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  1. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    https://www.cyclecarriage.com/sg/kia/events/cnc-120-birthday-carnival?utm_medium=banner&utm_source=sgcm&utm_campaign=120thbirthdaycarnival_2019&utm_term=&utm_content=970x90_rosleaderboard_rsvpnow Might have better deals in the coming weekend.
  2. Prataboy

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

  3. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    https://www.cyclecarriage.com/sg/kia-price-list $74,999 after the interest rebate non-guaranteed COE option. Usually, this will be the price C&C will offer. There can be other in-kind freebies thrown in, e.g. floor mats, dash-cams.
  4. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    Not sure but I think can be negotiated.
  5. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    Price for the SX is back down to $79,999 after all the discounts. Quite a good deal at current COE price.
  6. I suspect it is because the current line up are nicely styled and masculine looking sedans. Reminded me of the Chevy Cruze when it first came into SG around 10 years ago. You see many of them on the road then. Of course, not many left as all the issues started to appear in the 6-7th year. Hopefully the Skodas are not the same.
  7. Prataboy

    MAZDA 6

    Expensive compared to other ADs. Even C&C seems cheaper.
  8. Prataboy

    MAZDA 6

    This is from which workshop?
  9. Prataboy

    MAZDA 6

    Can go Mazda AD in JB? Are they allowed to service SG Mazda cars?
  10. Prataboy

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    That is quite a good FC. 50% highway?
  11. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    Referring to the line at the 60% mark.
  12. Prataboy

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    $100K COE? Special category?? 🤨
  13. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    So far, I have been averaging 480-490km for the 40+ litres. ~11-12km/litres. ~80% urban start-stop conditions. Have not got the chance to test on the NSHW yet. Perhaps can reach ~13+ as indicated by the trip computer during the expressway drives?
  14. Prataboy

    Kia Stonic

    3 bars from the very top past the <hot> line? Was there any warning light indicated? I was in a ~1-hour jam recently in the evening and I observed the clutch temperature creeping up towards the <hot> line. Avoided creeping as much as I can. In the end, it was 2 bars above the normal temperature after extended drive, 2 bars below the <hot> line.
  15. Prataboy

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    https://carbuzz.com/features/this-is-why-turbocharged-fuel-economy-is-a-lie My 1.0T ride is clocking way less mileage/liter than advertised. Granted that my commute is ~80% urban start-stop peak hour traffic most week days. But I am beginning to wonder if I would have been better off, fuel consumption wise, with a 1.6NA ride? 🤔