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Cam car driver becomes 'buey song' with a cyclist for safely guiding his family through a zebra-crossing

It doesn't matter if you are a motorist, a pedestrian or a cyclist - road safety is of paramount importance and should be instilled in us from a young age.  NGL, I felt very heartened after witnessing what this father did for his family to ensure their safety:  What Happened? A father stopped his bicycle to "block" oncoming traffic so that his family could cross the zebra crossing safely.  However, the cam car driver he blocked wasn't too happy with his thoughtful act to



A Mercedes-Benz CLS63 driver flashes a big fat middle finger for everyone to see even after almost causing an accident

Why sports/performance cars are called sports/performance cars is pretty self-explanatory — they are either fast on a straight line or possess superb handling abilities. And these cars are pretty impressive...until a d0uchebag driver gets behind the wheel of one of these cars. Watch it here: What Happened? The driver of a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 thought it was a good idea to cut into the path of a heavy vehicle while joining into the main road. And he did so by lit



Pedestrian gets physical with cam car after confronted for jaywalking while using mobile phone

Road rage incidents are common, where we see cases of retaliation such as flashing signal lights or playing the braking game. I wouldn't want to be caught up in such a scenario as its unpleasant for everyone involved (some drivers thrive on this aggression however!). Just recently, another mini spat was captured on camera and was published for the world to see. Take a look below: Fierce meets fierce Let us recap the crucial parts. First, we see the driver driving as

Prepared and ever ready: cars in accidents immediately surrounded by accident touters

I think all road-savvy and up-to-date drivers have heard of the phenomenon known as "accident touters". For those who are not familiar with this term, they are basically people who cause car accidents or wait for car accidents to occur, before rushing forward to offer their workshop services. Shake my head. Recently, such an incident was sighted on the PIE. Watch the video here: Wow, such kind-hearted people. Or is it too good to be true? In the video, we spotted se

Drivers of an Audi S3 and a Honda Accord Euro R get into an online dispute after an alleged "blocking" incident

There are various meanings behind tailgating or "poking" another motorist. In general, it is used to show displeasure towards a motorist who is "road hogging" lane 1 of an expressway and telling him to move to a slower lane, or to "jio" someone to race.  Watch this video of an Audi S3 who decided to "poke" and tailgate a Honda Accord Euro R to show his displeasure: What Happened? Two drivers of an Audi S3 and a Honda Accord Euro R got into an online dispute over a m



Honda Vezel squeezes through road shoulder entering the KPE and knocks off a Mitsubishi Lancer's side mirrors

Many drivers flock to the expressways or tunnels in order to have a quicker and more efficient journey. Most usually drive reasonably and abide to traffic customs and display good road etiquette.  However this Honda Vezel took the meaning of 'quick' way too seriously, and his rush to get ahead ended up affecting the poor Mitsubishi Lancer who stood in its way. See the video here: Honda Vezel 1, Mitsubishi Lancer 0 The poor Mitsubishi Lancer! Its side mirror never stood a c

A fiesty old lady 'explodes' at cam car for trying to squeeze past her Toyota Yaris Cross at the MBS lobby

NGL, no one likes it when another driver attempts to squeeze past your parked car for fear of getting damaged. However, it is a whole different story if you "parked" your car like an inconsiderate driver like this elderly woman: What Happened? An elderly lady decided to park her Toyota Yaris Cross aCROSS two lanes at the pickup/drop-off point of Marina Bay Sands. After that, she opens her car door and proceeds to alight from the SUV. Just then, the cam car dri



Mitsubishi Lancer driver crashes into a lamp post and flees the scene only to return back later on

Some events are beyond our control, such as getting into an accident with another motorist, due to plain oversight on his part. However, if you were to get into an accident on your own like this Mitsubishi driver, then you only have yourself to blame: What Happened? A Mitsubishi Lancer EX was travelling on lane 2 along Sengkang East Drive when he veered off course, mounted the kerb and crashed into a lamp post, sending it to the ground. The driver then alighted from



99% of Singaporeans won't do this after an accident

Singaporeans in general are quite interesting. When an accident occurs, 99% are quick to whip out their cellphones to film, or to crane their necks just to kaypoh at the scene--- but end up not helping at all! However, this man here is the 1% that actually does try to help. He actually came forward to help direct and guide the flow of traffic in the wake of an accident! Watch the video here: 299188104_441793684671934_6940954086117892199_n.mp4 Wow, really one in a million. I h

