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BlueSG car goes green and parks on a grassy slope instead of a proper parking lot

Have you guys ever found yourself in funny situations as a driver? Maybe you went up the curb by accident or perhaps you were going too fast and almost ran over a few birds. But I bet you can't beat this! A curious sight unfolded in the wee hours of the morning today in an unidentified location (anyone want to guess?) with police even coming down to check up on the scene--- a BlueSG car parked on a grassy slope! The scene in question. You can see our hardworkin

A passenger watches in horror as her RYDE driver engages in a losing battle with the Z Monster

"Z Monster" is a Singlish term for sleepiness, drowsiness or fatigue. It is not uncommon for drivers to feel tired while driving, especially for private hire drivers after a long day's work. However, for a private hire driver to doze off at the wheel while ferrying a passenger is a whole other level of fatigue. Watch it here: IMG_8478.MP4 What Happened? While in transit to her destination on a RYDE vehicle, a passenger watched in horror as her RYDE driver began fendi

An inebriated man was found in CQ lying motionless on the kerb with his leg (and phone) on the road

A driver came across a motionless/passed out man along Clarke Quay this morning (presumably from alcohol consumption), with one leg sprawled on the road. Some people tried to wake the man up, but it was to no avail and an ambulance had to be called for medical assistance.  With bars and clubs easing on the restrictions and being able to fully open from April 19th 2022, one can expect what used to be rare sightings like these to occur more frequently. Only goes to show that C

Toyota Altis gets T-boned by another car after ignoring very obvious road markings

TLDR; road markings were ignored, traffic laws were blatantly flouted, Toyota Altis gets T-boned. Watch the video for yourself below    Footage was caught of a white Toyota Altis breaking traffic rules by refusing to stop at the stop line and heading straight at a junction when the only options were to turn left or right.  He managed to get his penance when he was collided into by another blue car….hard. Debris fell out from the impact onto the open road.  Hope both

Upset Land Rover Defender bullies and puts cam car in the 'spotlight' at IMM building

TL;DR – A Land Rover Defender bullies the cam car driver by tailgating, using illegal floodlights to blind the driver and hurling vulgarities when confronted.   Who needs fog lights and high beams when you illegally install floodlights in your Land Rover Defender to bully people? A cam car driver was on the receiving end of some serious road bullying at around 6pm on 21st July 2022 at IMM shopping centre. Watch the 4-min ish video of the incident here: Unclear as to

Two sisters use a BMW Z4 for their errands; ends up getting the sports car perched on a kerb

Mention "BMW sports car", and the first car that comes to your mind would be the reputable M series cars, such as the M3 and M4 or even cars like the 335i or 535i. Never will people think about BMW's under-appreciated sports car, the BMW Z4 - which many have cast their doubts about it being an actual sports car.  Despite the stigma that surrounds the BMW Z4, the German roadster remains too much for this female driver to handle: What Happened? A pair of sisters took their

Motorcyclist skids and falls while attacking a bend on a wet road

TLDR; Motorcyclist rides recklessly along a stretch of wet road on a rainy day and ends up skidding at a bend and falls down... hard. Watch the video for yourself below  295700502_1120202368852630_2227411090361525905_n.mp4 A motorcyclist has been caught on camera riding like he’s in a MotoGP race, swerving along a bend on a rainy day like he’s a professional racer.  Unfortunately, that did not work out too well for him when he skidded along the bend and managed to fall down

Cyclist rear ends taxi almost causing a fatal domino effect with cam car and a cement truck

An incident at Mandai road resulted from a cyclist failing to keep to his prescribed lane, and then managing to rear-end a taxi and almost causing a chain of events that could have ended badly for the cyclist. Watch the video for yourself below  295074781_496748258921669_9009094495260158541_n.mp4 The cam car behind him had to jam brake at the very last minute, which resulted in the cement truck having to stop in time to avoid colliding into the camcar.  The significant inconv

Just an ordinary day at Geylang where pedestrians jaywalk and almost end up in an accident with a speeding bike

