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  1. eXacTo

    SJF653R Hit And Run

    Thanks for the info. So I see... when turn off engine, need to plug in powerbank to cam. And then when driving again got to switch cam back to car power. It's a bit manual... but I guess not bad way to have continual recording. Otherwise, like you say, must have 2nd car battery.
  2. eXacTo

    SJF653R Hit And Run

    Can anyone share how does the Xiaomi powerbank work for the car cam? Cig lighter connect to powerbank, powerbank connect to car cam? So when engine start, start charging powerbank? Powerbank continually power car cam? So car cam run 24x7 without stopping?
  3. i believe once upon a time Singapore did have shared cab system. But it was not popular and did not take off well.
  4. eXacTo

    Malaysian airline plane goes missing! MH370

    Speaking of TinTin... MH370 is similar to the story of Flight 714... There was a volcano in that story as well! OMG!! Someone already guessed this in 2014: https://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/flight-mh370/ I know what happened to Flight MH370 Posted on 17 March 2014by Andreas Moser The plot was already outlined years ago in the Tintin book Flight 714. I wouldn’t be surprised if MH370 could be found on some volcanic island to which it has been abducted. (My recent visits to two volcanic islands have nothing to do with this, however.)
  5. eXacTo

    Malaysian airline plane goes missing! MH370

    Great snakes, to be precise, billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!!
  6. eXacTo

    Terrible Accident....

    When I was a kid, one day going home in the bus after school. Was sitting near the back of the bus, and sleeping, when suddenly a loud crash woke me up. This was near boon lay, bus on old jurong road, beside the PIE. I was flung forward and hit my wrist on the seat in front. Everybody started getting off the bus. When I got off the bus and walked to the front, I saw a car crushed under the bus. Looks like the picture above with the truck and car. The car was on the wrong side of the road. I could see an arm sticking out of the car. The fingers were twitching. I could not see the rest of the body. The whole top half of the car was crushed under the bus. Now many years later, I can still remember the twitching fingers.
  7. eXacTo

    General Election 2015 - 11 Sep 2015

    1.9% reduction announced before election. 5% increase ++ claw back after election. This desperate attempt at vote buying is so sad and pathetic.
  8. eXacTo

    Tommy Koh's letter to his grandchildren

    I agree. I think loyalty to country, family, values is a given. But loyalty to commercial companies? Career excepted, I am not sure whether one could be expected to be loyal to any commercial entity unless the company goes beyond commercialism to be loyal to you or reciprocate with service. For example - if a kopitiam I patronise gives me good service and remembers me, I don't mind being loyal to it, and keep coming back to it. But if the boss or staff of a kopitiam gives me bad service, and provides all around bad service to any one else, I don't think we should be at all loyal - even if, say, we used to patronise there since childhood. Commercial organisations are only loyal to their profit margin. However, people within the organisation may take the extra step to be kind or give service to their staff or customers; then I would not mind being loyal to those companies.
  9. eXacTo

    Prank gone horribly wrong!

    If really want to prank a driver, here's a safer prank. Try only on stationary cars - eg. traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Be prepared to run if drivers are not amused! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22sWTT7UNP0
  10. eXacTo

    POSB Everyday Card Lobang!

    Election gimmicks have started. Free rides, GST voichers, etc. The moment election over ... take back everything plus interest.... Screencapture this post and see if turn out to be true...
  11. eXacTo

    To Stay Competitive In SG, Get Out of SG

    maybe keechiu is just asking everyone to migrate so that he can make more space for the foreigners to come and take over the space. he thinks more foreigners = more votes??
  12. eXacTo

    How some news papers see us

    My take on this is Singapore is over reliant on maids in the first place. Seriously, why have we come to this stage that so many hundreds of thousands of maids are in this tiny country? I just feel we need to go back to basics where we teach kids to do everything themselves rather than rely on outside help. The only reasons why I think maids are needed, are for aged or disabled people at home needing to be looked after with special care. Perhaps babies as well. But when kids are able to go to school - surely they can be taught to do their own things and chores at home rather than needing a maid. It just spoils kids to have a servant.
  13. Episode VI: Amos Yee Strikes Back
  14. eXacTo

    Parking Idiot / Parking Fail / Anyhow Park...

    if such a loud noise, surely there is at least some minor damage? scratches or small dent? Unless you car is like a tank.