Mercedes-Benz S320L shows cam car driver who's boss by playing the brake game and obstructing him on PIE

The popular saying, "It takes 2 hands to clap" has stuck around for a long time; and it could not be more true for many drivers locally and worldwide. I think most Singaporean drivers have this phrase engraved into their hearts, haha! Recently, a video showing a Mercedes-Benz S-Class (cool car) misbehaving on the PIE (not cool behaviour) on the way to the ECP made its rounds on the various Facebook traffic communities, garnering a lot of activity in the comment section. Video here, below:

A tree branch collapses on a very 'suay' BMW 116D after a lightning strike

An act of God refers to unavoidable events that are beyond human control. And more often than not, being in an accident is every driver's nightmare, let alone an accident involving the act of God.  Watch this 'suay' BMW driver that was involved in such an accident here: WhatsApp Video 2022-08-17 at 9.33.39 AM.mp4 What Happened? The driver of a BMW 116D was driving under bad weather conditions when suddenly lightning struck a tree that he drove past. The lightning st



BBQ le: Honda Vezel rear-ends a motorcycle after failing to pay attention while checking for oncoming traffic

"Wan le wan le wan le, BBQ le" is the most recent trend on social media - Heard of it yet? If you haven't, watch it here: What Happened? While turning out to the main road along Horne road, a Honda Vezel driver failed to stop at a stop-line and rear-ends a motorcycle in front of him. Instead of paying attention and keeping a lookout for traffic in front of him, the Honda driver decided it was a good idea to check for oncoming traffic, despite the presence of a motor



Netizens bash roads.sg for misleading caption of a BMW facing oncoming traffic on expressway

Sometimes we encounter mind-boggling sights on the road that leave us scratching our heads. What happened and how did it get there? Recently we spotted yet another such scene circulating on one of our favourite pages: The page had captioned it "You can't park there, Sir." You can watch the video here: 298360005_784581842681174_4396976411540370995_n.mp4 Huh? What the! How can? Immediately, we thought that the car had deliberately parked itself there in the mid

BMW 520i driver gets caught red-handed after performing a reckless lane change in front of a TP officer

Changing lanes can be a risky manoeuvre, especially with oncoming traffic behind you - That is why: (1) Our vehicles come with side mirrors; and (2) We must check our blind spots before performing a lane change. However, a BMW 520i driver does the unthinkable despite oncoming traffic approaching from behind: What Happened? After exiting the infamous Newton Circus Roundabout, a BMW 520i found himself stuck behind a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in a "go straight or rig



A lady in Geylang uses her measly 1bhp to try and stop a Mercedes C180 after arguing with the driver

Is car blocking black cars the new trend? Apparently it is, because after the infamous Causeway license-plate-plucking incident, another copycat comes fast on its heels! This time, in the heart of one of the seediest neighbourhoods in Singapore, and in broad daylight!  You can watch the video here: Fuyoh, Mercedes Vs Woman Wow, what could have possibly possessed her to do that? She should have known that it is quite frowned upon (in general) to try to block moving vehicl

Toyota Noah driver lashes out at an elderly Toyota Hiace driver after they almost collide with each other FOUR TIMES

The first thing I would do when I spot a hazardous driver is to get FAR AWAY from them. My reasons for doing so are: (1) I am a defensive driver (2) I love my car However, for this Toyota Noah driver, he does the exact opposite of what I would do: What Happened? An elderly Toyota Hiace driver woke up on a fine morning and decided to be a d!ck on the road by cutting off a Toyota Noah at a junction upon the traffic light turning green. (1 count of near coll



Supposed 'LTA Officer' dangerously cuts cam bike off; forces him to stop for photo taking

Hello fellow drivers. Here's an interesting one for you today. Watch an uncle who acts like an LTA enforcement officer unlawfully stop a motorist in the video below. So what on earth happened? First, the ‘LTA Officer’ cuts the cam bike off dangerously on the road and then proceeds to overtake him while travelling along Toa Payoh Lor 2 at the entrance into PIE. He then almost swerved into the cam bike, nearly resulting in an accident. The cam bike then decided to horn at the officer,

