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More COEs for cars in the next quarter

By Faiming_low on 20 Jul 2014 in Singapore car news, Other News

Attached Image While the monthly quota of COEs will be down by 242 to 3,777 for this quarter, the number of Certificate of Entitlement (COE) available for cars actually increased. This comes as a result of a drop in the monthly quota of COEs for motorcycle, commercial vehicles and the open category. The monthly Category E quota, which is mostly used for the larger cars, decreased from 586 to 478 for this quarter while Category A increased to 1,011 from 1,143 and Category B increased from 966 to 1,010. 
So what does that mean for those shopping for cars now? Considering that Category E and Category B COEs are mainly used by big cars only, the actual change in the number of monthly quotas for these group of buyers is very minimal. Hence, we doubt there will be much of a change in the COE prices for bigger cars. However, those shopping for smaller cars (Category A) may see a little drop. 

That said, with the hungry ghost period coming up, the demand for cars may be weak overall so for those that aren't superstitious, the time to buy your dream wheels is about ripe now!


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Written by Faiming_low
Since young, Fai Ming has always centered his life around cars. In fact his first word was 'car' and not 'mum' or 'dad'. Aren't kids cute?

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Deeq Jul 21 2014 09:30 AM

Hope the quota keeps going up and up every quarter!

Mustank Jul 21 2014 11:16 AM

lori and moto jit bai jiat lart liao!!!! [laugh]

StreetFight3r Jul 21 2014 11:37 AM

I want to go back to the days where COE was only $2. Okay? Thank you..

bellboy Jul 21 2014 03:09 PM

I highly doubt that COE is gonna drop much.



According to above published in 2008, managers and professionals in mid thirties are getting $50K to $60K annual package.



MOM stats tells us that salary increases by at least 5% per year. So that same guy is earning $70K to $90K today. 


High wages results in inflation. COE price how to drop?

Matoonia Jul 22 2014 10:29 AM

I think the Hungry Ghost effect will be stronger to bring down the prices than a few meagre increase in COE.

tanbk Jul 22 2014 12:25 PM

Hungry ghost period has not been a damper for car sales for some time already.


Many simply request for a later delivery date. Distributor will still bid for COE in August, but register the car in Sept.

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