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Alamak! Motorcyclist hits wooden block on road and gets thrown off by impact

Yesterday morning on the busy Seletar Expressway, a lone motorcyclist (and those around him) got the biggest shock of his life when he drove over a wooden block on the road. Due to the impact with the object, he then lost control of his bike, swerving like 'siao' until he was tossed onto the floor, with a hard landing. Ouch! As shown in the video, readers can see the obstacle was not that visible from far away. The video can be seen here The poor motorcyclist must hav

'Ah Seah Kia' takes daddy's BMW 523i out to race in KPE, gets jail, fine and suspension

The story is that an ‘Ah Seah Kia’ used his dad’s BMW to race along the KPE and he got caught For anyone wondering what an ‘Ah Seah Kia’ is, it essentially means a ‘rich man’s offspring’, often also referred to as 富二代 (fu er dai) .  In this story, it’s basically  a spoiled child using his daddy’s money for kicks on the highway Watch the video for yourself below  Too Fast, Too Furious Caught speeding at 154km/h (almost twice the prescribed speed limit along the KPE),

Mitsubishi Lancer tailgates a car to evade car park fees at Ang Mo Kio

Mitsubishi Lancer’s desire for a petty amount of car park fee evasion places both vehicles in an increased risk of a potential accident. Vehicle tries to evade parking fees by tailgating the camcar vehicle at the car park exit.  Pretty ridiculous act for a small car park fee, those who can’t afford to drive should just stay at home.  Watch the video for yourself below Tailgating is a dangerous habit of driving too closely to the vehicle in front.  Though t

'Chiobu' sits on the centre console while taking a joyride around Sentosa in a Mazda MX-5

One thing that people are exceptionally fond of doing these days is posting EVERYTHING on social media. Unfortunately, this includes doing dumb things, filming it and posting it online for the world to see (Yes, it happens even if your account is private😞 IMG_7599.MP4 What Happened?  In the short video, a 'chiobu' was filming herself and her two friends seated inside a Mazda MX-5. For those of you that know, the Mazda MX-5 is an iconic 2-seater Japanese convertible sport

A nostalgic sight: Motorists gather at the expressway shoulder to wait for the closure of an ERP gantry

Due to the pandemic, ERP charges were suspended for some time.  With the pandemic under control, ERP charges have been reinstated with a heavier price...literally! And for this group of motorists, they decided to pull a stunt to save the extra dollar: What Happened? A group of local and Malaysian motorcyclists, in addition to a pair of heavy vehicles, decided to pull up at the shoulder of a slip road towards an expressway to save themselves a couple of dollars by av

Toyota Prius Taxi ignores the red light and almost wipes a whole family off their family tree

A Toyota Prius ComfortDelGro Taxi blatantly bypasses and ignores the red light signal, almost crashing into the camcar that actually had the green light to head right.  Watch the video for yourself below  288511691_1185332418957332_3251873631534851933_n.mp4 The license plate number of the taxi vehicle was thankfully taken note of, to hopefully bring the driver of this taxi to justice.    The consequences of his carelessness could have had fatal consequences, and it

Two motorcyclists try to avoid the congestion but end up crashing into one another at the road shoulder

There's a Hokkien saying that goes like this: "kiang jiu ho, mai gei kiang", which simply means "Smart can already, don't try to be too smart". And NGL, this statement is very true! Watch what happens when two motorcyclists attempt their "smart" move to avoid congestion: What Happened? As usual, the Kallang–Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) was jammed up during the morning peak hour. Among the many motorists caught in the jam were two particular motorcyclists who dec

Group of irresponsible cyclists take up all 3 lanes on West Coast highway

Some cyclists were caught cycling irresponsibly on the West Coast Highway, even going as far as to take up all three lanes of the highway. It almost seems like they have a death wish by treating road safety like a joke.  Watch the video for yourself below  Guidelines for Cyclists LTA guidelines clearly state that cyclists on the road must adhere to on-road safety guidelines by NOT cycling on expressways, road tunnels as well as selected viaducts. They also must keep

Toyota RAV4 sideswipes a Mercedes Benz C180 Coupe after changing lanes without checking its blind spots

