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  1. Yup. This is a very basic mistake made by rookie Drivers/riders.
  2. SA and TEK are the same? Keep seeing people referring to TEK.
  3. No public announcement by lta. So dangerous imagine many people who do not know that the exit is closed.
  4. Thanks for doing all Drivers a favour. Such reckless Drivers should be removed.
  5. Song, happy for the PHV.
  6. iuhne00

    Audi A6 Avant $1,087/m what's the catch?

    Such a nice car ruined by the ah neh. He must be talking on the phone while reversing, Claim his company Gao Gao.
  7. Cyclists must have common sense not to ride on busy roads lah. How to give way to you guys when there are so many cars.
  8. Her identity has been csi already. She is the founder of sportquest.
  9. His speed is ridiculously slow. Hopefully he will reflect upon himself after reading the comments on social media. If you have pregnant Wife and Mother in your car. Pls have the cow sense to drive on left lane instead of hogging lane 1.
  10. Agree. all the roads are filled with trees. Really stupid.
  11. The law should be such that drunk driver cannot claim his own insurance but third party can claim from the drunk driver insurance. Otherwise, everyone will not report drunk driving if they are the victim.
  12. iuhne00

    Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX 050+ REVIEWS.

    I am on Dunlop maxx rt2. The comfort and quietness of Dunlop is no where compared to my previous continental. Going through rough roads is so noisy. I trusted the workshop who recommended this to me based on my criteria. I will not go back to them anymore.
  13. Wonder why hdb always plant big trees in carpark. Cars at my neighbourhood all avoid parking under the trees. Big waste of parking lots.
  14. I suspect he wants to change to park, but being a noob, he accidentally changed to N and didn’t realise even when the car was rolling back.
  15. iuhne00

    To Honda SCP6123U Video Requested

    TS is the bigger man. Cool-headed.