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  1. Teoky

    VW Golf Owners

    The gearbox on both models are the same. I think VW has resolved most of the issues with DQ200 though some "issues" that remains are more due to the fact it is a dry clutch setup. Congratulations! Hope you enjoying your Mk6 GTI? Try the following link. https://carmanuals2.com/get/volkswagen-golf-gti-2013-owner-s-manual-88280
  2. Teoky

    VW Golf Owners

    MK7 Golf that was scrapped may not be due to issues. Many cars from 2013 to 2014 was scrapped as the COE was very high which resulted in high depreciation. It make sense to scrap and get a new car that has lower depreciation (due to lower COE). My Dec 2013 GTI COE is 93k and if I didn't buy the car, the dealer would have scrapped it as well.
  3. Teoky

    VW Golf Owners

    The 7 speed gearbox (dry clutch) will never be as good as the 6 speed wet clutch. However, VW knows the issue and I think it is under control now. Whether you should get the MK7 TSI or a renewed COE MK6 GTI really depends on your priorities. If your top priority is power, handling and performance and higher FC and running cost isn't that important, go for the MK6 GTI. However, if good FC is most important, then go for the MK7 TSI. The better FC of the MK7 TSI is probably the only winning factor (other than the more up to date interior) against the MK6 GTI. The depreciation of the MK7 TSI is about 8k, slightly more than a renewed COE MK6 GTI so it is all down to running cost if you are looking at it from $ perspective. Go and test drive both back to back, preferably at a dealer that has both models on-site. If you are considering these two models, you probably haven't decided on your priorities yet. A test drive will definitely help you decide on your priorities.
  4. Teoky

    VW Golf Owners

    The numbers I gave were for renewed COE and gathered from SG Carmart. I wrote this in my response "I assume you are going for a renewed COE car? ". Renewed COE MK6 GTI - https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=800702&DL=1079 Renewed COE MK6 1.4 (122hp) - https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=813812&DL=2008 End of the day, it really depends on what the buyer is looking for and his priorities. I am on my 3rd Golf in the last 5 years. The first one was a MK6 Twincharged and I paid close to 13k per annum in depreciation. I kinda regretted it because for about 2k pa year more, I could be enjoying the GTI and after 2 years, I traded it in for a MK6 GTI at 15k+ pa depreciation. The MK6 GTI is great fun (stage 1+ ECU tune) but FC really bad, struggle to go past 8km/litre even though my driving style isn't very aggressive. The EA888 Gen 1 engine on the MK6 GTI will have carbon build up on the intake valves due to direction injection and I spent 400+ on walnut blasting to get rid of the carbon. As the MK6 GTI had less than 2 years left, I started to look for another car and had wanted to get a 3 series and test drove the 316 and really like the gearbox (ZF 8 speed is really nice !) but the car doesn't handle as well and ended up getting a MK7 GTI instead. The EA888 gen 3 engine on the MK7 GTI is amazing as the FC is really good (can get 12km+/litre) and due to it using port injection as well (it also has direction injection), the carbon buildup isn't an issue.
  5. Teoky

    VW Golf Owners

    That's the MK7 Golf using the MQB platform so definitely better than the older MK6. Not sure about the 1.2 TSI engine as I never owned one before but I think it should be ok. FC should be pretty good I believe. Do a test drive and see if you like it. Having owned many brands of car before, I would say Golf is one of the best handling FWD hatch.
  6. Teoky

    VW Golf Owners

    2010 Golf is the Mk6 platform. If engine is 1.4l, then it is either the 122hp (turbo) or the 160hp (twincharged). Both are using the 7 speed dry clutch DSG. I assume you are going for a renewed COE car? If your budget can stretch, you can consider getting a GTI instead. The 6 speed wet clutch DSG is much more robust and reliable and the car performance is much better. Difference in depreciation is about 6k+ per year for the GTI versus 4k+ for the normal 1.4 Golf.
  7. Teoky

    Lost passport overseas

    Going into US is a pain but getting out is easy ! They don't even give a damn and there's no immigration check if you are flying out.
  8. Teoky

    Lost passport overseas

    Maybe you fly business class but I small fry so can only fly coach. After 20 hours+ of traveling and having to go to secondary and wait for the officer to attend to you is not great. My previous trip was through New York and I waited 1.5 hours before clearing secondary. Nearly miss my flight to Orlando. So the fear is because you don't know how many people are in the queue and you don't know how long you need to wait. Not only that, they break into my luggage also even though it has TSA lock. So no need to get luggage with TSA lock, no use at all because they don't want to go through the trouble of getting the special key to open your luggage.
  9. Teoky

    Lost passport overseas

    Yes, that's correct. However, before you go to the embassy, you need to make a police report and bring the report to the embassy. If you have traveled to US before on the passport that was lost, you will have issue the next time you go to US. Nowadays, I dread going into US as the immigration office always ask me to go to secondary because I lost my passport before.
  10. Teoky

    Higher Layoffs Seen in 2012

    It may not necessarily be related to performance but most certainly related to role. Certain roles are higher risk than others. For example, in an acquisition, back office operations and support functions are likely to downsize as you don't need 2 group of HR or 2 group of finance. Roles which don't create value are also at higher risk. There was a period of time (during the early 2000) where I was retrenched frequently. It was a bad time for my industry and I happen to work for startups which are less financially strong to ride through the tough times.
  11. Teoky

    New Merc A-class review

    I don't think the A250 sports is AMG version. AMG did have a hand in the tuning and styling. The real AMG version is the A45.
  12. Wow ! That's pretty high for a location that doesn't have much amenities and isn't near to MRT. The view is very nice but need to get high floor as the entire area is zoned for residential and right in front of it is the Miltonia.
  13. Teoky

    Men's Single Final

    Been watching LD and LCW play since 2008 and LD is stronger mentally. He always rises to the occasion and even when he's behind, he's able to play his game and win the points. LCW is too passive and reactive and you cannot do that against LD. I was hoping so much for LCW to win so my heart really goes out to LCW. But we shouldn't take anything away from LCW also, he wasn't even sure if he can make it to Olympics due to the injuries he sustained. For him to make it so far and lost to the probably the greatest badminton player ever (according to track record, he has won all major titles), I think he already did very well.
  14. Teoky

    Kong Hee Sermon

    Actually I was thinking of how they can afford a $9.3 million Sentosa Cove bungalow. I know CHC member will say from the sale of her CDs, concerts etc so I did some research on how much a artiste make from selling CDs. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20100712/23482610186.shtml Interesting info ! If this is true (and there's a link to Courtney Love article as well), then it means they need to sell $4xx million worth of CDs to make 10 million !