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Found 20 results

  1. so far any problem's with your ride or any negative effect so far? will be changing it next week. heard it's one of the best in terms of comfy level.
  2. Somebody

    Koni yellow + eibach

    where to get for IS250? thanks!
  3. anyone or know anyone with IS250 on eibachs? feedback?
  4. Hi Guys, considering either option. will anyone who has used the above care to comment? thanks. i'm looking to improve the handling so that there's more stability in corners but don't want to lose too much comfort with normal driving
  5. Hi everybody, I am driving a Mazda 3 and is thinking of installing the above mentioned. Found a place that sells the B8 but don't do installation. So anyone know where I can do the installation or place that sells B8 and installs them? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi bro and sis, I have found a supplier to bring in the eibach pro kit springs for kia forte which they require at least 5 person(cfm order) to bring in the shipment. price with installation :sgd 450 pls pm me for more detail or u can check on wedsite :eibach.com.sg
  7. Anyone using H & R lowering springs? How's does it compare to Eibach Pro Kit? both are progressive and lower by about 30mm, I found that H & R are slightly cheaper than Eibach Pro Kit. I got a friend that is going over to Germany and I intend to get him to ship back for me (he have contacts for both springs over in Germany)
  8. Aidan

    Eibach Spring

    Juz got quote from Sin Tien Seng for lowered Eibach Spring for $260 and installation at $110. Is this brand and price good? Possible to get cheaper installation in other workshops? Pls advise. Thks!
  9. actually i'm driving a getz fl series... my car is kinda high cuz i change to 16" rims.. yep.. so any bros out there got lobang for these springs? i was quoted 280 for a set of b+G springs. so will these springs shorten the life of my stock shock? please advice bros
  10. Superchevy

    Eibach Performance Spring

    hi , to all Korean car lover there is this brand listed above have for all korean made model like the Getz , Aveo , Optra , Matrix , Picanto , Rio and Tuscani coupe . The authorise shop is at Sin Ming atuo care or you can visit www.eibach.com.sg thanks just for info for those who wish to install .
  11. Chongsv

    Eibach Spring

    Hi all,any idea how much is the spring cost?pls advice...for Proton WAJA
  12. Sturtles

    Where to find Eibach stockies?

    Hi brothers, any idea where I can find stockies for eibach pro-kit? Preferably from stockies or other cheaper workshops, cuz if go ask mcwell... hahaaha, sure kena chop 1 slice 1 slice I'm driving the 04lancer btw :) Thanks in advance guys!
  13. Focusonthis

    Koni/Eibach Question

    Hi all, Been considering either a Sachs kit or Koni/Eibach combo.. Priority first goes to comfort, then price. Can anyone please advise on the above? Also, where can i get the Koni/eibach from? Thanksalot
  14. hi bros and sis....me thinking of changing to Eibach Pro Kit and Koni yellows.... any comments on the mix and match???...oso...anyone knows where to get one or both at a reasonable price plus installation??? plase advice....
  15. Wizan


    bros, where can buy eibach prokit for civic esi manual
  16. Darkness

    Eibach Springs....

    HI all plan to lower my car with eibach springs...saw some earlier threads which metion eibach pro kit, 1)is it the same as eibach springs. My mechanic said it will lower my car by 30mm and I can also retain the stock shocks....2)is this advisable and should i just go for a complete set (ie springs and shocks)? there also seem to be some saches performace kits for lowering...3)how different are they from the eibach springs? 4)By just using eibach springs with my stock shocks (lowered to 30mm) will my ride comfort be greatly affected? Sorry guys know that i have a lot of questions...me very green where car mods is concerened...so pls help. Thanks a million. Cheers Darkness
  17. Hi, Where's a good place to get the Eibach Pro Kit and a good workshop to install it?
  18. Ok, I've taken the dive and dump $150 USD for a set of Eibach Sportsline, shipped. So it is about $275SGD for that springs... I think I got it cheap, as the market price is $175+shipping. HOWEVER, Tein springs only sells for $100USD. I wonder why the big price differences. I realized that the bigger the drop, the cheaper the springs are. I guess it is due to supply and demand. Front drop 2", rear drop 1.8" I'll install it in a few months time, after I've moved.
  19. Been trying to find Eibach Prokit for my car but those shops i went don't carry this brand. Any kind souls can recommend? What is the current price?