A RAV4 attempts a lane change without the tact of checking its blind spot and sideswipes a C180 Coupe. It is unknown as to what extent were the damages for the Mercedes Benz but seeing as how both vehicles steered to the side of the road, I’m sure the drivers reached an amicable resolution to the matter. Watch the video for yourself here  287087999_995773451062318_8481438575448583312_n.mp4 Blindspot checking is a crucial component to driving given that it provides you w

Mitsubishi Lancer deserves the hit-and-run after provoking and playing the brake check game with a Toyota Camry

Reacting with a brake check to a tailgater or vice versa is courting for trouble. These two actions simply do not go hand in hand with each other. Here's why: What Happened?  In the video, the cam car - a Mitsubishi Lancer was gunning down the CTE in the wee hours of the morning at a significantly fast speed. And to its rear was a white Toyota Camry that was also speeding down the expressway. The Toyota Camry gradually sped up and tailgated the Mitsubishi

Netizens divided over cause of blame for motorcyclist’s accident

A Mazda driver tries for a lane change that did not end well. The incoming motorcyclist skidded off course and fell down at the side of the road. Onlookers came on to assist the motorcyclist but the Mazda driver had driven off without a second word.  The news was that the rider had suffered minor injuries and abrasions on his leg. Watch the video for yourself below  286923215_1338749943301494_2605439203475040899_n.mp4 Netizens were divided over the main culprit for the c

Honda Civic driver swerves lane abruptly, crashes into bus, road divider and injures motorcyclist

Want to see the shocking moment when a Honda Civic driver abruptly swerves between lanes on the causeway resulting in an accident? Watch the video below! This driver has managed to do it all. After realizing he was going into the wrong lane, this 'gundu' swerved abruptly into a bus after forgetting to check his blind spot. One really wonders how he managed to get his license. The bus was pushed off course in which the Civic driver then managed to hit both the road div

Self-entitled and selfish Mazda 3 driver blocks a service road by parking on a pedestrian footpath

Remember the viral Rolls Royce incident below? Here is a similar incident that occurred recently, but with a twist: What Happened? Those who have been to Upper Thomson would be aware of how difficult it is to get a vacant parking lot along the stretch of the service road.  For one "creative" Mazda 3 driver, he defies all odds to park his car - by mounting the kerb and parking it on the pedestrian footpath.  After parking his car on the pedestrian footpath, he

Impatient and frustrated driver meets ‘guai-lan’ cyclist along Sengkang

Let’s be frank. Cyclists have made a notorious reputation for themselves over the years. They are known to be among the top cause of annoyance to motorists, which easily frustrates motorists when they encounter an errant cyclist on the road.  Watch this video to find out what happens when an impatient driver meets a ‘guai-lan’ cyclist: What Happened? While travelling on a two-carriageway road, an SBS bus on the left lane switched on his right signal indicator after reali

Goondu cam car driver tries to shame a Mercedes C180 for 'unreasonably' honking at him. Netizens eat him up for breakfast

I will be frank with you - There are numerous goondu drivers here in Singapore. Drivers that don't stop at the stop line, those that signal right only to filter left, and those who constantly brake despite a clear traffic flow in their path. These are some of the many goondu drivers I have come across before. However, I have yet to encounter a goondu driver like this cam car: IMG_7428.MOV.mp4 What Happened? After entering the expressway, the cam car driver gradually

Cam lorry's late reaction to a reckless Lexus RX300's e-brake causes it to rear-end the SUV

A pet peeve of mine is when commercial vehicles (Eg. Vans, lorries, tipper trucks) travel on lane 2 of the expressway.  And I am certain this is a pet peeve of many drivers in Singapore.  Due to the speed limit imposed on these vehicles, they often cause a slow down in the lane they are travelling in (assuming traffic is clear and they are driving under the speed limit).  However, just because they are commercial vehicles, does it give them the right for passenger vehicles to "bul

Therapy comes in different forms. For one Volkswagen driver, therapy is speeding at 219km/h down an expressway

Social media is a double-edged sword. Despite the benefits and connectivity it brings, social media can cause harm to you as well. Watch this video to find out how: IMG_7241.MP4 What Happened? All it took was for a Volkswagen driver to upload this 8-second video to screw himself over. The Volkswagen driver was filmed by his passenger speeding down an unnamed expressway in Singapore at above 200km/h before hitting a top speed of 219km/h. "This is my type of ther

