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Found 5 results

  1. Who will comb armpit hair? And long enough to be pulled by others? http://singaporeinformation.org/2012/02/16...sed-out-of-mrt/ SINGAPORE - A 40-year-old China national was chased out of the MRT train by commuters after exposing her hairy armpits in public. Lin Xi Lin, a masseur, was on her way to meet her client when she was chased out by a group of vigilante old women who were on their way to Chinatown. The incident occurred on Feb 15, at about 9.45pm. Teh Soo Kim, part of the vigilante group, told our reporter why they decided to confront the China national.
  2. My BF always sweat til the shirt arm pit there wet wet and stain yellow . I ask him to shave he don't want say become ah guar ?! I'm sure many shave and I think normal . Donyou?
  3. Since someone started topic on shaving leg hair. I might as well start one with shave arm pit hair. Any guys ? For those do, what did other say when they see you without armpit hair ?
  4. SINGAPORE (AFP) - - A Singaporean man with a fetish for smelling womens' armpits has been sentenced to 14 years in jail and 18 strokes of the cane, legal officials said Friday. A court employee confirmed the sentence, issued Thursday, against Mohammed Ismail Ariffin, 36. Ariffin had a fixation for touching or smelling women, particularly their armpits, and was convicted of molesting 23 women, his lawyer Noor Mohamed Marican told AFP. "He's got this problem. Poor chap," Noor said in a brief interview. After reading an expert report that said Ariffin was likely to re-offend, Judge James Leong issued a preventive detention order, which means Ariffin will not be eligible for parole, The Straits Times said. Ariffin, who is mildly retarded, would often attack his victims inside lifts, the report said. It said Noor argued against a long sentence and in favour of rehabilitation and medical treatment. But Leong said he found "precious little" in Ariffin's favour, The Straits Times reported. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poor man
  5. June 12, 2008 Serial molester gets 14 years detention and 18 stroke By Elena Chong A MOLESTER who preyed on more than 20 young girls and women in the Marsiling and Woodlands areas was packed off to jail for 14 years and ordered to be given 18 strokes of the cane on Thursday. Mohammed Ismail Ariffin, 36, unemployed, pleaded guilty last month to 10 charges of outrage of modesty, aggravated molestation and insulting modesty between September 2006 and February this year. His victims were between nine and 53. A Community Court heard that Ismail, who suffered from mild mental retardation, would either touch the victim's buttocks or smell their armpits to release himself. The offences were committed at HDB lifts, staircase landings and even in the victims' homes. He was arrested on Feb 12. Fourteen other charges were taken into consideration. His lawyer, Mr Noor Mohamed Marican, assigned by the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore, said his behaviour was not normal. Ismail, he said, was suffering from the adverse influence of taking Romilar pills - used mostly to suppress coughs. Pleading for leniency, he urged Community Court judge James Leong not to impose a long sentence on Ismail but to send him for medical treatment and rehabilitative programme. Ismail has previous convictions since 1991 for drug- and sexual-related offences. In 1996, he was givne six years and six strokes for aggravated molestation. Judge Leong sentenced him to 14 years' preventive detention and caning. --------------- Not even have penetration.. lidat also kena 18 stroke.. sounds a bit harsh.
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