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Saying goodbye is hard to do

By Blogger on 24 Nov 2010

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Not too long ago, I bid adieu to a faithful friend that has served me well as a mode of transport. As my friend drove me out of the dealer lot where it was hastily "abandoned", I couldn't help but feel a slight pang of sadness in my heart. As the deal was put together rather briskly and in a clinical and professional manner, I barely had time to register that I no longer owned it anymore.

It might be something that pragmatic and utilitarian vehicle owners might not understand, but I genuinely believe that there can be a bond between a vehicle owner and his/her vehicle. Much like a family pet, a vehicle has often seen the owner through different milestones in his/her life. And unsurprisingly, there can be a whole host of memories both painful and jubilant associated with the vehicle or various parts of the vehicle. Perhaps that is why there are vehicle owners in their 50s who are still driving that very same car they sat in on their wedding day. It is like a different sort of photo album; triggering memories.

Just thinking back now, I see how my ride was like a historical timeline of sorts, charting out major events in the past few years. I recall my excitement as a first time vehicle owner; barely able to sleep the night before I collected my ride. The silly things I bought to customize it. Learning about modifications and simply DIY. Queuing up to use the washing bay on the eve of special occasions. And then there are the personal events and memories that I think of by association when I think of the vehicle.

Now, several months down, I am looking forward to collecting a brand new ride. But strangely, this time round, the excitement is tempered with a tinge of nostalgia. I guess saying goodbye never was easy.

P/s: I decided not to post actual pictures for privacy reasons so all you get is a hint of what I used to drive. :ph34r:

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GTR78 Nov 24 2010 11:20 PM
I know exactly how you feel.

I just bid goodbye to an old friend when my Dad traded in his 9 year old Sunny N16, I got my first speeding ticket in that car... the bittersweet memories....
I really hope I don't have to bid goodbye to my current ride since its my first car and it's a source of many memories for me these past 4 years.
Pocus Nov 25 2010 09:42 AM
I bid farewell to my CK underwear of 5 years...

Come on!! Posting your car is not going to make others know who your are!! Unless you owned one of the super rare gems in SG that no one else in SG has...
Nemo6089 Nov 26 2010 06:37 AM
I know that feeling of walking out of the car dealer after parting with it and turning back to take a last look at it.
It is like leaving behind a child that you are not going to see again.
What makes matter worst is that I am giving up my car and going for public transport due to financial reason, *SOB*
As I walk toward the bus stop, I can't help but keep turning back trying to get a last glimpse of it park in the dealer parking lot, that feeling is terrible.

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