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Change Donut Puncher to Thorpedo


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Sharing the article here



After years of denial, swimming champion Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay in an exclusive interview with Sir Michael Parkinson. The five-time Olympic gold medallist and Australia's most successful Olympic athlete to date, has revealed his sexuality in an interview to be aired on Australia's Network Ten on Sunday night.



and also - another of those deviant Penguins that make such horrible horrible role models as parents and "proper" couples...






Two male penguins, Jumbs and Kermit, have been hailed the “best penguin parents” ever to an abandoned little chick.

...{snip} ....The same-sex couple were given an egg after the baby’s mother, Isobel, left it because the father, Hurricane, refused to help her incubate it. It’s happened more than once: Hurricane is “happy to get Isobel pregnant,” according to owner Jackie Binskin, but then “seems to think that his job is done.”


I wonder ---


a) Will the Zoo remove penguins and penguin toys from their park --- just in case "the gay" spreads?

b) Will swimming be seen as less popular now in-case you catch "the gay" from the changing room?

c) Is Ian Thorpe still a hero?

d) Instead of calling gays donut punchers, shall we start calling them Thorpedos?


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enough already for damn sake. there are other threads here that discuss this and goodness, hump...i meam lump them in one






anymore of these issues brought up would render one susceptible to being given a warning. these are flame bait and we could do with less of such issues


remember, the is is MCF after all. if you have an agenda to spread, go HL park

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