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  1. YellowFlash

    Passion for racing

    it is sad that Pasir Gudang Circuit has been closed for a while and no news of it re-opening.. The next decent track is at Sepang International Circuit which is much further and costlier (track fees, petrol, toll, hotel stay). Still holding the hope for Peter Lim's race track at the 2nd link if it will ever materialize.
  2. YellowFlash

    My 200km/h Crap Toyota Vios Sharing to Bros

    Interesting thread... i think the vios can hit 200kph but acceleration will be very slow and it will need quite a stretch of road to reach that speed. However if the car is drafting another faster vehicle infront, it will be able to reach much more quickly. Drafting at high speed (above 160) makes a great difference. Proper aerokit makes a big difference in stability at high speed too. Speed feels very different in a city driving car (vios, jazz etc) versus highway cruiser (Accord/BMW etc).
  3. Hi there.. Anyone has idea where to pay the fines and get a discount? I've read that discounts are given during certain time of the year, also paying over counter at some locations have discount too.
  4. YellowFlash

    Malaysia's Best Driver

    had a similar encounter at the msia custom while on way back to sg...jb civic, dont want give way although i was infront then keep trying to cut from side. then i manage cut him, he not happy, took out a police baton knock on my window. too bad i didnt have my golf set in my car else i'll be mopping the floor with his face. no offense right if i beat him up in jb? i scared i kenna stomp thats y i nv step out of my car to confront him further..
  5. YellowFlash

    Singa Lion: Knn....I quit ah!

    lol...is he the VR man?
  6. nice....gonna check ep2 out soon.
  7. YellowFlash

    HDB Bank Loan Advise Needed

    there is a strata even for hdb. the thing is for hdb loan, you can request for your strata from them without a fee after you have cleared your loan. however for bank loans, you will need to engage the bank's panel of law firms to discharge the mortgage. normally cost 400-500.
  8. YellowFlash

    HDB Bank Loan Advise Needed

    dont think the word used should be hedge, hdb loan rates is pegged against CPF interest rates. their rate is +0.1% above what CPF OA is paying you.
  9. YellowFlash

    HDB Bank Loan Advise Needed

    taking a bank loan will not wipe out your cpf as the amount of loan and cpf to used is determined by yourself. only take hdb loan will wipe out the cpf. At this current moment, it does make sense to take bank loan as rates are approximately 1.2-1.3% on the average for next 2-3 years. CPF pays you 2.5%. 2.5%-1.3%= 1.2% difference. if you have a 100k in your balance. you would have made additional $1.2k after paying off the bank interest.
  10. YellowFlash

    Hit & Run & Caught

    find his bike and then repay him 100x?? sounds better idea?
  11. YellowFlash

    Move over Sky Habitat, here comes River Isles

    hitting the iron while its hot...
  12. PS3 is really very good, currently on it 17", no regrets getting it...how much more is it above your budget?
  13. YellowFlash

    Credit Bureau Report ...

    housing loan under your name or join name? if with your wife the housing loan was approved then it may be due to her good record and also high income. Get her to be your guarantor for the car loan then. Credit history is very important in giving a loan, no offense but if you were to lend your friend money and you know his record is owe money don't pay and very hard to collect one, you still want to lend him even though he tell you he turn over a new leaf? same thing with bank, once bitten, twice shy.... heard before, a leopard never changes its spot? If our banks have too loose credit policies, then very soon we'll be like US, lending money to sub prime and eventually landing them in one of their worse recession ever. Be financially prudent and live within your means else in Singapore, everything have record and will be there for life.
  14. YellowFlash

    Credit Bureau Report ...

    you sure your housing loan was approved after your CBS showed the default? if it is, you can try go back ocbc for your car loan, they should give you assuming your home loan has been prompt.
  15. YellowFlash

    Questions: Is he earning above his level?

    i think he is getting a very good pay despite his work experience of 1 + 0.5...but hes at 30 so....tat shd be fair enough..