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    It's about survival skill, save every corner you can. Just to share how much saving I can get for shopping my baby's milk powder beside pumping petrol there. S26 -stage 3 ( 700 gm) is selling at sin$22.00 here. In Malaysia Giant at offer price Rin$22.00. S26 is produce in Singapore only, Why cross the country becomes cheaper ?. Enfalac 1,8 kg sin$75, Malaysia rin$108. Everyone goes there for a purpose. Why talk big about looking down on those who pump petrol there.
  2. I am a regular at Genting, from 2nd link to Genting Hotel is 400 km going thru Rawang Town, not the normal way most people will take. 5 hours is ok, you are on holiday. Time is not an issue, safety is. From 2nd link to KL is more than 300 km with Malacca speed limit at 90 Km/h. Speeding at 200 km/hr, going to KL ???? max time, I did without break and all the way reasonable time is about 2 and half hours with my volvo but not worth the try. Save on the fine and spend it on your holiday.
  3. Just to share, how it looks like after a major polishing. My headlamps were very badly scratched. Sand it down and repolish for $50,
  4. Caramelised

    Dealer tweaked odometer?

    The police will not take your case or any other compliants. They got super good life to push it away as a civil suit unless you are in Taiwan. It will be taken to court by the police. I had a bad experinces also and even got the MP to write to the police.... NO CASE. Spend your own money to get lawyer that's what they want. Sad to said it is indirectly encouraging the dealers to keep doing such dirty actions. So after that incident, I buy new car only lor, bo bian.
  5. Caramelised

    KFC Double Down

    Fully agreed, Our family stopped eating KFC for many years. The quality and services were totally sucks. We will still order KFC when we are in Malaysia but not back home.
  6. Caramelised

    Summons filed to order PM Lee to court hearing

    aiyah, not a very serious case. He doesn't need to attend to it. His lawyer can Kao Dim. Just a waste of time. how to get the singaporean out of the high inflations more important.
  7. Caramelised

    Used Car Dealers Feedback!

    To buy a 2nd hand car, always be prepared to do some repair. most people selling their cars will not fix the problem before selling them. I think it will be better for you to post photo of the damage and to seek advice from bloggers for help. Your problem might be able to solve it rather than getting angry over it. To buy and get angry over it. Not that worth. Care to share the damage photo?
  8. Caramelised

    KFC Double Down

    It Doesn't look Super but a total turn OFF. To taste good Food, not big big chunky stuff. KFC used to be fresh Chicken and hot bunss in the Olden Days. I doubt they are now today. To have ever come out with such a promotion thinking that Two Big Pcs of Chicken, Consumer can enjoy it???. My View is that, the person is stupid and the consumers who eat it, is killing themself slowly. Can imagine how much Fats you are sallowing......... Be responsible when selling a new promotion, beside the business. Health is still a factor to consider for the consumers.
  9. Caramelised

    Headlights turn yellowish

    The original headlamp has a POWDER coating polishing that gives the super gloss and shine effects. When plastic turns yellowish it can be polish but when there are scratches on the headlamp, sanding and polishing will only get back between 85% to 95% shine again, which is acceptable and much cheaper to change new ones but the polishing will needs a bit of skill. You will need the rough sanding paper, medium, fine, superfine and mirror finish to do the job. Singapore Market sandpaper is only up to 1000 grit ( fine only ). You can't get the superfine and mirror finish.
  10. Caramelised

    No Government cyclist in Singapore ?????

    A cyclist cycling on the new bridge to IMM when it stated as fine $1000, push your bike across. Did not manage to take a photo on time. Wanted to report the case but look at the sign no phone number. All the signs were put up for F.... That's our civil servant works, just finish their job without thinking thru, how to make it more efficient. Anyway cyclists in jurong are likes to ride with one hand talking on phone, some even listening to music, speeding across red lights not pushing acrossm riding pn the pedestrian walk when next to it is a cyclist path, cycling in the night without headlights and all sort of bad habits you can easily see it. Did call TP, they said not under their care....... Singapore has no laws for cyclists, No insurances coverage and no rules to govern them ??????. My Mother who had stroke many many years back walk with a 1/5 step of a normal human being. She was scolded by a cyclist for walking too slow blocking his way on a PEDESTRIAN WALK. My son of 17 months, just started walking was nearly hit by a cyclist speeding, missed him by an inch on a PEDESTRIAN WALK. NO GOVERNMENT cyclists all over Jurong only ???????????????????
  11. Caramelised

    What is Bad Service?

    Aiyah must be part time aunty trying to meet the sales quota...... At least we know they are not very well train, forgive them lah... Not like some big cafe outlet you buy one coffee $5 plus yet they give you the face is like kanna MRT run over or you owe them money....
  12. Caramelised

    Man Block Road to Punish High Beam Guy

    It's not about the car you drive but more of the person behind the wheels. Singaporean tends to be more stressful behind the wheels, all these can due to anything surrounding us.
  13. Caramelised

    Singapore inflation accelerates

    Sure go up,the government keep giving HDB valuation going up, private proeprty will follow. Once property prices started going up, got money buy share and even buy car, where got problem when you get a good price for your property, no matter how expensives the car still got buyer..... Sure go up and up. Who till now keep giving high valuations and keep saying they will build more houses and push down the COV. In the Army call LPPL When the figure goes up and up the birth rate goes down and down....
  14. Caramelised

    Lawyer interviewed says 9 MONTHS JAIL +/-

    It all depends on LUCK again, heng heng the judge is in good mood mood. not everypne will get the same..... pray harder. That''s justice in one person's hand
  15. Caramelised

    Why will COE prices drop in 3 to 4 years time?

    Let's face it, as long as people are making money from their property and valuation price keep going up. There will be cash rich property owners buying it up. No matter how expensives there will be still buyers in Singapore. Everytihing will be going up up all the away with a RED underwear outside.....................................................Still think that anything goes up will come down.....