. It basically looks like an R8 with the R8 side panels in a different colour and all so much so that they have named it the Project Kahn Audi TR8. It does look good in all of its photo enhanced glory doesn't it? But we have to note that this isn't the first Audi TT that was done up to look like its bigger brother.

We already have Caractere doing the same thing with their Audi TT bodykit and we also have Niche Design doing the same thing. I suppose this shows that at least a good number of Audi TT owners actually cannot afford to buy the Audi R8 and end up modifying their TT for good measure. Or bad measure. Or whatever way so that they can achieve their goal in a slightly warped sort of way.

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Now this is similar to those that end up making their BMW 3 or 5 series into the M versions of their car. Of course some of them end up just changing the rear badging to achieve this goal. This is actually the cheapest way of 'achieving' their dreams, and the fastest way to be laughed at by a true motorhead.

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Or if you're talking about the lower end of the scale we have people doing up their Proton Saga into Subaru Impreza and it isn't even the same brand!

The thing is, why won't anyone who actually owns an Audi R8 decide to turn it into a TT? Now this would be a really interesting project for people like Project Kahn or any of the Audi tuners. Imagine Project Kahn selling the R-TT; an Audi R8 with an Audi TT aping bodykit. It would be fabulous. Imagine cruising down the autobahn in the R-TT and then some insignificant little Volkswagen Golf GTI giving you the 'Get out of the way' flashing headlights and you simply floor the throttle and leave the puny Golf and its driver wondering what the heck just happened.

Or if a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG owner would be so humble to remove his car's AMG and '63 ' badges and stick on the C180 'Blue efficiency' badging instead. It would be a Mastercard moment indeed to watch those pesky Toyota Camry drivers on the Malaysian highways thinking that they've got a big car and that they're pretty fast.

I suppose this will only happen if the owners of the higher powered Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz would become 'humble' and be willing to step down an imaginary notch to pull a really fast one on others. Let's hope that someone affluent enough reads this and is totally willing to do what I've just suggested.

So if you're rich and you couldn't care less about your Audi R8 looking like a TT, you should be the one doing such a thing. Everyone is making cheaper cars into more expensive ones so it will be something unique indeed if someone did it the other way round.

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-Niche Design Audi TT-
Attached Image: audi_r8_v10.jpg
-the original Audi R8 - Imagine if this was rebadged as a TT! -

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Written by Rigval
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