It appears to be just another normal day in Geylang after footage was uploaded of a near collision between a pedestrian and a speeding motorcycle Just watch the video for yourself below 295004115_2831560283806164_8534743410773785914_n.mp4 The motorcyclist seems to be going down a relatively fast pace on the road in Geylang, narrowly avoiding colliding into the pedestrians that are trying to jaywalk across the road. He had then honked and called out in frustration to avoid a narrow

Cyclist gives zero f#$%s and cycles across a junction with no designated pedestrian crossing

For years... the long and painful war against the tyrants of the roads... the cyclists... has dragged on and on. Eh, we tahan a lot already OK! Repeating instances like these make it so hard to like them, don't you agree? At a bustling junction at Potong Pasir (segueing into Serangoon Road), in the early evening when road users were making their way home after a tiring day at work--- a dashcam video was captured of this errant cyclist! Such misdeeds put onto record, laid out for the world t

The curse of vehicles with the numbers 6-0-0-0 on their license plate strikes again. But instead of a Cerato, it's a Vezel this time

A Honda Vezel with a license plate number of 6000 rams straight into a tree at Ubi outside the Opel showroom as shown in the picture below.   This is not the first time a vehicle with a license plate number of ‘6000’ has gotten into trouble recently. In fact, this is correlated with a string of unfortunate incidents at Causeway and Second Link. Each vehicle also had a  license plate with the number 6000, including the infamous ‘mother and son’ duo that had gone viral re

7 Singapore Porsche drivers find themselves on Malaysia's wanted list after driving "recklessly" on a single-lane road

Singapore drivers have earned themselves a bad reputation in Malaysia after a certain someone made headlines for a road rage incident that occurred at Tuas Second Link.  Since then, many have began keeping a watchful eye on Singapore-registered cars and the way Singapore drivers behave on foreign soil.  Unfortunately, a Singapore Porsche convoy in Malaysia caught the attention of a local driver who filmed them driving "recklessly" and subsequently made a police report on them.

Reckless lane change by Nissan NV350, almost results in serious collision!

TLDR; Nissan driver engages in reckless lane change that could have led to a severe collision.   Watch the video for yourself below  Black Nissan NV350 was caught on camera recklessly lane changing at Exit 15 to Yio Chu Kang Road on CTE towards SLE, cutting it extremely close to the camcar and potentially resulting in a collision.  The camcar then had to swerve and brake in order to avoid colliding with the Nissan. It almost seems like the Nissan vehicle d

Honda Vezel does an illegal U-turn after blatantly beating a red light at Eunos Crescent

I think everyone agrees that we hate people who treat our public roads like their grandfather's road... Not saying we justify the road rage, or any middle fingers, or license-plate ripping or throwing... 🤪 (if you know, you know!), but we do understand the anger some feel when having to share the driving space with others who are sibei inconsiderate! Recently, in Eunos Crescent, a Honda Vezel decided to play punk in the neighbourhood--- not only did they beat a red light, they performe

Sotong Chevrolet Cruze driver should lose his license after this display of erratic driving

TLDR; blur Chevrolet Cruze driver collides into Fiat Fiorino while recklessly swerving on the road.  Watch the video for yourself below  293477688_565477225239846_1824659754857884933_n.mp4 The Chevrolet Cruze driver was caught on camera swerving into a Fiat Fiorino at 0.02 of the video. It looked like the driver was attempting to lane change but did not take note of the car beside him on the bend.  Either that or the driver was simply unfocused or falling asleep at the wheel.

Subaru Legacy leaves a trail of destruction and dismay after driving like a lunatic on the PIE early in the morning

TL;DR – A Subaru Legacy recklessly speeds through morning traffic and weaves through tight pockets of space between cars. Ends up side swiping a Toyota Wish causing a jam on the PIE during morning rush hour.   It’s 8am and you’re on the way to work. The morning traffic is not too bad and you look like you’ll make it to the office with little to no hiccups. But, life is funny and loves to throw you a curve ball every now and then. In this case, it’s in the form of a Subaru Legacy w

Getgo Mazda 3 caught recklessly driving way beyond the speed limit along Yuang Ching Road

