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These two Mercedes-Benz S320 drivers' terrible driving are mirror images of one another

Whenever someone drives like a total d-bag, the first thought that comes to mind is, "Must be a car brand that starts with 'A', 'B' or 'M'." (Pretty sure you know which brands I am referring to) And it is not surprising why this occurs. Watch the following videos below: Incident #1 What Happened? The incident above occurred along Campbell Lane, where the cam car was approaching a vacant parking lot. However, as the cam car approached the vacant lot, a

Taxi driver lays the smack down on a lady who dared to kick his Toyota Vellfire

TL;DR – A Toyota Vellfire taxi driver slaps and flings a lady onto the ground for kicking his car and breaking his side mirror.   It’s been a while since we’ve had video footage of some serious road drama. Today’s incident definitely takes the cake. Watch the minute-long viral video here: What happened prior to the video? It is unclear from the caption as to what occurred before the video was recorded. But there must have been an inciting incident for this

Hyundai Kona reduces a Honda Civic to smithereens after it impatiently attempts to swerve through traffic

A Hyundai Kona vehicle was caught on tape swerving irresponsibly through traffic, hitting a Toyota Prius, a rubbish bin and a Honda Civic after seemingly getting fed up of waiting for the white Toyota Prius to parallel park.  A copious amount of white smoke was seen appearing at the end of the video. There have been many speculations on the cause of the smoke.  Watch the video for yourself below: 292023483_1112651806315178_4155691904836114357_n.mp4 According to the capti

A man screams in agony as he gets caught ablaze from a burning car

A car bursts into flames at an open-air carpark, damaging two other cars and a van parked nearby it. Watch the video here: *WARNING: This video may contain content that some viewers may find disturbing. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.* 291173168_326250739572732_7380499738480107423_n.mp4 What Happened? A man believed to be the driver of the vehicle that caught on fire was unable to start his vehicle. The vehicle subsequently caught on fire at the open-air carpark of Bl

“Kee siao” naked motorcyclist wanted for murder in Johor Bahru apprehended within 2 hours

Footage was caught of a naked man riding a motorcycle AFTER the brutal murder of a 26-year-old woman as well as her three-month-old newborn kid in Johor Baru.  Watch the video for yourself below.  292216697_1183843312466521_3913211305807153949_n.mp4 As if this story couldn’t get any crazier, a meat cleaver was apparently seized from the suspect alongside the motorcycle caught in the video. Putting two and two together, it could be possible that the meat cleaver might have

A Mercedes-Benz EQA250 disregards numerous road regulations and safety in a clash of egos with cam car

Camcar footage was caught of a Mercedes Benz flouting multiple traffic regulations, first crossing over chevron lines to attempt to overtake the camcar, followed by refusing to give way at the pedestrian crossing. Watch the video for yourself below Drive Of Mercedes #ST15C driving dangerously..mp4 At the start of the video, you can clearly see the Mercedes EQA250 Driver blatantly cross the chevron markings in an attempt to overtake the cam car.  This makes the Mercedes driver

Dump truck comes out of nowhere and bulldozes two moving cars along Robinson Road in broad daylight

TL;DR – Huge truck crashes into two moving vehicles at the junction between Robinson Road and Maccallum Street. Turns out it was all part of a shoot for a Korean drama.   When I first saw this video uploaded on SGRV’s Facebook page, I must admit that I was pretty shaken up. Here’s the video if you haven’t already seen it: Wrecked In the video (at about the 10-second mark), a dump truck appears from the left and T-bones two cars that managed to ‘siam’ the red light a

Cam driver gives a cyclist a piece of his mind for cycling in the middle of the road at 1am, without lights and helmet

Errant cyclists on the road are enough to infuriate drivers. However, what's worse is meeting an oblivious errant cyclist. And I guarantee they will trigger you, just like what happened in this video: What Happened? While driving along Dunearn Road towards the City, the cam car driver encountered a cyclist clad in a pink shirt and a black backpack cycling in the middle of the road. Obviously, the cyclist woke up that day and chose not to give a damn by deciding

Bad luck or pothole? Big trailer ended up being flipped onto its side at West Coast heading towards AYE

Oh no! With another day in Singapore, yet another unfortunate traffic incident... This time, taking place at this West Coast junction.  From here, we see a police car parked behind the trailer that is lying helplessly on its side as the surrounding traffic mills past, keeping a wide berth away from the accident area, cordoned off by orange cones. 291181420_1089185911999828_7590787707057688719_n.mp4 The trailer cuts a rather lonely, hulking silhouette with the space around it.

