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    Property in Johor

    Tebrau area is pretty decent place to look at. Mature & Ikea coming(2017). 1) Taman Mount Austin & neighbourhood 2) Taman Setia Indah & neighbourhood (Ecoworld Spring/Summer) 3) Bandar Dato Onn & neighbourhood (Adda heights/Seri Austin)
  2. Eric4285

    On borrowed Time!

    She might be suffering from GERD/Reflux/Gastritis... Well, she definitely need to see a Cardiologist rule out her heart & maybe a Gastrologist check her stomach/esophagus. In meantime, no harm ask her take Gaviscon Advance after a meal see if it helps? If her symptoms subside or lessen, it could be related to her stomach. Stomach & heart is side by side linked via Vagus Nerve. Stomach upset can result in palpitations. Just my 2cents.
  3. Thanks for reply. Can PM me the cost for importing the Head Unit? Regards
  4. How much is a GS300 touch screen Head Unit? My touch screen digitizer up lorry liao. New or recon both is ok. TQ
  5. Eric4285

    PTC announces fare review/increase!

    Pay peanuts get monkeys leh...
  6. Eric4285

    What If You Had SGD10.2 Billion! RIP Mr Kwek

    In order reap the rewards of our hardwork in our retirement, we gotta watch our diet(foot intake quantity/choices) & lifestyle(smoking/drinking/exercises) in the present to maintain our body so that in our golden years we could still be active & lead fulfilling lives. Cheers!
  7. Eric4285

    New car recalled under PI warranty

    PI Honda Vezel (Takada Airbags) recall affected bo? This one can kill people… And i think no cheap...
  8. Eric4285


    Please… Dun say that. Take concrete actions to change. U can do it. Any change however small helps. As you start feel better and see the effects. U will keep going! Cheers!
  9. Eric4285


    I'm not a Doctor but it's not so common for a Healthy person to have Low Blood Glucose i.e.: below 4mmol unless you really eat little/no carbohydrates and is physically very Active. A lot of Food contains Carbohydrate. Even vegetables. I eat 5 meals a day. My breakfast and dinner is sightly more. The others are usually snacks like Fruits or Vegetables or both. It's actually good to eat every 2-3hours be it for Diabetic or Non Diabetic rather than 3 standard/large meals. This can help prevent Hypoglycemia regardless whether you are Diabetic or not. I snack on mainly Apples, Pears, Watermelon, occasional Banana for more Energy, Japanese cucumbers, celery & carrots. 2x a week i juice 1/2 Avocado, spinach, celery, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 kiwi, strawberries & 100ml Skim Milk with my Nutri Bullet.
  10. Eric4285


    Basmati rice + Quinoa on a ratio of 2-1 for me. Easier to adapt compare to Unpolished Brown rice. But Key is dun eat 1bowl. For me is 1/3 bowl. Non diabetic 1bowl should be fine. 1/2 bowl to 3/4 would be Perfect!
  11. Eric4285


    My previous HBA1c done early last year was 7.3. After food the readings went as high as 14. Hence diagnosed as Diabetic & put on Metformin 500mg 2x a day. In Dec 2015, retook my HBA1c was 5.8. (Lost 25kg weight) on strict Diet. Fasting blood sugar ranges from 5.3-6.1 Doc took me off my Metformin. Yest Just took my HBA1c test, result out next week. Lost another 12kg since. My past week fasting blood sugar ranges btw 4.3-5.5. My 2hours blood sugar testing is always below 7. HOWEVER, my 1hour blood sugar random testing especially after consuming High GI/carbo stuffs like beehoon, basmati rice, brown rice registered 8.9 highest. A True, healthy non Diabetic person will never spike above 7.8 at any times after a meal even if high GI intake. As such, i do not think i have Recovered from Diabetes. Merely Controlled it with Diet & weight loss and exercises. Im resigned to believing my Beta Cells in my Pancreas had suffered Irrevisible Damage. How many % of them are Dead forever i have no idea. Can only try save the rest with Strict Discipline prevent Complications. Hope such a Strict Diet and Lifestyle changes over next few Years can eventually help reverse some of the Lost/Damaged Beta Cells? Keeping my fingers Crossed for a Lower HBA1c result next week. Just sharing i'm also off my Hypertensive Med recently past 1mth after being on them for 5yrs. My BP taken at the Doc while testing for my HBA1c was 107/71. Heartbeat 73. So, base on my own experiences and sharing, fellow sufferers from Diabetes & High BP, despair not. A Healthy Diet, healthy BMI of 19-23, exercises, No Smoking (i quit 2yrs alr) and little to no alcohol helps! Engage a Nutritionist if you're clueless what to eat. After a few months u will get used to the New Diet. FYI my peak weight was 110kg at 171cm last year. Now i'm 73kg. Targeting to drop another 10kg. Im only 36 by the way… Good health to ALL!!! Cheers!
  12. Eric4285

    Property in Johor

    Hi, 1st of all, is not Dbl Storey Bungalow. Should be Dbl Storey Terrace. (Furthest from NSE) Yes it's gated and guarded. It's quite Deep in. Beside Seri Austin. Surrounding quite bare yet. The proposed road leading to Kempas Exchange - NSE dunno when will complete??? Msia… U know la... For 700-900k, there are better options nearby nearer to NSE exit 255c Bandar Dato Onn. (Daily rush hour Traffic Jam) 1) Banda Dato Onn Double storey Terrace from 600+k (Aeon construction underway nearby) Nearest to NSE 2) Setia Eco Cascadia. Price from 700k+ to over $1m. Cluster housing double gated & guarded with pool house/gym. 3rd Nearest NSE 3) Adda Heights(resale). Over $1m can get Semi-D. Terrace pricing lower but foreigner not eligible. 2nd Nearest to NSE 4) Eco World (Summer/Spring). Price from 700k+ (Beautiful European Styling) 4th Nearest NSE You gotta factor in Developer Reputation / Project Quality / Amenities for the price u pay what u get back. Mature Taman Setia Indah is in the heart of all these developments. Shops/Markets/Eateries galore. (Bus to JB City too) Future AEON (u/c 2017) will serve these developments well also. Massive construction on-going. Hospital too. (KPJ) u/c 2017. Short drive 5-10mins is Mt Austin (Tesco/Aeon/Ikea(u/c2017). Mt Austin lots of commercials. FAV for many SG ppl chill. Have Fun!
  13. Eric4285

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Also include eat 3meals. Wash hair + min 1x Masagi. Can try squeeze in a Movie at RM10 also.
  14. Eric4285

    What jobs available after retirement ?

    People in rental Flat are usually extremely cash strap. Maybe CPF board can allow service rental HDB flat via CPF? (Bloody Long Shot thou!)