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SMRT taxi hits the brakes on lane 1 of an expressway just before an ERP gantry and causes a chain collision

TL:DR – SMRT taxi abruptly stops on lane 1 of an expressway for reasons unknown and causes a massive chain collision in its wake before driving off, oblivious to the destruction it caused behind. There are idiot drivers everywhere Our latest example drives a SMRT taxi. Watch the video below to find out why. Here’s the rear-view camera footage The SMRT taxi abruptly stops just before an ERP gantry on lane 1. The alert cam car driver comes to a complete stop as well.

BMW 740 beats the red light and drives straight into a traffic light

The following accident is a strange one. Watch it here: What Happened? The above video was captured by the cam car's dashcam while approaching a red light signal at West Coast Road. A BMW 740 drove past the cam car while straddling between lanes 1 and 2 before running the red light at an unusually slow speed. The BMW crosses the junction while travelling at a bearing towards the centre divider. Moments later, the BMW mounts the centre divider and takes out

A Singaporean Registered Mercedes A45 loses control at a high speed and crashes into five vehicles in Johor Bahru

Here I am writing two back-to-back articles on accidents involving reckless Singapore-registered vehicles in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  This time, it involves a hotter hatch than the Volkswagen Golf GTI (Read it here) - the Mercedes A45 AMG. Watch the video of the accident here: What Happened? The following accident occurred in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in the early hours of 8th May, Sunday. A Mercedes A45 was gunning down the road of Jalan Johor Bahru - Kota Tinggi

Singaporean Volkswagen GTI driver enters a roundabout at full speed, hits a MPV and scoots off in Johor Bahru

After 2 long years, we can finally drive into Johor Bahru to do the things we love - pumping cheap petrol, eating delicious food and going for massages. However, not all of us deserve this privilege. Especially for reckless hooligans such as this driver: What Happened? The following incident occurred at a roundabout in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.  A Singaporean Volkswagen Golf GTI was travelling at a fast speed and recklessly cutting lanes as he entered a roundabout

GetGo Mazda 3 driver e-brakes to avoid t-boning a taxi, only to let go of the brakes and hits the same taxi 🤦🏻‍♂️

Car sharing drivers have developed quite a bad reputation for their atrocious driving over the years.  If you're wondering how bad they are right now, look no further. Here's a video that will make you facepalm yourself: What Happened? After failing to come to a complete stop at a stop-line, a GetGo Mazda 3 abruptly performed an e-brake to avoid t-boning a taxi.  For some reason (most likely to give the Mazda 3 driver a death stare), the taxi stopped just in fr

A Strides MG 5 Electric accelerates from a slip road and rear ends a Toyota Wish while trying to squeeze its way through traffic

I have to admit; this has to be either one of the most bizarre or reckless driving I have seen in a long time. Watch it here: What Happened? This unfortunate accident occurred along Brickland Road and involved a Strides MG 5 electric taxi, a Toyota Wish and a van. It all started when the Strides MG 5 electric taxi emerged from a slip road towards Brickland Road and accelerated at full speed.  Despite traffic forming at a traffic light up ahead, it did not

Selfless Toyota Wish driver swerves his car and hits a tree after colliding with a motorcyclist

With the widespread use of the dash cam, you will certainly come across negatively-associated incidents on social media platforms now more than ever. Compared to negatively-associated incidents, commendable acts often go unreported and are less likely to surface online. Well, not for this commendable act: What Happened? As usual, there was heavy traffic along Woodlands Avenue 12 towards Gambas since it was the peak hour. Just then, a motorcyclist gradually filtered from



Childish Mercedes A180 driver swerves left and right to block a Toyota Corolla after abruptly cutting into its lane

If another motorist gives way to you, the most logical thing to do is show your gratitude towards them with a simple raise of your hand. Well, not for this egoistic Mercedes driver who defies logic. Watch it here: What Happened? A Mercedes A180 decided to perform an abrupt lane change without checking for oncoming traffic in the adjacent lane. As a result, an oncoming Toyota Corolla in the adjacent lane had to brake hard and give way to the Mercedes driver. 