Perodua Myvi driver with $1530 worth of accrued fines gets caught ignoring road safety to check his phone

A video has been caught of a Malaysian registered Perodua Myvi driver browsing through his phone whilst driving on the road. Watch the video for yourself below  291579884_1105533850174791_7803752459307750143_n.mp4 This kind of irresponsible behaviour could have led to a fatal accident.  Perhaps he needs a more severe punishment to warn him of the consequences of his actions.  According to the Road Traffic Act of 1961, was using a mobile communication device while dr

5 reasons why car leasing is becoming more popular

In the face of rising COE premiums and shifting perceptions of car ownership, we take a look at BMW Flow to understand the allure of leasing. Spurred both by a hunger for more flexibility, and the rise of on-demand mobility options, the idea of locking oneself down over a decade with a single car is likely to make one think twice nowadays. In Singapore specifically, an added dimension of complexity comes into play due to the taxes. This is especially pronounced now that the COE quota i



Salty taxi driver takes getting cut off very personally and breaks the law to inflate his ego

Cam car has recorded a taxi speeding up while trying to switch lanes. The taxi also drove along the road shoulder and performed brake checks on the cam car. Are all these really worth the hassle and risking your safety over? It seems more like pettiness and insane behaviour to me.  Watch the video for yourself below: 290217725_120483413866324_829176470840012533_n.mp4 Road courtesy is basic decency. It does not only safeguard your own safety, but others as well. And in the case of

Blur sotong driver fails to warn other of his stationary vehicle on the PIE, gets rear-ended not once, but twice

Accidents on expressways are common. When that happens, it is essential to turn on your hazard light and put up the reflective triangle sign to warn other motorists of the accident that is obstructing the road.  Otherwise, this may happen:   What Happened? The accident above occurred on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). A white car with a damaged bonnet that was involved in an accident earlier stopped on lane 2 of the expressway. The blur sotong driver of t

“Act Satki” cyclists block vehicles and hog the lane at Telok Blangah at night

Time and time again, we hear of the age-old strife and conflict that other road users have with cyclists, who are colloquially referred to as “kings of the road” (sarcasm, by the way!) or acting as if they are riding on their “grandfather’s road” ... But this video really shows it all--- walao eh! I wasn’t there to see it in person, but had I been, I would have been fuming as well. The whole scene is one of immense inconsideration and recklessness. You can see what I mean in this video

Honda Shuttle cuts queue at causeway and hits a Skoda Superb Ambition's side mirrors

A Honda Shuttle has been caught on camera intentionally cutting the queue on a causeway and damaging a Skoda Superb Ambition’s side mirror at the Johor causeway.  If the Skoda vehicle was damaged, the owner of the Honda Shuttle might possibly be liable to pay for damages incurred Watch the video uploaded on SGRV’s Facebook page below 290664887_1037877250426023_257722045206580541_n.mp4 After seeming like it was too impatient to wait in line, the Honda Shuttle ended up trying t

Traffic Police impounds a Ferrari 458 with expired road tax and arrests the driver in broad daylight

Oftentimes when we see a supercar such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren, we would wish to be in their position and understand how it is like to drive such a flashy and sporty car. However, I, for one, would not wish to be in the position of this particular Ferrari driver. Watch it here: What Happened? The incident above occurred at an open-air carpark at North Bridge Road Market Food Centre. Police officers and Traffic police officers arrested the driver of

Sparks fly when a GrabFood driver forcefully closes cam car's electric side mirror

Regardless of what car you drive, you will naturally be annoyed when others hit, ding or even touch your car. Do you know what's worse? When someone shoves close your car's electrical side mirror while you are in the car: What Happened? The cam car driver heard a "thud" sound coming from his left side while he was chilling inside his car.  Lo and behold, the GrabFood driver that parked his car next to the cam car driver had forcefully closed the cam car's elect

