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  1. epos

    New Subaru XV

    The eyesight shown error and shutdown. Still yet to redo, likely next month, took too many days for last week holiday. will update here.
  2. epos

    New Subaru XV

    I did, and they pasted the sticker right infront of the left camera. blocking the camera and thus, the eyesight. He realised it immedaitely after he pasted the sticker, instead of re-paste, he want us to come back another date to fix his stupid mistake. Those strips are a PITA to remove. yet another day to be wasted for these incompetent morons.
  3. epos

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Only 3 of the 6 counters were opened when I pass there, the other lanes were the same too. Yet this botak dare to claim all 36 counters were opened and none of their officers took leave when he was there. https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2098786.html Botak man is Boleh man.
  4. epos

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Yap, only 3 of 6 counter opened on each lane. That's their way of managing even when there's massive jam behind. SG side at least would open all lanes/counters when there's serious jam, heavy vehicle counters would be opened also. OTOH, if they are as efficient as SG, and advanced at the same pace as us, we would be doom. They have everything, but we have better government.
  5. epos

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Yeah, I reached Tuas at 01:40am, cleared SG side in 10 minutes, stuck at MY side till 5am. The queue is shorter than Woodlands, according to Gmap, distance is about 1.5KM. yet it took more than 3 hours for them to clear. Not my worst record, that has to be 2018 ChingMing Festival, reach Woodlands at 4:30am, cleared MY custom after 10am, only to be stuck at NSHW for another 3 hours till Pagoh.
  6. epos

    New Subaru XV

    2 diffrent things, a bumper to adsord impact but should be strong enough to with stand minor hit without crample. Not the case for most made today but that not what I was referring to. XV or most Subaru vehicle are more than just city SUV, they can go soft offroad with their full time all wheel drive and LSD. No comments for your so called "chiong" steel plate" on other 2WD SUV, stronger front and read bumper lips are useful when one do go offroad, or even engine skid plate. I not gonna argue on what's sunroof and moonroof, all info are on the web. The glass roof that don't open fullly is a moonroof to me.
  7. epos

    New Subaru XV

    Me too although only the SRVD is attractive for me. Powered adjustable seat is nice to have but manual work just fine; Like wise, Sunroof--I believe its moonroof which can only slide off the shade and tilt open the front part,also, only half side for the front seat; HBA is only useful when no street light, then again, I prefer to manually adjust high/low beam, its better to stay at low beam then to blind the oncoming vehicle if the sensor doesn't work as intended. Other than the SRVD, the front and rear lips are nice. The rear end not only looks weak plain, it actually is weak, that plastic fibre would not take any hit. I would like to have them reinforce. See how fragile it is. Picture borrow from uk.motor1.com
  8. epos

    New Subaru XV

    According to SGCARMART, XV have a higher spec variant which add - Power-Sliding Tilt-adjustable Glass sunroof - 8-way Power-adjustable Driver's seat - Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD) - High Beam Assist (HBA) for $3K more. I wonder if this is the new GT Line? waiting for those front and rear lips and skirt to appear on OEM market. lol
  9. epos

    New Subaru XV

    Samw thought. I set the budget to under $100K when I got my rnew ride late last year. Subaru was the ONLY brand offering FCW/AEB/ACC under this price--Authorise dealer, don't want to deal with PI. Would have gone for Impreza as they offer even more safety features, but I like higher ground clearance and also, higher sitting position. Actually Forester was my no,1 choice with bigger interior space and true SUV upright sitting position. Remove forester because 2015 model didn't offer eyesight, 2019 model was >$15K more than XV. Most car sold here have many safety features removed just so they can lower OMV, even the most important airbag were reduced to 2! The features that made XV one of the top recommendation on car models tested on IIHS 2019 Top Safety Pick+ for small car, Euro NCAP Best small car in 2017 and JNCAP list are intact in local model. As for Auto Vehicle Hold aka AVH, its present on 2018 model. I don't know how Tucson works, but AVH work the same as Auto Hold in Santa Fe. One need to activate for it to work, its one of the 2 buttons I will press when start the car--the other is to turn off Auto Start/Stop. Auto brake hold is essential to me when in traffic jam, don't have to touch hand brake or gear lever, it will also switch to electronic hand brake after 10 minutes stationary. I doubt MI will add more vehicle feature by customer request. I did ask for "Blind-spot Detection" and "Rear-cross Traffic Alert", they claimed vehicle was assemble in Japan, can not add or remove any features.
  10. epos

