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  1. Chapter1_andy

    Car rental in Singapore

    I nearly kenna the same thing also when I first got my car. It was a dirty, old beaten up Toyota Vios (and actually when I got the car, I was shocked at the state it was in). Those type of car really cannot rent out to other innocent people; should just bring to scrap yard and scrap
  2. Legoland good. Confirm family friendly. It's hot though, so bring umbrella and cap and lots of water.
  3. Chapter1_andy

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Same thing I will say to car buyers - send to STA for inspection first before buying. If the car dealer don't allow, then say bye bye to them (they can close down le).
  4. Chapter1_andy

    Parking coupon cheating offence

    Now very hard le...haha with Cashcard parking.. HDB also implement....
  5. Chapter1_andy

    Honda Owners..... Pls Check In..

    Honda is my next dream car. Have a KIA, after its lifespan is up, Honda will be next.
  6. Chapter1_andy

    Do you look down upon those who drive manual car?

    Same...I cannot drive auto cars...I think I will doze off Driving manual cars keep me awake, especially in situations that require really precise actions to be taken. I've driven on expressways where the front auto car is following too closely and keep stepping on brakes... It's really very hard to follow them...because they speed, step brake...speed, and step brake
  7. Chapter1_andy

    Close season transfers

    If Arsenal buy both Higuain and Rooney, they are going to be unstoppable. Not even Jose Mourinho's Chelsea can stop them. The interesting part is about Luis Suarez. There's a lot of rumours about him going to RM. However, there's also news of Bayern Munich wanting to land him. Any move either way is still progress for Luis Suarez - honestly speaking it's a waste of his talents not playing European football. I would like to see him lighting fires in the Champions League (sorry LFC - you'll have to make up your minds what you want).
  8. Chapter1_andy

    Arsenal Fans Fall in here... SEDIA..

    This season I believe Arsenal will be a buying club instead of a selling club. For the past years, they have been selling their stars to key rivals. This time, it seems likely they are going for broke and going to buy stars like Higuain and Rooney. If both of them become the No 9 and No 10 of Arsenal...the Gunners are going to be a force to be reckoned with.
  9. Chapter1_andy

    Used car price went up? How? How? How?

    Agree. Don't give chance. Don't even need to pay extra nowadays - just wait. There's tons of dealers - if don't buy from the first, can always buy from the second.
  10. Chapter1_andy

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Being put in blacklist does not necessarily mean they are very bad, but there's something abt them that tells you, "The next time I change car, I'm not going back there again". (no mention of names, you know who you are): Things like: 1) Poor after-sales (which is advertised and "promised" in their website) - bring you to their "recommended" workshop which already has a bad reputation for years 2) Going to view a car and the sales person want to recommend another vehicle to you 3) Going to view the car, and salesman bo chup you (prefer to smoke in one corner) 4) You pay a higher price to fix your stuff (official workshop) to fix the problems brought by the previous workshop (recommended by your dealer) 5) Say one thing; do another thing. Actions and words don't match.
  11. Chapter1_andy

    Which team you will like to see in Premier League

    lol sorry but I found your post too funny. Nah won't lah...well, put it this way...Liverpool fans are a very special kind. Majority are good, but there are still sucky Liverpool fans. I would like to see Sheffield Wednesday (if it is ever possible again), and Leeds United!
  12. Chapter1_andy

    Myanmar chu pattern in next SEA games

    I think they really tarnish sports as a whole... But sometimes it's also related to their lifestyle in their own home country
  13. Chapter1_andy

    Rafa outburst: I'm leaving

    Rafa has a habit of digging his own grave. Dug it once at Inter, and now dug it at Chelsea. He should just return to Liverpool and satisfy the pro-Rafa clan (who have never given the Liverpool managers their utmost support). ...zonal marking? now that's a laugh
  14. Guys, heard Esso is no longer 17% discount, but 14.45% discount? Then any one got the iCarsClub card? I'm referring to the DBS Esso Platinum card
  15. Chapter1_andy

    Crazy Driver

    Van judged wrongly.... If there's a filter lane...how in the world can the other vehicle be turning left?