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Tips for first-timer in replacing punctured tires

By SYF77 on 02 Jan 2012

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On a Sunday morning during car wash, I noticed that one of rear tires was noticeably running out of gas. A close inspection confirmed my suspicion that a puncture has occurred, thanks to a nail. Being a virgin in tire replacement, I count myself lucky that the incident occurred when my car is parked nicely in the carpark rather than in the middle of the road.

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After the car wash was completed, I proceed to retrieve the car manual and informed my dad about the puncture. He said this was a good training opportunity for me and so basically he became the supervisor and I became the worker. Here are some points that I noted after my first lesson in tire replacement and would like to share them with those who are as green as me in such matters:

1.) Loosen the nuts slightly using a spanner before jacking up the car. The rationale behind this is that if the car is jacked up before the nuts are loosened, the wheel may turn as you try to loosen them, making the task rather difficult. However, do not remove the nuts completely as the wheel may risk falling off unexpectedly as the car is being jacked up, causing injury.
2.) Do not lay underneath the car. Serious injury can occur if the jack gives way.
3.) Make sure there is sufficient ground clearance space not just to remove the punctured tire, but to install the spare tire. Take note that the inflated spare tire would require more ground clearance space than a deflated tire.
4.) After the spare tire has been positioned nicely on the disc rotor, gently secure it using your hands with the nuts. Use the spanner to tighten the nuts only after the jack has been lowered. Otherwise, the wheel may turn as you try to tighten.

Finally, get the punctured tire repaired as soon as possible before another tire becomes unserviceable. You never know when Murphy’s law will strike.

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Written by SYF77
I have been a car fanatic since 1989, when my father was changing our family car then to a Toyota Corolla 1.6 GL fitted with a Twin Cam 16 valve engine that was carburetor-fed, a big deal back in those days. The automobile technology and industry fascinates me and I hope to broadcast these interesting developments to everyone out there through this blog.

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Laserjet Jan 02 2012 10:37 AM
Very good tips, esp points 3 and 4.
Hermit Jan 02 2012 03:23 PM
A little something to add:
- engage parking brake.
- ALWAYS jack the vehicle on level ground- and not on a slope.
- tighten the wheel nuts in a criss-cross pattern.

* If you have a spare, do check the pressure periodically.
Nightsky Jan 02 2012 08:12 PM
Some people tend to neglect inflating the spare tyre (if any, as opposed to tyre repair kits in newer vehicles), and so it would be beneficial to inflate the spare tyre to the manufacturer's specifications, which are usually above the usual 220~230kpa for regular tyres.
987 Jan 03 2012 12:06 PM
Here's another tip to add on:

Stash away a pair of cotton gloves with your spare tire. In my experience, one can suffer badly with blasters to palms while jacking the car, due to friction. You will be able to handle the task better and safer with gloves on. Also to keep your hands clean after the change and ready to drive off. Cheers.
Dwee Jan 03 2012 12:45 PM
Very Good info.

I started to change my first punctured tire at the age of 20. No one taught me then. Worst , is at PIE . I change my tire at the road shoulder where big trucks and buses zoomed past me. . Very scary encounter. I will never change my tire again. Either I will drive slowly to the nearest petrol Kiosk or call for help..
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