The domino effect: A Kia Cerato Koup rear-ends a Honda Civic just seconds after a tipper truck wrecks a Honda Shuttle

Have you heard of the domino effect? According to Google, it is referred to as "the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events".  Watch the domino effect in action here: What Happened? A Honda Shuttle and a tipper truck slammed into each other as they decided to switch lanes simultaneously.  The collision caused major damage to the Honda Shuttle, leaving it with a pretty wrecked rear with a shattered window.  Debris a



Kick-scooter rider falls down after colliding with a motorbike and almost gets knocked down by a Toyota Camry seconds later

It is basic knowledge not to rush across the road and to look left and right before attempting to cross. However, he learned his lesson the hard way for one impatient kick-scooter rider. Watch it here: What Happened? An impatient kick-scooter rider blindly rode across the road at the entrance/exit point of Waterway Point carpark. He knocks into a motorcyclist's tail-box and falls hard on the ground. He quickly apologised to the motorcyclist and quickly got



Road hogging Mercedes-Benz B180 responds to a tailgating car with a brake check instead of giving way

Besides PMDs and cyclists, road hoggers on expressways are one of the most annoying motorists you can possibly encounter. But what should you do when you encounter one?  Watch what happens to this cam car when he decides to tailgate a road hogging Mercedes: What Happened? Cam car was travelling on lane 1 of the expressway when he encountered a road hogging Mercedes-Benz B180. To signal the Mercedes driver that he was road hogging and should move to a slower lan

Egos collide when a motorcyclist crashes into a Mitsubishi Attrage coming out of a parking lot. Who has right of way?

Regardless of your road experience, motorists need to practice defensive driving/riding at all times. Unfortunately, some motorists simply take things for granted. Watch it here: What Happened? A motorcyclist was riding straight as he approached the exit gantry of the open-air carpark at Hougang Mall. Just then, a white Mitsubishi Attrage began moving off from his parking lot. Despite the Mitsubishi Attrage entering the rider's path and field of vision, th

A suspected drunk driver of a Toyota Corolla crashes into the railing of an expressway

There is a reason why drunk-driving is against the law and highly discouraged.  The following video explains it all:  What Happened? In the wee hours of the morning, at around 4am, a Toyota Corolla was being driven haphazardly along the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). In the dashcam footage above, the Toyota Corolla swerved left and right for no apparent reason and could not keep within its lane. Moments later, when negotiating a bend, the driver could not



Honda Airwave gets engaged in a hot pursuit after rear-ending a motorcycle and attempting to flee

This incident was so intense that it kept my eyes peeled on the screen for the entire duration of the video.  Watch this attempted hit and run here: What Happened? This incident occurred at Woodlands Avenue 1. While at a red light, a Honda Airwave emerged from behind but could not brake in time.  And as a result, he rear-ended a stationary motorcyclist. Another motorcyclist dismounted and came forward to check on the motorcyclist who had just been hit.



Mazda 5 driver from Singapore parks and hogs an entire single lane in JB, also gets caught driving on the road shoulder of an expressway

We need to shine the spotlight on a Singaporean driver who puts all other Singaporean drivers to shame. Let’s look at the minute-ish video: Mazda 5 driver, why are you so entitled? There are two incidents here. 1. Driver parking wherever he pleases It’s a single-lane road in each direction. But our friend thinks he is some big-shot Datuk and happily parks his car on the road.  Other cars behind would have to go around the Mazda 5 if there’s no oncomin

Audi Q7 driver collides into a motorcyclist while performing an illegal U-turn and scolds a good Samaritan for trying to help

Does the title of this article sound absurd?  Well, it is what it is. Watch the video here: What Happened?  According to the lady in the golf attire (dashcam driver), she was at a red light several hundred metres away when the accident unfolded right before her eyes. An Audi Q7 performed an illegal U-turn and collided with a motorcyclist. Once the traffic light turned green, she immediately drove up to the accident scene, turned on her hazard light and po



Drive continental = got money? Think again. Cheapo Volkswagen Golf driver lifts carpark gantry arm to evade parking fees

Was this incident filmed in a bad context?  Or was the Volkswagen driver attempting to evade parking fees? Watch the following video here: What Happened? When approaching the carpark gantry to exit, the Volkswagen Golf driver stopped right before the gantry arm and alighted from his car. He then proceeds to push the gantry arm such that it automatically lifts. Allowing him to get into his car and escape paying a sum of $5? It's a little blur but it's definitely



