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Car spotting at Dempsey

Car spotting at Dempsey

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blogentry-133713-0-51935600-1424500826_thumb.jpgWhile most of us are still fast asleep from all the Chinese New Year fun that we had from the previous nights, a car meet is already forming up at Dempsey on this very Saturday morning. Called Cars & Coffee, it is basically an informal event where like-minded car lovers come together to have breakfast and mingle around. Of course, the conversation topics usually revolve around cars and... erm more cars.


blogentry-133713-0-43073500-1424500833_thumb.jpgYours truly was alerted to one of these events and decided to drop by to check out the scene there. Enjoy the photos...


blogentry-133713-0-71566500-1424500841_thumb.jpg'00 911 GT3 still looks fresh after 15 years.


blogentry-133713-0-59428800-1424500849_thumb.jpg'62 Lotus Seven on classic plate parked beside the GT3.


blogentry-133713-0-89367500-1424500856_thumb.jpgDon't the VW Karmann Ghia on the left look good here?


blogentry-133713-0-58574800-1424500864_thumb.jpgHmmm.. The Toyota Celica or the Crown? I will have the '74 Celica. Thank you.


blogentry-133713-0-15050100-1424500873_thumb.jpgA lone '85 Audi Quattro among the Godzillas.




















blogentry-133713-0-39472000-1424500954_thumb.jpgSome of the Alfa Romeo and Saab(not pictured here) drivers also turned up.


blogentry-133713-0-37562800-1424500962_thumb.jpgWRX STi Spec C looking tall here beside the sleek Mazda RX-7






blogentry-133713-0-04117000-1424500998_thumb.jpgThe only '91 Civic SiR hatch running on our roads unless mistaken!


blogentry-133713-0-75991200-1424501006_thumb.jpgLove the cute plaster sticker on the RX-7


blogentry-133713-0-47677400-1424501023_thumb.jpg'89 RX-7 and its much younger relative, the RX-8


blogentry-133713-0-92512600-1424501033_thumb.jpg The Mitsubishi GTO, another 90s Japanese sports coupe.


blogentry-133713-0-76793800-1424501042_thumb.jpgA random Mercedes-Benz 250SL from the 60's which appeared out of nowhere as I was leaving.


All in all, it was more than worth it for me to wake up early on a Saturday morning to check out these cars. Even though i woke up late and missed a few cars whose owners had to go off before I arrived, I walked away feeling glad that the car scene in Singapore is still very much alive.

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