A Getgo Mazda 3 was caught on camera speeding over the road speed limit of 60km/h and overtaking the camcar that was traveling under the speed limit at 55km/h.  Watch the video for yourself below 293530692_956129985780000_1463920411778136038_n.mp4 The video begins with footage of cam car travelling along Yuan Ching Road. At around the 0.02 mark, a Getgo Mazda 3 appears out of nowhere, zooms past and overtakes the cam car at a speed that exceeds the regulated speed limit of 60km/h,

Passenger opens car door onto oncoming taxi, gets slapped with $1100 repair bill

Everybody hates car accidents---- especially car owners. Usually accidents on the road are caused by the errant drivers themselves.... But what if they were caused by the passenger you just accepted? Had you known of what would soon take place to your precious vehicle, would you still have taken on this passenger? That's right; probably not--- and we bet this PHV driver thinks so too!  This dash cam footage from a third-party vehicle showed the moment the passenger door swung open and righ

Mercedes C180 driver swerves wildly on the road and confronts cam car in a suspected drunken stupor

A Mercedes-Benz C180 was caught swerving abruptly between lanes from Punggol Road all the way to Rivervale Lane. This led to netizen suspicions that the driver was operating the vehicle under the influence.  Watch the video for yourself below: 293321461_569060238102925_3729722432454140138_n.mp4 At the end of the video, the driver comes out of the car and stumbles toward the cam car. It’s highly suspected that the driver must be under some kind of influence, this behaviour doe

Windshield of a bus collapses after braking like it was held together by art glue

Footage was caught on camera of the windshield of a yellow bus collapsing forward after just a simple brake, with debris, paper and glass shards falling on the road, potentially endangering anyone that might have been in the way. Watch the video for yourself below: 293001512_166587272542244_5218574210698973237_n.mp4 Thankfully, nobody seemed to have gotten hurt.  The windshield of the bus collapsed insanely easily, almost like it was glued together with the UHU art glue we us

Whooping 9 bus-truck-lorry chain collision spotted along the AYE

Camera footage has caught the scene of an insane 9 vehicle collision along the AYE. Consisting of SBS buses, lorries and trucks, all heavy vehicles. Watch the video for yourself below  292803191_725505348710288_827111803812174092_n.mp4 Hmmm I wonder what caused the root of the accident, perhaps one of the heavy vehicles jammed their breaks and the rest did not have sufficient time to follow suit? But, that would mean that 9 vehicles were tailgating one another! An SCDF amb

A couple in a Honda Vezel engage in some light foreplay while driving on the expressway

TL;DR – A couple in a Honda Vezel has been caught on video necking and kissing while driving on the road.   Couples need to do what couples need to do. I certainly have no issue with couples kissing or showing public displays of affection out in the open. But, if it poses as a potential road hazard and endangers other people, that’s where lines should be drawn. Watch the 39-second video here: I thought it was something else Initially, I thought the silhouette on

Law-breaking van driver changes lane abruptly and causes a motorcyclist to topple over... hard

A commercial van has been spotted entering the PIE (towards Changi) from Jalan Bahar and abruptly changing lanes from lane 2 to lane 1. In doing so, it caused a relatively serious accident. Watch the video for yourself below.  The accident The van's sudden and abrupt lane change resulted in a motorcyclist toppling over after not having sufficient time to react.  The van did not even bother stopping and continued to speed right up ahead, leaving the damage behind. Th

Truck loses control along the causeway causing devastation in its wake after bashing through multiple vehicles

The following incident took place along the causeway between Singapore and Malaysia. And needless to say, it was absolutely terrifying. Watch it here: What Happened? The incident reportedly occurred on the JB towards the Singapore side of the causeway. A Malaysian cargo truck lost control before ramming through an entire causeway worth of vehicles stuck in traffic, almost resembling a Grand Theft Auto gameplay. As a result, numerous Singapore and Malaysia

BMW 318 driver makes a quick escape after nearly sending a cyclist flying to the heavens

It is common basic knowledge that motorists are required to give way to pedestrians or cyclists at a pedestrian crossing. Furthermore, it is quite effortless for the motorist to stop, look left and right and check clear before proceeding.  However, some drivers seem to have the neck for driving like an @ssho13.  Just like this BMW driver: What Happened? The accident above occurred at a junction along Bukit Batok West Ave 5, involving a BMW 318 and a cyclist.
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