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Time to reconsider the speed limit?

By Blogger on 24 Dec 2009

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Is it time for LTA to revise the speed limits on our expressways?

The only conceivable purpose (to me at least) for imposing laws regulating the maximum speed we can drive at is safety. It keeps us safe; it keeps the people/objects around us safe. But is our current speed limit on the expressway an over-enthusiastic curb (i.e. is LTA being too kiasu)? My answer is YES.

The reason? It is no longer reasonable to restrict our expressway speed at 90km/h or less (for passenger cars) in most circumstances. To begin with, most passenger vehicles in Singapore are safer and more capable of traveling safely at speeds above 90km/h per day. Most of our passenger cars are not manufactured exclusively for the Singapore market and would reasonably be in use in areas such as Europe where speed limits tend to be higher. Thus far, we have yet to hear of accidents in Europe occurring because their speed limit has been set too high, have we?

Furthermore, considering the ever efficient LTA and the immense amount of road planning and road maintenance, we have really wonderful expressways with very few stretches which are dangerous at speeds slightly above 90km/h. Of course, a few expressways have to be specially excluded such as the KPE (due to it being a long tunnel), but I am sure most stretches of expressway in Singapore are safe for travel at a slightly higher speed. When these factors are considered, it does seem that our current speed limit may be overly cautious.

Now, do not mistake me for the speed demon. I am all for some restriction; it just seems that the current speed limit can do with a slight upward tweak. It will surely go a long way to making those late night journeys home that little bit faster.

What do you think?...

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Carcuter88 Dec 24 2009 11:46 AM
I would think that 90kmh limit on expressways should be increased slight.

My greater concern is the 50kmh limit on small roads.
50kmh is L-plate driver speed!
Most cars can't even get into 4th gear at that speed.
Xefera Dec 24 2009 12:37 PM
Before raising the speed limit, important factors like braking distance and % of heavy vehicles need to be seriously considered. Having a lower speed limit will enable drivers to subconsciously remember to keep his speed in check. Having a high speed limit will only tempt the driver to increase his own limit further and thus increase the risk significantly. As of the current TP rule, 100kmh is still acceptable and not liable for fines or demrit points. IMHO, 100kmh is there about just right combination for driver's concentration, reaction time and safety to other road users.
Civicsiao Dec 24 2009 12:43 PM
There were studies done in the U.S. and proven that SPEEDING is NOT main cause of accidents. The main reasons are: distraction & wrong judgement prior to an accident.

In my opinion, Accidents Do Not Happen By Themselves........They Are Caused!
So why limit the expressway to 90KMH?
Joseph22 Dec 24 2009 12:58 PM
Civicsiao, like you say main reason are distraction and wrong judgement but high speed actually reduce the time for judgement and allowance for distraction.
Even though they are not the direct cause, they are surely a contribution factors.
Speedz76 Dec 24 2009 02:47 PM
the most impt thing is not the speed limit.. the traffic police should crack down on road hoggers.. they are the main culprit
Mrlau Dec 24 2009 04:45 PM
the road is just build for you....

spare a though for the receiving end...
Xtrocious Dec 24 2009 06:27 PM
Just like what Top Gear has always maintained...

Speeding doesn't kill - you don't just drop dead because you are travelling at 200km/h...

It's the collision that kills...hahah
Ghostrider Dec 25 2009 04:04 AM
By allowing light commercial vehicles to raise their speed limit to 70kmh...they have effective cause more congestion on the road as its now common to see vans who drive at 60kmh on the middle lane forcing cars to use the right lane.

Just have a hogger who hog the road, and you will get heavy traffic.

Raising speed limit will not help...but imposing a min speed limit on the different lane will help ease the follow I believe. Traffic Police have been active in enforcing their speeding kill campaign...maybe its time to nap those who force motorist to overtake on the left.

If I can overtake you from the left, that means there is enough space for you to give way in the first place. That would make you a lane hog. Period.
Civicsiao Dec 25 2009 09:38 AM
Joseph22 is right that speeding will reduce the the time for judgement and allowance for distraction.

Not every driver is able to handle high speed, judgement and ability to react are critical.

Racing is not in eveybody's blood but SPEEDING is easy (just floor it!).........but one has to understand his/her own's weaknesses in handling , judgement and/or whether easily distracted on the move. It is irresponsible to speed without prior self assessment of own's capablities. That's why doing a Driver's Profiling is good for oneself; known your own driving capability and weaknesses and drive on the most suitable speed & lane.

It is simple: fast lane for speedsters, slow lane for hoggers!
Go on any expressway during peak hours, and you will SEE THE REVERSED.

Fast drivers are not reckless drivers. Reckless drivers are those who do not konw their driving capabilities and limits.

Nemo6089 Dec 25 2009 07:52 PM
If drivers on the road can be responsible and drive / speed safely, then there is no need to have speed limit even.
But the truth is there are lots of driver that thinks the road belongs to them or they are the only ones driving on the road.
Drive_carcar Dec 26 2009 12:46 AM
Sometimes road hoggers actually induce speeding. Some people hog the 1st lane at exactly the speed limit. Which forced others to "undertake" them from the left, and have to drive much faster in order to overtake safely.

Icyfreakass Dec 28 2009 12:47 AM
I really hope they increase the limit both for maximum and minimum speed.
Koren Dec 28 2009 07:48 AM
cars are designed for euro speed limit. but our roads are not.
Kangadrool Dec 28 2009 11:04 AM
IMO, the speed limits set in city state SG are very very generous, and the police are more tolerant to give you some margins for exceeding speed limit.

Try it in Australia and you know what I mean. 1 km/hr above speed limit, you get farked up side down and their speed limits aren't any higher than ours too.
Vicz Dec 28 2009 04:40 PM
Speeding might not be the main cause of an accident but it is definitely a very reason that might cause an accident. lots of people can't handle high speeds, especially younger people or newer licence holders since they are not so experienced (definitely as compared to one who has driven for years), but again, that might not be a good measure too. Having said a these, at the end of the day, its very much of the driver than the car or the limits set by the garmen. Perhaps having higher ins premium fr younger drivers and more potent cars are not really an answer, instead, may be garmen can tag the sentencing or composition fines to the age and experience of the driver.... maybe higher fines or tougher sentence for younger drivers or newer licence (by years)?? well, hw the garmen can measure this? Let the scholars break their brains, afterall, they are paid so well in the garmen. cholars, pls do something and not just take salary.
Fishnchip Dec 31 2009 03:23 AM
speed limit 200km/h de best !!
Benarsenal Jan 17 2010 01:55 AM
I've always believed in variable speed limits. Variable according to traffic conditions (1am not the same as 7am, raining different from sunny day), as well as driver experience.

The hard fact is, every driver's capabilities are different. Some can handle a car at triple digit speeds with no problem at all, while others have trouble even getting out of a carpark. By treating each driver as individuals, we won't have so much frustration, as everyone is able to drive at their capability as permitted by the law.

With technology as it is now, why can't each driver's license have electronic tags to record what rules each driver can have? For example, an experienced driver with good record, no traffic offences and accidents, would be allowed a higher speed limit as compared to a newbie who just passed their test.

These rules can be constantly tweaked as the driver gains experience. It can also work the other way, with an accident or traffic offence resulting in a reduction of the 'limit'.

Of course, there are many details to work out, but you get the idea.
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