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Wannabe racers. Should they be shot?

By CheeJun on 20 Jan 2010

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There are lots of reasons why people modify their cars. Some do it just to show off, some do it for performance on a track but some idiots plainly do so just to race on the streets thinking that they live in a world of Need For Speed Underground. My observation? These blokes drive dinosaurs which have been modded to look like a 'Rex'. And they are the worst kind.

I'm sure many of you drive to work on expressways or traffic light infested stretches of road. But one thing in common between the two is that there is never a time when you can feel relaxed if there's a racer wannabe next to you. Their exhausts the size of durian's and the noise it makes is comparable to an elephant, and their seats so low you can barely see their heads out from the window. Once the lights change they speed off leaving a trail of nothing but distaste and disgust from other road users.

Then there are those who buy the low spec'ed dinosaur and 'zhng' it to look like the 'Rex' or just something they're not. And I don't get the logic behind these modders. If you're willing to spend so much more on adding turbos, air scoops, huge spoilers and new rims, why not just get a higher spec'ed car? More often than not they end up as nuisances on the road and causing much distress to other more considerate road users. But I think I know the reason why people like this actually exist.

They're just having a mid-life crisis.

Once kids come along, you have to fulfill the role of a Dad (i'm assuming most 'zhngsters' are men), sending them to various classes, tuition, dance, art class, tennis lessons, and there's your wife who makes you go all girly shopping with her. So you feel the need to exert your manliness, which is why you buy a lower spec'ed car, and mod it up to make it feel like your own. Men often feel the greatest sense of satisfaction when they do things independently, and that is a fact. By modifying their own car, attempting to become the loudest and seemingly fastest street racer there is in Singapore or Malaysia, you feel great. What you are really, is a man who should have just spent the same amount of money on a BMW or Volkswagen GTI for that matter.

I'm not saying all these drivers are ego-craving individuals who want a fast car yet live sensibly while with their families. Its just the minority that you see on the roads, those who are insecure with being who they are when they're 30-40 years old. My main point here is to tell this minority group of imbeciles to grow some testicles and be a real man.

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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Dreamwerkz Jan 20 2010 12:36 PM
Eh....some small things to point out. Actually the REX drivers, BMW & Porsche Drivers also Zhng their cars. Although those cars are high spec-ed, but the craving for power is never enough. Watch this video of a BMW M3 zhng to 650 HP & eat a Porsche 911 Turbo for lunch. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related
Mirrorimage Jan 20 2010 02:17 PM
There are normally two kinds of response to such wannabes.

Mature modders or trackies will drive safe on the roads and ignore them.

Or a wannabe that has been out ran by one of them and goes online to rant about them.
Prostcode Jan 20 2010 03:33 PM
Yo yo yo.. I understand ur frustation with these racers but you rather goondu slow drivers or racers?
Mustank Jan 21 2010 10:03 AM
racers never bother me cool.gif
Sw20 Jan 21 2010 02:07 PM
I think blogger is jealous.
I owned a tuned sports car in my early 20s. Mid life crisis?
I have friends who send kids to school and wife to work in a tuned sports car... anything wrong???

Have you noticed the difference between a tuned sports car and a "tuned" saloon car like vios, swift, kia, hyundai????

Buy yourself a sports car and you will know why we live a life like that.
Eyke Jan 21 2010 05:56 PM
i would rather shoot:
- hoggers
- non-signalers
- pricks with glaring/mis-aligned headlights and foglights
Pocus Jan 21 2010 07:16 PM
You are dearly missing the point.

While there are a group of people who zhng and mod their cars for showing off. Many mod cars simply for the love of it....it's the passion, to fiddle with their rides, to understand more about their own car to customize their rides.

Modding is like a art where you truly express yourself as an individual since most owners considered thei car one of their most priced procession. Whether is it flipping user manuals, chatting with co-owners, understand the mechanical parts of the car and DIY things for the car... To these people, the car is not only their transport, it's their LIFESTYLE.

To some people, keeping a car stock is like buying a house and not doing any reno/design works.
Mustang Jan 23 2010 10:49 AM
TS just being jealous.Mind your own bussiness first before minding others.They mod also never ask you money what.Human never satisfied.Even drive high spec car also mod then how,You wanna shot them also?
Bigg Jan 27 2010 09:38 AM
and this guy is being paid to blog this?
Wintersonata Jan 31 2010 01:50 PM
End of the day, they can mod whatever they want and stick whatever stickers to boost their horsepower, but LTA should do something about the noise pollution they generate...

It's like farting in public and they never sound close to a Ferrari or Posche reving
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