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  1. Soonhuat

    Bardahl Synthetic Oil

    We sell Bardahl Engine oil. Please visit our web site for maintenance service package. Price $98 http://www.soonhuattyres.com.sg/service4.html Visit My Website NOTE: Our Bardahl Synpulsar (Mercedes Approved Engine Oil) can be used for car like Porche, Volkwagon, BMW, Mercedes and all high end cars. The engine oil is made in USA . Why choose an engine oil there is suitable, since U can afford for an approved oil. Rememeber to see the spec for the engine oil.E.g Bardahl XTC is not an approved engine oil. Approved engine oil normally cost about $100 & above.
  2. Soonhuat

    Retrofit Bosch Aerotwin wiper

    We are currently having a promotion on bosch aerotwin wiper. Visit My Websitehttp://www.soonhuattyres.com.sg/page4.html Super good price. Check it out.
  3. Soonhuat

    How is Bosch Aero Twin Wiper?

    We are currently having a promotion on the Aerotwin Wiper. Visit My Website Price from $24 to $32 NET. Soon Huat Tyres Pte LTD. We provide 24 Hrs Tyre Puncture & Battery Breakdown Service.
  4. Soonhuat

    How is Bosch Aero Twin Wiper?

    We sell Bosch AeroTwin Wiper. Super good price. NET price less than $60 with installation. (Price Include GST) http://www.soonhuattyres.com.sg/page4.html Visit My Website
  5. Soonhuat

    Thunder tyres

    You can call Daniel from Soon Huat Tyres. We offer me Thunder tyre made in Thailand at $70. Size 185/65 R14. It is very cheap & good. http://www.soonhuattyres.com.sg/index.html We provide 24 hours Tyre puncture & Battery Breakdown service.