Attention all cyclists! Vehicles with COE are not the only ones with road responsibility

A video was recorded of a cyclist recklessly endangering his own life by cutting across the lane without checking his blindspot.  It resulted in him splitting lanes and almost colliding with the camcar behind him, endangering both his own life and risking damage to the vehicle.  Watch the video for yourself below  290811300_605632330725223_3168181024453944356_n.mp4 Clearly this cyclist is not ‘kiasi’, or as a translation for non-Singaporean folk, ‘afraid to die’. Oftenti

Car sharing Getgo vehicle blatantly ignored the red light and hit a taxi

A common car-sharing Getgo vehicle gets caught on camera blatantly ignoring the existence of the red traffic light. Strange since this seems like the fundamental essentials of driving theory.  This resulted in the vehicle side sweeping an oncoming taxi and, hitting into it and resulted in debris inconveniently left on the road.  It's extremely fortunate that this blatant disregard for traffic rules did not result in a more severe and damaging accident. It might be wise for Getgo to con

Singapore registered Toyota Voxy pisses off a Malaysian Van and gets rammed in the rear… hard

TL;DR – A Toyota Voxy with Singaporean plates plays the brake check game and blocks a Malaysian Van at the causeway checkpoint (Malaysian side) and ends up getting intentionally rammed in the rear.   It’s common sense to behave yourself when you’re in someone else’s territory. But apparently, this Voxy driver did not get the memo.   The Story According to the caption of the video, The Voxy was playing the braking game and blocking the Malaysian Van.

Escape The Hustle and Bustle at These 5 Places in Singapore

Whether you're looking for a different place to bring the kids for a fun day out, or a faraway destination for a weekend drive, these are our five favourite locations in Singapore for a quick getaway! Tired of visiting the usual, overcrowded venues? If you've got a car, why not bring your wife / date / kiddos to these lesser-known locations instead? And don't forget your NETS Motoring Card before heading off! These are our top five places to visit that are all not as easy to access via



Changi General Hospital makes the wrong call about an accident between a Porsche and a motorcycle

A netizen made a public claim on Facebook about Changi General Hospital (CGH) making a false statement in his medical report in an accident involving him and a Porsche 911 Carrera. In the public post, the netizen claims that CGH stated in the medical report that the motorcyclist (the netizen) skidded and collided with a car (The Porsche 911 Carrera). Read his post here: However, in the dashcam footage provided by the netizen, it showed otherwise.  Watch it here: 

Volvo XC40 driver mounts kerb and performs a 5-point turn to get out of a heavy jam at Woodlands checkpoint

Most people in Singapore purchase an SUV for its spacious body rather than its utility.  And that makes sense as it is almost impossible to put an SUV to the test in a city environment such as Singapore.  However, a particular Volvo driver did just that.  Watch it here: What Happened? A recent Channel News Asia news article reported that "Heavy traffic through Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints expected for the rest of June: ICA". And truth be told, that was e

Rider smashes into Camcar in the midst of checking his blindspot

A motorcyclist was caught in a collision with the back of the camcar while in the middle of checking his blindspot. Watch the video for yourself below 289442118_5402399956483655_5591737215663982744_n.mp4 It is not known as to what injuries the cyclist has sustained, but let’s hope that he manages to recuperate fast from this incident.  This video was sourced from Tiktok, and has surfaced on the Facebook page, ROADS.sg.  It does not seem like any traffic laws were br

'Bodoh Kambing' Honda Civic driver reverses into a stationary motorcycle at a carpark gantry

The number 1 rule before reversing your car is to always check clear your rear and blindspots before proceeding.  Lazy to do so? Then get yourself a rear reverse camera, or you will be like this guy: IMG_7646.MP4 What Happened? I am sure we have all been stuck at the gantry for some reasons (Eg. Insufficient funds in cashcard, problem detecting your car's IU). And that was what happened to this particular Honda Civic driver - he got stuck at the carpark gantry. Afte
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