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  1. Eh, was he talking about himself? Sigh...typical ivory tower mentality. If our public transport can get its act together, then there's hope for cars to go our of fashion. Many ministers in EU take public transport to get to work, why doesn't he lead by example?
  2. GE coming, need to dangle some goodies for potential/existing drivers.
  3. Wongwings

    Accident at Bukit Merah, 24 April 2014

    The taxi appears going > 50km/h...rather fast for that stretch of road
  4. Wongwings

    Lafesta MPV

    Met a kind silver Lafesta MPV yesterday and the license plate was SJE-something, I think it had 2 and 5 in it but can't remember the combination. Would like to show my appreciation. Would anybody here happen to know how I can trace it? Thank you.
  5. Wongwings

    Marina Bay cruise centre plagued by gridlock...

    This is similar to countless white elephant infrastructures built by incompetent and corrupt governments in the region, the "Build First Plan Later" mentality. I hope the high speed rail doesn't suffer the same fate. IMHO cruise holidays are some of the most expensive and boring holidays out there.
  6. Wongwings

    SKF 89XX X black lexus

    Is it a GS250? SKF8912 X? Might be the one in my carpark. Wanna leave a love letter for him?
  7. Wongwings

    COE - Jan 2014 Round 2

    Cat A is moving...
  8. Wongwings

    Formula One is a dying art in Singapore

    It has become a spectacle for the rich and the well connected to-you-know-who. Too commercialized and it's actually a mockery of the racing sports, in my humble opinion.
  9. Wongwings

    Fatal accident ECP on 13 Jul 13

    lousy driver + relatively super car = recipe for disaster +/- collateral damage RIP sigh...
  10. Wongwings

    Kia Cerato 2013

    Anyone knows when is the official launch? Supposed to be this month, right?
  11. Wongwings

    Volkswagen Golf Estate open for orders in the U.K.

    Will it come to our shores?
  12. Don't the drivers surrender their keys when their cars get re-possessed?