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Youths use Circuit Breaker period to ride PMDs in CTE tunnel!

Youths use Circuit Breaker period to ride PMDs in CTE tunnel!





With roads pretty much empty under this current semi-lockdown period, some youths have been spotted making use of the empty roads to ride their PMDs.


As seen on a facebook page SG Reckless PMD Riders, three youths can be seen in the short Instagram video riding next to each other at high speed in the CTE Tunnel. Admittedly, the clip isn't of the best quality but it does seem like they were doing in excess of 40km/h, well over the speed limits of e-scooter. 

Of course, it doesn't matter as no one is allowed to be using their PMDs on the public road. 

In fact, they aren't even supposed to be out of their homes at all and going for joyrides!

Check out some of the comments on the page. Not suprisingly, they were not very pleasant.



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Responsible Social distancing. Each rider in one lane.

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reprimand law enforcer on their kungfu kick some more lah... 


LTA perpetuated the problem. They are the culprit!!!!!


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I don't believe our roads are so smooth. 🤣 Bums not pain meh?

Driving on our fully suspended car already can feel the undulations...


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Despite many occurrence, people still not get smarter by each news reported. How many times have all these "crimes" committed is due to they sabotaged themselves by doing something stupid, video it and post online and get caught? Recent case was youth drive police car and bring girl around and it was exposed due to video clip.

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No cameras insai tunnel meh? Cannot dispatch patrol cars asap?

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The degenerated "drop-outs" youths aka foolhardy & awaiting severe penalties besides compounding fines & "sipeh ho" cries of mummy... help me out, pleeeez!!!😟🤔😱

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