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I use maxis/hotlink prepaid as they have the most consistent/stable speed with good coverage. I use their app to keep track of the validate and termination date. I also buy keep at least 2 top up ticket in case I don't visit Johor in time. Each rigging top up will have one day validaty, after that 50 day grace period.
  11. epos

    Subaru EyeSight on 2019 Forester

    Just sharing my own experience with solar film installed on XV eyesight. Went back to MY for QingMing on Saturday, 3am passed 2nd link MY custom, NS highway. No street light, with or without car highlight behind, with or without incoming vehicle from the other direction, ACC(130) still work perfectly, following car in front, work for motocycle tiny tail light too. Just to share my view on Eyesight ACC, with or without solar film installed, is not perfect. When a vehicle driving at 70 and we closing in at 110, Eyesight ACC will only slow down when it's within detection range. The speed decreasing may not be as smooth as human driver, as we will let go of the acc pedal and apply brake gradually when we saw the vehicle from farther distance. smaller speed different like ~20 is quite smooth though. Sudden braking can happen when some idiot cut in to our lane so ACC, IMO is not recommended on SG road. For testing, I also installed Viofo A119 directly below the rear view mirror base. Used to stick it to the left of windscreen but the framing is so skew, I wonder if will help proving anything when something do happened. It doesn't cause any issue, ACC, lane changing or PCB warning. I will likely leave the cam there since it never did hinder the stereo camera. I guess the A119 small size likely help, not advocating anyone to follow me, and my Eyesight warranty will be voided when I do my next servicing. LOL. Well, you are responsible for your own action. SG weather is too hot and windscreen is the largest glass letting the sun energy in. BTW, I use 3M CR90, FYI, CR70 will have below 70% light penetration after installation cause windscreen itself will cut about 10% already. edited: forum censor speed number?
  12. epos

    New Subaru XV

    Yeah, heard from my father--he went there--they even claimed the cover might be stolen so not their problem. The cover is that easy to pull out? sigh. Really disappointed, non-existent customer service. Probably ask my sister to contact the SE, me really fed up with MI, don't think I would talk "nicely. lol Thanks for the blessing.
  13. epos

    New Subaru XV

    I haven't cause the price is too high for a plastic cover. not to mention (IMO) its manufacturer QC issue than user fault. I'm gonna ask a explanation from the SA, may even go to CASE. Not that I can't afford the price but really tulan when they just push everything to user, that's some shitty customer service. Wish me luck, thanks for the reply.
  14. epos

    New Subaru XV

    The 3rd break light cover came off, no damage to the exterior. Went to service center just now, they want $90++ for replacement, no including $80+ for labour. They claimed its user's fault! WTF! I collected the car on 7th Jan, mileage is 23xxKM, 1st service was 2nd of this month. We only noticed this 3 days ago in Muar, about 200KM north from causeway. Likely explanation is the cover flew off when we were travelling at 110+km/h for 2 hours. I'm only disappointed with the QC of Subaru/Motor Image but really tulan the service centre dare to claim its user fault when there wasn't any damage to the breaklight surrounding or the light itself. Is Motor Image that cheapskate and thick skin? What else can I do beside Fking them and make a scene then LL?
  15. epos

    2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

    Eclipse cross was on my top list when I shop for Lancer GLX replacement, but I eventually went for Subaru XV. XV has the same interior space and external size; comparable engine power; similar features to EC Sport but $15K cheaper at $95K. True AWD SUV with lowest center of gravity due to it's boxer engine and the top recommended car on Euro NCAP, JNCAP and IIHS. One of the 2 reasons I removed EC from my list was this: At 01:20, it flipped https://youtu.be/V7n_0BAH4Qs?t=79 Love the front and side profile of EC though, whenever I saw one on the road.