The aftermath of a chain collision on PIE sees a Toyota Harrier perched on top of a Toyota Prius

TL;DR – We see seven vehicles involved In yet another massive chain collision on the PIE. Footage of the aftermath shows a Harrier resting on top of a Prius.   The first half of the day saw many news reports and posts about this accident that happened along lane 1 of the PIE. Channel News Asia The Straits Times Tik Tok You can watch the vido of the aftermath on Tik Tok.   Facebook Or you can watch it on Facebook (courtesy of Roads

The true test of friendship: Man borrows a friend's car and ends up crashing into a barrier, a Harrier and another barrier

"It was my car, my friend drove. All I can say he panicked when the bike cut, and the lorry got close. RIP my car." The above was the background information provided along with the following user-submitted video: IMG_7234.MP4 What Happened? It was just another day travelling on the road until the black car in the video turned on its left signal indicator.  Moments after signalling, the car veers to the right and sideswipes against the concrete barrier to the right. 

BlueSG driver fails to keep in lane while making a turn and hits cam car. Gets branded as a 'nbcb'

What is one similarity do drivers in Singapore have in common? They tend to stay clear of car-sharing vehicles due to the atrocious driving associated with these drivers. However, one particular driver decided to brave the storm and negotiate a turn with a Bluesg driver. Watch how it turned out: What Happened? A cam car driver on lane 2 negotiated a right turn together with a Bluesg driver travelling on lane 1. As both cars were about to complete the turn,

We (try to) identify all 14 vehicles involved in the massive chain collision on the PIE

Personally, I strictly employ the 2-second rule, especially during heavy (heavier) traffic and wet weather.  The extra distance and time provided by the 2-second rule will be crucial for you to react accordingly when the car in front of you performs an abrupt brake. Watch what happens when one doesn't leave a safe distance from the car ahead: What Happened? A total of 14 vehicles were involved in 3 clusters of accidents along lane 1 of the PIE, with two clusters bei

A time-wasting and selfish Suzuki Swift driver and passenger duo sends a cam car driver on full tilt

The following incident is quite a handful, featuring an inconsiderate Suzuki swift driver, the Suzuki's 'guai-lan' passenger and a very angry cam car driver. Watch the it here: What Happened? The incident occurred at an open-air carpark. For some reason, the female Suzuki Swift driver decided to drive out of the parking lot to the middle of the road for her passenger (likely her son) to load groceries into the car.  Just then, the cam car driver that was parked oppo

Cam car driver claims the role of the victim after cutting recklessly into a Subaru WRX’s lane and receiving 7 brake checks in response

TL;DR – A cam car driver took to social media to shame a Subaru WRX for playing a brake check game with it. The driver even noted down the number (7 times) of brake checks performed by the WRX. Plot twist, the cam car driver isn’t so innocent either.   The Facebook Post on SGRV Upon watching the video and reading the caption, one cannot help but think negatively of the Subaru WRX. Then you watch the video again, and you realise there’s more to it than what you see at fac

A p-plate rider and his pillion get knocked down by a bus after foolishly lane splitting while making a turn

One common behaviour of motorcyclists is how they always tend to lane split while riding.  Furthermore, these riders lane split regardless of their level of experience on the road. Watch how an inexperienced p-plate rider learn his lesson the hard way: What Happened? The accident occurred at the Punggol Exit of the TPE, involving a Go-Ahead bus and a p-plate rider along with his pillion. Many vehicles were forming up for a right turn at a traffic light when a p

An accident between a Honda Civic, BMW 520i and a Toyota Corolla makes all three cars perfectly aligned with one another

This has to be one of the most unique, one-of-a-kind accident you would have ever seen before. The aftermath of the accident might even be meme-worthy. Watch it here: What Happened? The accident occurred at around 7am, at Hougang Avenue 1.  As the morning traffic started forming at a red light, a BMW 520i driver decided to perform an abrupt lane change from lane 1 (go straight/turn right lane) to lane 2 (go straight-only lane). Despite an oncoming Toyota C
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