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Cam car accelerates to prevent a Forester from merging into the expressway, rear ends a lorry instead

Cam car accelerates to prevent a Forester from merging into the expressway, rear ends a lorry instead



Are you familiar with those 'guai lan' drivers that speed up to prevent you from changing lanes or merging by blocking you on purpose?

I swear this type of driver infuriates me.

Watch this video and witness an 'instant karma' moment for one such driver:

What Happened?

The accident occurred along the Seletar Expressway (SLE).

The cam vehicle was travelling on lane 3, the left-most lane of SLE. 

Despite a white Subaru Forester attempting to merge into SLE, the cam vehicle decided not to give a hoot about the white SUV and continued travelling alongside it.

As the Subaru driver sped up to merge in front of the cam vehicle, the cam vehicle 'coincidentally' accelerated too.

This manoeuvre by the cam vehicle prevented the Subaru SUV from merging into the SLE and forced the SUV to drive on the road shoulder before merging onto the SLE.

Instant Karma in 3, 2, 1...

After witnessing the Subaru's alarming actions, the lorry in front of the cam vehicle panic-braked in a moment of folly. 

As a result, the cam vehicle could not react in time and ended up 'kissing' the back of the lorry. 

If you consider the height and angle of the dashcam, the cam vehicle is likely to be a commercial vehicle.

Therefore, I highly question the actions of the cam vehicle. Is there a need to be so 'guai lan'???

Look what it got you - Your just desserts. Oh, don't forget those repair fees and demerit points as well!

Netizens' Comments


Cam vehicle driver post online to show it's the Subaru's fault due to it driving on the road shoulder and its tinted tail lights😰


What a way to start the new year!


You can't fix stupid🤗




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Is this a bus or a lorry? Seems to be sitting quite high.

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6 minutes ago, Watwheels said:

Is this a bus or a lorry? Seems to be sitting quite high.

I am not sure if it is a bus or a lorry. Either way, the cam vehicle should not be driving like this😤

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Watching this video, I can sleep soundly. 😂😂😂

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Accelerate to cut off queue cutters I 100% support

but people coming onto the highway is just stupid.

When lane 1 close for repairs and all the cars move to lane 2, there is always always one prick that sees lane 1 clear and say ho sei and keep on lane 1 until the end and last second die die must cut in anyone that accelerate to block this prick I 100% salute you.


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