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  1. Ikennyg

    Cars Scrapped at Scrap Yard

    The scrap yard told me no demand for Mazda 6 and Jetta for export and pointed to me the half cut Mazda 6 on their back yard.
  2. Ikennyg

    Cars Scrapped at Scrap Yard

    I went to Woodland scrap yard to look for my Subaru re-cond power steering pump few week ago. Saw 2 show room condition register in 2015 Mazda 6 2.5L and Jetta been scrap due to high COE. The scrap yard uncle told me they have scrapped countless Mazda 6 last year. What is waste.
  3. Ikennyg

    COE down, those bought at high COE how?

    Being looking to change my 4.5 years old car. Talk to few PI dealers. Most said Coe will soften a bit but not in low region. Although 41% more Coe quota from May to July. But cev rebate is scrap off starting from 1st July definitely will push price up by then. Cev rebate is deduct from omv. For example if omv 20k cev rebate 10k. The car final omv will left 10k. The cev rebate amount is deduct from selling price. Part value end of 10 years will take back 5k. The reason why lta remove the cev rebate is because they finally realised if allow cev rebate based on emission. The big cc car with very low omv/part will encourage car owner to renew coe end of 10 years which they did not want to see. For example the new Honda vezel after 10k cev rebate end of 10 years parf take back 5k. Hence worth to renew 10 years Coe even at current cat A 65k premium. Down the road any time Coe crash want buy new car just scrap the car take back remaining unused Coe only lost the 5k parf which translate to very low depri. Hence the new Honda vezel is now selling like hot cake. Said best to buy now. But I eyeing for the new harrier.
  4. Ikennyg

    Old Volvo S80/S60

    My 2005 S60 T5 servicing cost at outside workshop brought own parts 2 bottle 4L engine oil use 5.8L $120, oil filter $18, labour $20=$158. Some workshop will charge $80 just to reset the service interval and I know how to reset the service interval myself so any workshop could do a simple oil change .Timing belt change is at every 90k interval including the water pump. Of all the conti car I had driven Volvo gear box is most reliable as it using Aisin gear box made by Toyota. Yes. Most of the Volvo model is using Toyota gear box. The ATF is using Toyota type 4 gear box oil costing $40 for 4L bottle. The only problem with turbo charge engine is it consume some engine oil even without any leakage. I top up 1L for every 5k mileage. According to the service manual the reason for oil lost is due to the EO is use to lubricate the turbo and lost in the process. Fyi BMW, volkwagon and Audi engine also consume EO too. The other parts that fail quite often is the 5 engine mount and the parts is cheap. Buy from stock list 5 engine mount cost below $350. The turbo is very reliable and seldom fail due to running at low boost below 1 bar. Own the car for almost 3 years maintenance cost per year including servicing and replacing wear and tear part never over 1k. Now the car mileage is around 160k km. Yes Volvo car drink due to the heavy body but with the performance, pick up and top speed fuel consumption is the last thing on my mind.
  5. Ikennyg

    Good year F1 asy 2 price difference

    I change my goodyear F1 asy 2 profile 225/45/17R 4 month ago at kah tire. Costing $190 each DOM week 28 of year 2012 . With free tire rotation every 10k km, replace filling valve, pump 4 tire with nitrogen gas and unlimit top up of nitrogen gas within 1 year. I searched whole s'pore he is the cheaper in term of price
  6. Ikennyg

    Volkswagen parking assist ?

    New ford focus features explained. Doubt the local version will have all the function.
  7. Ikennyg

    Volkswagen parking assist ?

    The link is here
  8. Ikennyg

    Volkswagen parking assist ?

    The newly launch ford focus in Malaysia had this function too. Disappointed the version here does not come with it. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YazTWFzxM3U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Ikennyg

    OBD adapter with bluetooth

    I brought one from USA ebay at S$25 but my android torque pro software keep popping out an error message it is a clone and faulty bluetooth adaptor but connection and various car information display on my android tablet work fine. Currently there are no company selling it here. My advice don't buy from ebay as most of the ELM 327 is made in China. There are one seller in Malaysia KL. If the device got problem or don't work. They will one to one exchnage within 1 years. Here is the website www.superscan.my/index.html Remember the device must unplug from the car OBD when not in use cause the device is always in on mode when not in use.Tthis device work on all car model from year 2000 up therefore it can be easily transfer to next car. As my colleague, friends and relative know I got this OBD reader. When they are buying used car always ask me go along to scan are there any error code for the used car before they buy. Manage to scan some transmission and MAF error code on a used BMW, Volvo and Volkwagon store in the car ECU. Hence it help them avoid buying the lemon car and incur a high repair cost later on.
  10. Ikennyg

    Do you use scangauge II in your car?

    This scangauge II is a very old device connected to car OBD through cable. I am using the ELM327 bluetooth adaptor plug in to car OBD port. Connect to my 7" andriod tablet through bluetooth connection. The ELM327 adaptor can be brought from motor ebay at S$25 and download the torque pro app at S$6.42. Total cost S$31.42. It show the various information like fuel comsumption, engine, gear box, coolant temperature etc. Able to scan and reset DTC codes for all the car model.
  11. Ikennyg

    How much you can claim per km

    I'm in marine sector. Company transport allowance $1200 everything in. If drive to Jb to visit customers can claim petrol expenses incurred in malaysia. But my job scope is office base. Which mean 90% in office only 10% outdoor. Petrol expenses per month range from $300-$380 max.
  12. Ikennyg

    Volvo S40

    Only current model Volvo car from years 2011 up will come with built in blue tooth. Volvo reliable engine is the 5 cyc engine but on newer model they had discard the older engine and use the new 4 cyc engine. According to my Sweden colleagues this new model got more electronics issue then the previous model when it first launch. Give the factory 3-4 years to solve the problem first before owning one. The problem free model would be the previous batch S40 discontinued on year 2009. At least it still on the bullet proof 5 cyc engine and asin gear box. Fyi volvo is the only conti car using toyota gear box. Asin factory is own by Toyota factory manufacturing gear box for toyota and lexus car.
  13. Ikennyg

    Volvo S40

    The built in car phone that require to insert your sim card in order to work is old technology gadget now. I had this function in my years 2005 S60 T5. I Drive the car for 2 years only used once to test. Quite troubleson to shift sim card from hp to car and vice versa provided you get another sim card.
  14. Ikennyg

    BMW 1 series

    Good luck on your buy. Be prepare to top up engine oil regularly and replacing oil leaking gasket every 2-3 years.
  15. Ikennyg

    In car vehicle recorder

    Any user here using this korea brand car recorder Inavi black clair non gps here. Just brought one from korea when on business trip there last week. The online registration and to update the latest firmware is done online. But the website is in korea word and same for the operation manual. Any one had the operation manual in english can borrow to photostat? kindly advice can I use other korean brand firmware found online?