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  1. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    It is precisely that we see committed and passionate ground people who have their efforts all mis-directed with minimal achievements to show for that should lead one to be unhappy with the people who should be accountable- the jokers in the boardroom. Everything else - studies, work, terrain whatever - are just excuses. There are definitely enough talent in sg around to be good at regional levels. And it is precisely these useless jokers boxing ourselves in eg looking for full time soccer players - and learnt nothing from the Iceland example - even when they use taxpayer money to go for study trips. If not useless jokers, how else to characterise?
  2. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    Team sports is trickier but same rule. TEAM performance is paramount. TEAM sport is to team performance as INDIVIDUAL sport is to individual performance. Common theme in ALL - PERFORMANCE. Once you move away, politics, money and whatever will creep in. These will create unhappiness and once you meet someone crazy like Soh. This is what you see. I am surprised most don’t understand- but I guess this is why we deserve the national sports performance we see. Hahaha
  3. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    As a boss, you should find out why your best worker gives you the most trouble and solve it. Your uni example has no equivalence in this situation - really pulled off from your a**. Haha But it is exactly people like your type running our sporting organisations- with the results/lawsuits they deserve. Worse, it is public like your type supporting the people like your type running down our sporting organisations with zero accountability. Haha
  4. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    Soh is definitely an a**hole. But he is now one with a case. This is what happens when sporting organisations move away from simple performance based assessment to other woolly markers like off field conduct blah blah. You get lousy results, lots of politicking with very public spats and now open themselves up for lawsuits. This is the rotting state for a lot of singapore’ s sporting organisations. Hahaha Athletics organisation is so easy to run compared to team sport organisation - still can mess up. Deserve it. Hahaha
  5. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    Haha. I read SA rules - i think they needed to make all these rules because of people like him. I like your sign idea. But i will use admin staff to do it. I want my runners to focus on the running - everything else SA will settle. If there is any conflict with other runners - the better medal prospect will take precedence (NOT a team) If not happy - then jolly well run faster. There is no easier organisation to run - unlike team sports - everything in athletics comes down to the individual and measured in medals and seconds.
  6. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    How come I read this story - I see his single-mindedness to achieve his goal and organizational failure/admin for not putting out the signs clearly to fend off the recreational/lesser runners and needing to trouble Soh to do it himself?
  7. Tonyng

    Preeti/Subhas Nair 'offensive' music video saga.

    Should I be concerned if I feel gov too heavy handed on individuals who by nature of their occupation should be given some artistic license in a song medium that parodies a racial undercurrent that may actually speak to their own personal frustration as a minority in a country where people of likely racial majority still make jabs and wordplays at race in open Internet forums?
  8. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    This is why so much politics in all our sporting organisations. Look only for conformists (which real athlete is?) and once you move away from results, you get sports heads abusing their power and puting out all sorts of vague funny criteria that places people of lower ability above others. And on poor behaviour you rely on censure and fines - not at SELECTION. These are the people who run down all our sports. Haha.
  9. Tonyng

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    Too much politics in most of our sports organisation - our politicians who are installed as figureheads needs to take FULL responsibilities. Here, Soh is medal prospect - we should be asking in spite of his antics - did he bring his politics into his sport? Did he take drugs or take short cuts in his sporting arena? The off-track politics is so thick - can we blame him? I followed his news - he is an a****** - and can still be selected with a warning - yet he got dropped and no accountability. This is the root problem - this kind of decision and organisational people is what is setting BACK ALL our sports by decades.
  10. Tonyng

    Neighbours from hell...

    This is an issue of poor authority coordination and blame-pushing. And it is not right to ask the victims to spend money to go to court - unless landed haha. If talk nice cannot, Gov can always make law - can make fake news law, regulate scooters and drones - I confident it can be done. Just make a law and imprison even 1 day or 2 day and step up to infinity with each infringement - easy. Need psychiatric help? Go IMH - also got prison.
  11. Tonyng

    For those males after 50yrs old

    Yep - this writer is projecting her own "single-female-millennial" feelings onto a 50y old likely-still-working uncle. In fact, 60y, 70y, 80y - when friends and spouses start dying. Why 50s? Obviously she is the lonely one and worse - nothing better to write.
  12. Tonyng

    Ho Ching seriously considering nuclear plant in SG

    You have made a case for nuclear power in general. But the only way to make a compelling case for nuclear power IN SINGAPORE: need to give an exit plan for the COUNTRY in event of accident that demands a 30km evacuation? A lot of people will have exit plans for THEMSELVES - the politicians, the company ceo, even the nuclear plan engineers. What is the exit plan for US - the people?
  13. Tonyng

    Ho Ching seriously considering nuclear plant in SG

    Yes very safe. For HER. Any accidents - she and family can be on first plane out of Singapore. How many of us can?
  14. Tonyng

    Home fires more often now due to PMDs?

    You are right. Maybe I should frame my thoughts better: the issue is whether Pmd availability can be an effective complementary transport tool to alleviate the pain of motor vehicle ownership forfeiture in esp HDB heartlanders the voting majority?
  15. Tonyng

    Home fires more often now due to PMDs?

    This pmd issue is a peasant issue - hdb area/eateries accidents, hdb deaths, hdb fires, hdb pmd blitz operations to ensure compliance. All in service of insisting on car-light singapore. No one has pointed out - how many COEs are really being forfeited in lieu of PMDs which have become the main transport of hooligans and killing off hdb heartlanders from behind? No ban. No end. In HDB areas.