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Hi Everyone;
BEWARE of this shop!
Lian Kiat Alloy Tyre & Battery Center along Jalan Jurong Kechil.

Recently I was duped and conned by this dishonest shop owner in his 60's.

He charged me $950 for 4 Falken Tyres whereby the usual price is around $440.
You may ask why I paid so much without comparing prices.
The reason was that I had done some tyres change at this place and found him to be decent and therefore I let my guard down the last time thinking that he would be honest as usual.
Also I realized his tricks are to act innocent, speak very fast and mumble to himself; he will unscrew and take out your old tyres and then he will tell you there is no stock and recommend you some brands made in China.
You will get very frustrated waiting for him to get his tyres from elsewhere and you are at his mercy as you cannot drive away without the tyres.
I went back to ask his why over-charged me by more than $500 and he told me all kinds of stories saying COE and house prices have gone up. I told him this does not give him the right to overcharge by 200%. He said it was a done deal as it was done willingly by both parties.
Hope no one get conned by him again!

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I think conned is too strong a word. What he say is true, willing buyer willing seller


Did he misrepresent anything?


I.e different model of tyres, YOM , used or new tyres?

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Hi I used the correct word Con as no other word can describe his action. You know I am talking about the same model selling by others.not different model. Even Michellean sold as 140 per tyre. HE sold me Falken at 280 per tyre.

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dont mind if i ask, what tyre size u buy?

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