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Special edition Lotus Evora S: Freddie Mercury and The Who

By FaezClutchless on 09 Dec 2011

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A special edition car made or designed by/for celebrities are not common nor is it something new. There have been a few examples such as the Paul Newman R30 Skyline. But the difference between the Paul Newman Skyline and this two special edition Lotus Evora S is that the Evoras are one-off items specially designed for charity purposes.

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The Freddie Mercury Evora S was specially made for the birthday (05 September) of the late former Queen frontman who passed away on 24 November 1991. To honour the occasion, Lotus donated a one-off Lotus Evora S which will be auctioned off during a commemorative event. The auction proceeds will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

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The striking white sports car features red and gold racing stripes as well as an interior which was influenced by one of Freddie Mercuryís performance costume back in 1986. on top of this, the passenger side dashboard will sport Freddie Mercuryís signature.

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Lotus Groupís director of operations said that the company is only too happy to contribute this to a fantastic cause. They hope that the car would go to a collector who really enjoys it and the proceeds will benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The Mercury Phoenix Trust was started when the remaining members of Queen and Jim Beach, their manager, organised The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness and the proceeds from the concert were used to launch The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The Freddie Mercury Lotus Evora S was bought by Chris Evans, a British radio and television personality.

And to continue the music themed of Lotus one offs for charity, a Lotus Evora S was specially designed by The Who frontman, Roger Daltrey. The car will be auctioned off for the Teenage Cancer Trust by Bonhams on the 1st of December.

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The car gets pretty much the same styling treatment as the Freddie Mercuryís Evora. The seatís headrests are embroidered with the bandís logo, the rear spoiler and the back of the seats are filled out with a Union Jack pattern and the bandís logo is also fixed on the front side fenders. The Whoís Lotus Evora is based on the IPS version and they expect the car to fetch around £50,000-70,000 during the charity.

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From left to right: Jeremy Clarkson, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend

The United Kingdomís Teenage Cancer Trust charity was founded in 1997 with a focus on bringing some fun to teenagers and young adults stricken with the deadly disease.

It is good to hear that a company like Lotus donating their cars for a good purpose and at least the proceeds from the auction can be used to help those in need.

Photo credit: Auto Guide, Auto Week, GT Spirit and teenagecancertrust.org

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