A man randomly spits his drink onto someone else's car while waiting for the lift at a MSCP

If you have to spit, where do you usually spit at? The drain? The grass area? Or the basin in your house? Nah, not for this fella - He spits wherever he wants. Watch it here: What Happened?  After parking his car at a multi-storey carpark located in Jurong West, a man strolls to the lift lobby to head down. He presses the lift button and randomly looks around before spotting a white car parked right in front of him.  He then casually takes a big sip from his ta



Man caught trying to break into a Singapore-registered Hyundai Avante in Johor Bahru or is there another story?

With border restrictions lifted on the 1st of April 2022, Singaporeans can finally travel to Malaysia whenever they want. That means driving in for 'Lok Lok', getting a massage or filling your tank with subsidised petrol is now possible once again! However, security and law enforcement across the border tends to sway on the lax side of things as seen in this alarming video of a Singapore-registered car being "broken into". Or is there another story? Don't be so quick to judge



Spot an illegal PMD on the road? Shout and honk at them. They might lose balance and fall like these clowns

Every time I see a PMD on the road, a Young Punk (YP) is usually the one behind it.  Worse still, an underaged YP who couldn't care less about their safety. Watch how a motorcyclist teaches a couple of YP PMD riders a lesson they will never forget: What Happen? The incident occurred at Punggol Field, involving a motorcyclist and two illegal PMD riders. The motorcyclist gave the PMD riders a short honk upon performing a discretionary right turn, most probably te

Manners maketh man: A well-dressed jaywalker gives cam car the middle finger for honking at him

Manners maketh man is a phrase popularised by the movie 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'. The phrase refers to 'A person may be judged according to his behaviour towards other people'. Now, watch this video of what a well-dressed man in a suit and tie did to this cam car driver: 'WAH CH$$B*E! CHUA SAI AH!' The cam car driver was driving along Orchard Road when a man in a suit and tie blatantly disregarded the red man and jaywalked across the road. The cam car dri

If you want to chope a table, you put a packet of tissue. If you want to chope a parking lot, you put two 'ah-mas'?

The 'chope-ing' culture is prominent in Singapore and it is usually observed when dining out at coffee shops or hawker centres. And unfortunately, this toxic culture has been shaped to be part of the Singapore identity. Watch the product of our toxic culture unfold before your very eyes:  What Happened? This incident occurred at an open-air carpark at Block 114 Geylang Lorong 3. Two 'ah-mas' stood in a vacant white parking lot to 'chope' in a supposedly crowded

BMW 523i driver comes out of his car and pees in public. Gets caught on CCTV

The recent weekend was probably eventful for most Singaporeans and Malaysians in Singapore as the Causeway reopened for the first time in 2 years due to the pandemic.  Many Singaporeans flocked to Johor Bahru to do the things they love most: shopping, eating and pumping cheap petrol. "Sia Suay" Unfortunately, Singaporeans have become notorious in Malaysia for the wrong things during the opening weekend. This includes jacking up their car to 'effectively pump more petrol' and

A Foodpanda rider flaunts his street fighting skills as he 'grounds and pounds' a man in public

Unfortunately, the only road-related matter in this fighting incident is its location. Watch this One Fighting Championship worthy fight here What Happened? A fight occurred along a road that Netizens have speculated to be in Yishun (Also known as the Ghetto in Singapore).  A group of 5 men seemed to be engaged in a scuffle, while 2 other men clad in white were trying to break them apart. Among the group of 5 is a prominent individual, a Foodpanda rider (You will kn

An oversized trailer falls off a flyover and becomes fully engulfed in flames, shutting down the West Coast Highway

An unfortunate accident has occurred in the early afternoon of April 1st, 2022 (not an April Fool's Day joke) involving an oversized trailer. Watch the aftermath of the accident here: What Happened? An oversized trailer was reported to have fallen off an upper flyover along West Coast Highway. It was left overturned and engulfed in flames, emitting thick smoke. West Coast Highway Flyover has been closed off as traffic is impassable due to scattered debris and a fall
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