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Singapore = Motoring Hell?

By Blogger on 22 Oct 2010

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I can't help but think that if there was such a thing as a world ranking for the motoring enthusiast's version of hell on earth, Singapore would pretty much be amongst the top few contenders. In fact, I think our sunny island stands a good chance of coming in first.

Let's start with the cost of ownership. With hefty import taxes and COE necessary evils to control our vehicle population, we find that most motoring enthusiasts are priced out of the cars that they truly desire. In fact, most would end up driving something far less exciting than what they really want (read Toyota). Furthermore, with the natural lifespan of cars clocking in at 10 years, it has become a costly endeavour to tap on the 2nd hand market for exciting or classic cars of the yesteryears. In Singapore, it seems that only the rich or the upper middle classes can get their fix of motoring adrenaline.

And say you are one of the car enthusiasts who somehow scrapped together enough to buy a reasonably exciting and exotic car, this is but the start of your troubles. You stand out. And sometimes, your fellow drivers don't like that. They may carelessly swing their door too wide. Or add on a few artistic decorations. Or even if they are not the green-eyed variant, your fellow Singaporeans sometimes have clueless offspring/mates who would inflict damage on your nice car doors. Oh and let's not forget the powerful sun, dirty rainwater and potent bird poo and what it could do to your shiny paintwork. Trying to keep your car in good shape can get quite frustrating in this part of the world.

If that was not enough, the next critical issue comes up - where would you unleash your car to enjoy the drive? With traffic conditions ever-worsening, I dare say that your daily commute to work would not quite cut it. And until the track at Changi is all done up, motoring enthusiasts, I am afraid, almost always have to resort to heading up north which raises another whole new set of concerns. The alternative (in Singapore), is something highly dangerous, illegal and ought to be discouraged.

And last but certainly not least, we have a whole maze of legal rules and regulations governing what we can do or cannot do with our cars. Some make sense, some do not. But if you intended to be law-abiding, it would suffice to say that you probably would not be able to do anything much to your car. Customisation and modification is something that many car enthusiasts would enjoy but the rules pretty much put a dampener on any ambitious plans in this regard.

Disagree? Let us have your picks and nominees for motoring hell in the comment boxes below.

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Written by Blogger
Not only do their passion for cars burn pavements, their thoughts and ideas on cars are as fast as the word go.

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Watwheels Oct 22 2010 10:41 AM
Well you can always try the "world class public transport system". See which one bugs you more.

I'm also glad to know I'm a "Motoring Hell Driver". LOL...
LoverofCar Oct 22 2010 11:08 AM
so if we make it here.....we make anywhere.....
Vhtfhwlego Oct 22 2010 11:59 AM
Have you even drove 2km and have 3+1 close shaves?
One day I was travelling from office to home (3 lane road then turn right (additional right turn slip lane at traffic lights) then turn left into minor road and turn left into another minor road).

Travelling at lane 1 in a 3 lane road and lane 3 is bus lane in operating hours.
Most drivers will keep to lane 2 and creates a jam at lane 2.
Lane 1 is free as it is a go-straight & turn right lane.

1st close shave: Suddenly, a car filter 1/4 of his car into lane 1 when I was travelling at 50km/hr. His speed, less then 10km/hr.
To avoid him, I use up the remaining area I have and horn him non-stop.

2nd close shave: While waiting for the right turn arrow, I was in right most lane and a pick up is beside me in the left lane of the right turn.
Green arrow on, I proceed with care and the bloody pick up speed much faster then me and cut into lane 1.
Brake in the middle of junction for him to go thru.

3rd close shave: 1st left turn into minor road, there is a vehicle in the minor road travelling towards the stop sign. He position himself 1/5 of his car into my lane when I was turning in.

4th close shave: Angry driver which is me, drove to the 2nd left turn and a women is walking cross the road. Saw me coming and still want to cross. Dropped a gear, turn the wheel, tyre screaming and she froze in the middle of the road.

Conclusion: if that someone is piss off with others, his mood will change and start pissing everyone off.
Mrbms Oct 22 2010 12:32 PM
yup.. we aim to b no. 1... best of the best or worst of the worst
Wishcumstrue Oct 22 2010 04:17 PM
Bro, if you are seeking motoring excitement in Singapore, try starting with go-kart - COE-free, road tax free..

Leave Toyota to more mature drivers, like Keiichi "Dorikin" Tsuchiya. laugh.gif
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