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  1. andrewyewkc

    MAZDA 6

    Any similar issues here? https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/disappointed-mazda-plans-to-vigorously-defend-accc-case-over-alleged-unconscionable-conduct/news-story/03e34b7112a3cefa469da8d2b6ae7f3a
  2. andrewyewkc

    VES 2018

    If LTA treats the rebate as a discount to the PARF and deducts it accordingly, to be consistent, they should treat the surcharge as an addition to the PARF.
  3. andrewyewkc

    VES 2018

    This kind of scheme to give rebate is worse than no rebate. The dealer will makan most of the rebate that is deducted from you.
  4. andrewyewkc

    Mazda 5 - requesting owners feedback

    They were on my previous previous car, cannot remember exactly and also because I joined as a Hankook member, there was additional discounts. Price also depended very much on the tyre profle and rim size. Nevertheless I think I paid about $150 for them and the equivalent Michelin or Continental was about $250, so the savings were quite substantial.
  5. andrewyewkc

    2020 Mazda MX-30 EV

    Haha, while most Mazdas are beautiful, this is one ugly car.
  6. andrewyewkc

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of October 2019

    100 billion a day is alot of money. How does this affect the world?
  7. andrewyewkc

    Mazda 5 - requesting owners feedback

    Thank you very much!
  8. andrewyewkc

    Mazda 5 - requesting owners feedback

    Thanks for your reply and comments! I have read reviews about the Primacy 4 that says it is a soft tyre, I think meaning softer sidewalls that gives greater comfort but higher rolling resistance compared to other Michelin tyres. I am deciding on the next set of tyres to change to. I have tried Hankook before and was pleasantly surprised. Of course my natural preference is Michelin, Continental, etc.
  9. andrewyewkc

    Comments on Mazda CX5

    I certainly agree.
  10. andrewyewkc

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    My first car has rear drum brakes. Many times the car could not stop in time, especially in the wet. Since then all my cars now must have all disc brakes on all four and I seldom have a problem stopping quickly. Also disc brakes look cooler.
  11. andrewyewkc

    Comments on Mazda CX5

    Excellent point. The basic CX-5 sold here is missing all the good features and the 2L engine is underpower. We should tell LTA that car safety features should not be subject to Additional Registration Fee (ARF) so that maybe a few lives can be saved. Another method is to fix the OMV for each car model so that dealers will be encouraged to add as many safety features as possible without increasing the OMV. Government still collects its money and we get better cars so everybody is happy.
  12. andrewyewkc

    Accident Claim haywire by own Workshop?

    I think they will only entertain your lawyer. If you leave your car with a workshop and take a courtesy car, there might be some urgency on their part as you start to incur costs by the day.
  13. andrewyewkc

    Accident Claim haywire by own Workshop?

    Authorised workshops put the interest of the insurer over your interest, that is why they are authorised. As under BOLA, yours is a "bao jia" (quoting Beregond) case, you can go to any outside workshop (who will treat you like king because this is good business for them and their lawyer). As there is still a very slim chance that the other party will deny the claim, that is why the authorised workshop is holding the job.
  14. andrewyewkc

    Accident Claim haywire by own Workshop?

    I was also previously involved in a 4 vehicles chain collision caused by a motorcycle toppling 50m in front of me on 1st lane. Since it was not my fault, I went to my own workshop to file claim and do the repairs. Work commenced immediately and I got a courtesy car. As this is a clear cut BOLA case (barometer of liability agreement) they should have repaired your car and let the insurers and lawyers settle the case. Do not claim your own insurance.
  15. andrewyewkc

    Mazda 5 - requesting owners feedback

    Is your opinion of the Primacy better than the Pilot Sport? Agree about the Hankooks, they were economical and still gave me confidence. Which Hankook tyres did you change to?