A pedestrian shows us the fragility of life by how ignoring one's blindspots could cost you dearly

Have you ever encountered one of the worst nightmares a driver could ever have? No, I'm not talking about cyclists or saman aunty... I mean, dashing pedestrians! You may think I am kidding, but I am not joking. One wrong move from them, and you could easily become a murderer. See this example here:  297064227_415562567214847_4853208197817188327_n.mp4 That was close. I'm sure we all gasped in shock seeing the lady step out of nowhere like that. In case you missed it,

Cam car repeatedly flashes his high beam and ends up provoking a short-fused Toyota Camry driver who responds badly

A cam car instigates a feud with a Toyota Camry driver by flashing his high beam at his car.  The Toyota Camry retaliates by tailgating, horning and flashing his high beam at the cam car. Watch the video for yourself below: The cam car had initially claimed that the Toyota Camry driver had cut him off without signalling at 0:01 of the video. Though from the screenshot, it seemed like there was ample safe distance between the Camry and the cam car. However, the only

A group of Singaporean 'ah bengs' got themselves on Malaysia Police's wanted list for assaulting a local with a wrench

Since the border opening, there have been numerous incidents of Singaporeans misbehaving in Malaysia: Singaporean Volkswagen GTI driver enters a roundabout at full speed, hits a MPV and scoots off in Johor Bahru Mazda 5 driver from Singapore parks and hogs an entire single lane in JB, also gets caught driving on the road shoulder of an expressway BMW 523i driver comes out of his car and pees in public. Gets caught on CCTV And who can forget the infamous



Entitled d-bag or misunderstood victim? Jag XE driver provides his side of the story

Last weekend, there was a story that went viral of a Jaguar XE driver causing a huge jam on the single-lane road just so he could snatch up the parallel parking lot, only leaving when the police were called on him.  Watch the video for yourself below. The video mainly shows the dispute between the Jaguar XE and the Honda vehicle.  The black Jaguar was jutting out of a parking lot along Cheong Chin Nam Road with a male driver in white pants standing beside the vehicle. Next to

Entitled BMW 730LI driver causes a massive 30-minute jam at a carpark gantry over a measly $10 parking fee(?)

With advanced technologies these days, drivers never (or hardly) get charged with incorrect parking fees. Even if there is such an occurrence, it is often the driver's fault - Eg. Driving out of MSCP without renewing season parking, forgetting to remove cashcard before inserting complimentary parking coupon (The list goes on). And sadly, all we can do as drivers is to suck it up, pay our "tuition fees", and learn from our mistakes. However, this entitled BMW 730LI driver did other

Kia Niro swerves at the last minute and sideswipes a Malaysian motorcyclist into a double collision

In the early hours yesterday morning, right when many of us would have been waking up and getting ready to go to work, those on the Kranji Expressway were thrown into a panic when this accident occurred: How did it happen? The scenario went like this: the motorcyclist was just going straight ahead. At the far left, some other cars were shifting lanes, moving to the right: Disaster strikes. Unfortunately, the Kia Niro (immediate closest) to the motorc

E200 driver uses his door to hide the act of 'stealing' ron-95 from a petrol kiosk in Malaysia. Gets caught anwyays

There was an incident in Malaysia with a Mercedes E200 driver where he tried to stealthily steal RON-95 from a petrol kiosk in Malaysia.  Don't believe it? Watch the video for yourself below  Apparently, a Mercedes E200 driver was caught on camera attempting to keep his driver’s front door open to block the view of him pumping RON-95 petrol into his car. He had ignored the staff’s instruction to be patient and made a run for it after stealing about 13 litres of RON-95 petrol.  

Motorcyclist thanks the heavens for avoiding an accident after a Mercedes GLA disregards a discretionary right turn

TLDR; A Mercedes Driver was caught flouting traffic rules and nearly causing an accident with a motorcyclist. This incident occurred at a discretionary turn junction. These junctions are notoriously known for having an increased likelihood of accidents. Below is an incident that proves this point.  Watch the video below: 295895533_121486660611877_2490993593266327550_n.mp4 A Mercedes driver was caught on camera failing to give way to a motorcyclist at a discretionary right tur
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